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The Masterful CEO $chool

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This isn't a room for trying, hoping & wishing.


It's where you learn how to Masterfully reverse-engineer your goals.


It's where your:

… sneaky thoughts and habits are exposed.

… numbers are tracked.

… calendar is scheduled.

… network is upleveled.

…failures are celebrated.

…and action is taken until you win.

It's time to level up.

From 6 months, we meet for weekly deep dive virtual coaching at 1:30pm EST on Wednesdays to master your time, money & CEO mind drama.

MEET LIVE IN GARDEN CITY, NY halfway through the mastermind to fuse it all together.

You will have trainings on:

+ Masterful CEO scheduling

+ Using YNAB (You Need A Budget) as an entrepreneur

+ Reverse-engineering your goals into monthly action plans

Between calls you can get written coaching via the portal journals and the private Facebook community.

Most importantly, you will have a space to work through the real life business problems that typically slow you down, AS they come up.

The Program

The LIVE Event

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The Community

  • You pursue a big life & business, and believe in the importance of
    having both.

  • You have a high quality product/service (I only admit members to the mastermind who benefit the world with their business growth).

  • You are self-motivated and believe in the inevitability of your success. You simply want systems + support to make getting their more fun + profitable.

  • You are self-responsible and focused on how you can grow as a business owner, rather than looking for everyone else to solve your problems.

The women in this collective have a few important things in common:

The Results

  • The average client gains 24+ hours per week AFTER adding in time for calls, scheduling & budgeting

  • Clients leave with a process for reverse-engineering their goals, including: more revenue, more savings, a clear path to big investments

  • Their confidence as a business owner grows and launches become less dramatic and draining


The results people come for (more money, more time + more calm) are just the baseline of what you get.


Masterful CEOs say that the tools + mindset they left with fundamentally changed the way they approach their life and business forever.

Don't take my word for it. Hear directly from the members themselves...

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What's Included...

  •  6 Months of Weekly Coaching                        (Wednesdays 1:30pm EST) 

  • LIVE Retreat July 13-14th in Long Island, NY

  • BiWeekly FOCUS Calls (Deep dives into nitty gritty details of your time & money), Thursdays at 12pm EST

  • The Masterful CEO Portal (Journal access between coaching calls, Metric Tracking - to measure revenue & other goal progress)

  • The Masterful CEO Workbook (Tools & High Quality Questions that members keep and reuse for years or until the book falls apart!)

  • A Private Facebook Community to connect with the other Masterful CEOs (relationships worth their weight in gold)

  • Scheduling Course, Guided Visualizations & More

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Hear more from our Masterful CEOs...

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1,000 stars for Jessica's coaching and the women that she admits into the incredible room that is Masterful CEO School. I am in my third round of coaching with Jess and I cannot imagine where I'd be without her wisdom! The portal and all the worksheets, workbook and workshops have exceeded all expectations. I have been able to:
* Get in control of my money and feel good about my spending
* View my day as having plenty of time
* Hit higher sales months than I ever imagined were possible
* Pay myself a higher salary & contribute to my IRA again
* Remember to schedule lots of fun into my life and create a great 50/50 balance of good and bad!
With Jess' coaching, I truly feel like I am the CEO of my amazing business and no longer treat myself as an employee!

Erika Maddamma

CEO of Sunny Spaces Professional Organizing

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