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219. Budgeting, Raising Your Prices, and Growing Your Business: Roadmap to Your Money Mastery (Part 3)

Money mastery isn't just about making tons of money. Just because you earn big, doesn't mean you're growing your net worth and you're ready to deal with anything. That's why today, we're diving into the seven steps of stage two money mastery, so you can start getting super meticulous about budgeting, growing your business, and building a next-level financial legacy.


This episode is packed with tips for creating real growth in your business. You'll learn how to raise your prices, keep a handle on your spending, invest in your business's growth, and all the tips you need to sustainably and consistently grow your business.

Tune in this week to discover the seven secrets of stage two money mastery and the keys to making your money work for you. You'll learn the best energy to make money decisions from, why budgeting is a non-negotiable for growing your business, and I give you my practical tips for growing your business and maximizing your investments.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why you should be offering more value and raising your prices.

  • A new way to think about meticulous budgeting in your business and your personal life.

  • What preparing for the unexpected looks like in a growing business.

  • Why we need to invest in our businesses if we want them to grow consistently.

  • How you might be leaving cash on the table in your business.

  • Why giving is the most fun you can have with your money after you've earned it.

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