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Identity & Purpose Experiment #4: How to Stay “On Purpose” using only 1 second Every Day

We all want to live “the dream”, no matter how different our definition of those dreams are. But how do we turn those fleeting breakthroughs into a daily practice? How do we stay ON PURPOSE?

Step 1, we discussed, is to discover our life purpose.

Step 2 is to bring our visions to life. Try creating your vision board!

Step 3 is to gain better self-awareness, so that you can identify which strengths are most likely to carry you from where you are to where you want to be.

NOW, the moment you’ve all been waiting for….. drum roll….. STEP 4!

Dedicate 1 second of each day to acknowledging and documenting your beautiful life!!! Here is my 3+ month compilation for your viewing pleasure:

Celebrating Dustin getting a job in Florida! Sept 2013

If you are a natural with video editing, god bless you child, but I am certainly not. That’s why I use Cesar Kuriyama’s 1secondeveryday App. It stores every video you take on the app and let’s you choose which second you want to crop. You can make several different compilations and aren’t obligated to make your choices right away. Here is where we take it a step further!

When I started my 1SED journey, I had little vision for it. I saw Cesar’s TED Talk and wanted to prove to myself that I could do anything every day for 90 days, while also capturing some of the exciting moments leading up to my wedding. Unfortunately, as with most experiments, if you don’t have a purpose, you will end up with lots of wasted (albeit fun) time.

“Decide upon your major definite purpose in life and then organize all your activities around it.” –Brian Tracy

If you want to live a purposeful, happy life, you have to make sure that your daily activities reflect your purpose. Common sense, right? There are going to be plenty of things that we “have to” do, but we don’t have to let those things define our days. Dedicate AT LEAST 1 second of every day to your life purpose. Here are my steps for you to stay on purpose:

1. Follow Steps 1, 2, and 3 (or at least 1) above.

2. Download the 1secondeveryday App on your phone (Free for the first month!)

3. Try to film at least 2 videos a day so that you can choose your most beautiful second.

4. View your mini compilation weekly to make sure that your 7 second videos reflect the life that you created ON PURPOSE.

5. RE-EVALUATE. If your videos don’t make you excited, your life probably doesn’t excite you. Ask yourself these questions to see if you need a life shift.

→Is the video boring?                       →After a month or two, did you see growth?

→Is there enough “me” time?          →Does every day look the same?

6. Cut it out with the excuses. Is your work life crazy? Make a 10 minute bucket list and spend 10 minutes a day crossing off little goals. Are you “too busy”? Make an effort to be present for 5 minutes outside in nature. Whatever your excuse, I know that it doesn’t trump your life purpose. How do I know that? Because it’s the purpose of your life. DUH.

I am so excited to restart my 1 Second Everyday now that I have a purpose to drive me. What tools do you use to keep you on task or “on purpose”? Comment below!

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