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Make decisions QUICKER
Savor your life SLOWER.

This is a place for women going to the damn moon.

You are someone who turns dreams into plans.

You like the process.

You don't shy away from hard work.

But you know that it's time to scale smarter.


Time to focus on...


Your NET WORTH Plan, not just revenue.

Working less hours, not just producing more.

Defining your legacy, not just beating last years goals.

I coach women who are willing to do and feel what it takes to take your business and turn it into a mission-driven machine.


Stop working towards your future and

instead make decisions from your future.

Learn how to reverse engineer yourself to be the

most interesting woman in the world.

Masterful CEO Scheduling will turn any hectic schedule into a truly spacious one.

(No matter how many toddlers or LLCs you've got.)

Master all 6 areas of Money: Earning, Spending, Saving, Investing, Having, and Giving

Learn how to WATCH the drama that unfolds in your brain, and how to process it so you can both rest more deeply and take action through the feels.

Reverse Engineer Yourself To Be The
Most interesting Woman In The WORLD


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In this 6 Month Mastermind you'll masterfully reverse engineer your life and business along side other generous, ambitious & quirky women who are changing the world.

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Monthly membership for women on a mission to elevate their growth.

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Private coaching where we deep

dive in retraining your brain.


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Spend the day with me as we work together to build your plan forward.

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Dive in today with my masterclasses that target areas in money, time, and mind drama.


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Are your emotions getting
in the way of your
business goals?


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with Jessica McKinley Uyeno

Certified & Trained by

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