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104. This Game-Changing “THOUGHT” Will Grow Your Business

Updated: Mar 7

In this episode, of the Sincerely, Future You Podcast, Coach Jess talks about three common reasons and examples why someone's thoughts aren't matching your thoughts. After giving a quick and important announcement on the closing of her Happyning Sessions, Coach Jess explains what time mastery and money mastery are and what's unnecessary to achieving them. Later, she also explains why it's important to stay neutral to efficiently tackle any source of confusion, whether in business or in general.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. What happens in a Happyning Session?

  2. What are time and money mastery?

  3. When people are confused, it's not their nor your fault.

  4. The only way to get a scalable business…

  5. 3 Common Scenarios Where Someone's Confusion Might Get to You

About Jess McKinley: Coach Jess McKinley is a Business Consultant, a Happiness Scientist, the Host of SincerelyFutureYou Podcast, and a Certified Life & Biz Coach for Women Entrepreneurs. She is the founder of What's Happyning Coaching, which helps ambitious women make decisions today with their "Future You" in mind. For Coach Jess, business isn't personal—but emotional. This is what entrepreneurs and corporate leaders struggle with every day. And this is also the motivation why Jessica works to demystify the role dreaded feelings play in each individual's business. Mixing in humor with Positive Psychology and real business anecdotes, each episode of her podcast is an elixir that will leave listeners ready to master "all the feels." Catch up with Coach Jess and Sincerely, Future You on: Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: YouTube: Get business and life coaching by Coach Jess through: Book your FREE Mini Session now: Happyning Sessions closes on March 15, don't forget to grab your slot now:

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