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           There is a reason that the leaders in your field are more successful than you are;

it's because they don't seek advice, they seek council.


Working with me, you will come to understand what the elite know...


1. Your thoughts create your results

2. Even in business, you make decisions based on your emotions

 3. Trying to do it all by yourself is a death sentence.

Scientifically, here is why you need a coach...

...right about...yesterday.

A brief but crucial lesson

about your brain:

You plan with your pre-frontal cortex.

That is the part of your brain that has your best interest.

The prefrontal cortex thinks things like...

 "I'm going to finish doing my taxes in January this year."

"I should really start selling these bracelets. People love them!"

"Kale is good for me. I'm gonna eat a kale salad tomorrow."

"I'm going to wake up early and workout before the kids are up."

Then there is your "lizard brain" (brain stem).

   It's the primitive part of your brain that gives commands based on instinct and survival.

 Its job is to keep you safe, move you away from discomfort and towards pleasure.


It's very dramatic (life or death, if you will)

and sees EVERYTHING in black & white.

The "lizard brain" thinks things like...  

"Tell an employee the truth, even though it might make them upset?   

NOPE. Danger. Default to people pleasing."

"Start your own business? But what if you fail? You might die!"

   "Kale? That's no fun! I think I saw a bag of Cheetos in the cabinet. You're welcome."  

But why is this relevant to your business?

Because you are your brain.

Therefore, arguing with your brain will never work.

Yet that's what you've been trying to do in your business.


If you want to make more money and be more efficient with your time, you need someone to help your REGULARLY sift through your thoughts and emotions and discredit the ones that are sabotaging your success and well being.

But let me be clear about what coaching is NOT:

It is NOT a weekly "pow wow"

I will not tell you to simply use the "law of attraction" and manifest dollars out of thin air.

It is NOT a therapy session.

While we will inevitably tackle thoughts and emotions that a therapist might also address, my role is in helping you problem solve for your present & future as it applies to your business. I am not a certified Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, or Psychiatrist and cannot prescribe medication. I am a Life Coach that uses the teachings from Brooke Castillo's well reknown Life Coach School.

You are NOT hiring an employee.

A coach doesn't do any of the work IN your business. My role in our partnership is to illuminate your flawed thinking and provide tools, systems and an action plan to overcome it. THE BRAIN is every entrepreneur's biggest obstacle AND your greatest asset. Learning how to use it will make literally ANY goal you set in your business slay-able.

Working together gets you so much more.

We will transform your schedule.

Step 1 is making sure your calendar reflects your core values. Your calendar will be flawless. That means more efficient work time and more satisfying free time. Even my clients in the most chaotic and unpredictable industries have been able to apply this and thrive because of it.

We will teach you how to budget.

Assigning every dollar you make to a job, you will see how easy it can be to save for big purchases, decide whether an investment is wise at the moment, and project and plan for limitless growth.

We will give you a tool that will help you solve ANY problem.

Coaching is an incredible resource, but I won't be there in the day to day of your operations. This tool is the basis of everything we do in coaching and will be your lifeline for solving any problem in the moment.

We will remind you why the rollercoaster of being an entrepreneur is


Hiring a coach for your business is the wisest financial investment you can make.

And having Jess in your corner makes the discomfort of leveling up more fun.

Now that you understand the basics, you know the only thing standing between you and worldwide delivery of your product or service is


So here is the only thing you will have to do on your own.

Hold up a silencing finger to your lizard brain, right now.

It doesn't like the unknown.

But that's where you and I are going to work.


Don't worry, the lizard will thank you later.

Private Coaching

Here is where you blow your own damn mind.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners come to me wanting 3 things:


1. More Time 2. More Money 3. More Balance

...and that's exactly what we get them.


First, we separate the numbers from your emotions.

Then, we help you go to work on both in our weekly sessions.

You will get a full business assessment, trainings on budgeting, time management, projection planning AND an emotional mastery tool that will prevent you from self-sabotage.

Happyning Sessions

Happyning Sessions 2.0 is a 6 Month Group Coaching Intensive designed for smart female entrepreneurs. It's like having a Life Coach in your pocket, designed to help you manage your unproductive thinking, implement air-tight budgeting and scheduling, eliminate indulgent emotions (overwhelm, self-doubt, confusion, guilt & worry), and create better habits in your personal and professional life.


Weekly Coaching Calls, Weekly Trainings, Monthly Guide, & daily action items provided.

No BS. Ridiculous value. But don't take my word for it.

Read the Happster Testimonials.

If you show up, you get immediate results.



Transform your team's performance

by improving the way your members think.


Virtually or in person, Jessica will provide your team with tools that will help your group adopt the company's goals as their own. Her interactive sessions offer self-motivating thoughts that will change the way they show up.


Each individual will learn how to take 100% accountability for their

thoughts, feelings, actions & most importantly, their RESULTS.

Book a Keynote/Team Trainings

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Looking for a guest speaker on your podcast? A kickass speaker for your event? A live or virtual training for your team? Jessica is your wow-factor. Curious about how she would customize her programs and assimilate to your culture? Go ahead, ask her how! Set up a call to create your experience or complete the booking form below and we will contact you to discuss the details.

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