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Mission Call Calendar.png
Mission Call Calendar.png

We are NOT toe dippers. 

We do NOT splash.

We make WAVES.

We have high standards.

For our goals.

For the future.

And for staying in alignment with our WHOLE life, not just our business.​


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Here's the problem though...


Your life is already pretty amazing,

& your business, pretty successful...

So, why do you always find yourself wanting more?


Shouldn’t you just slow down and be grateful already?


Actually, no.


I’m about to explain to you why this will never work for you.


And you are inherently built for the pursuit of big things. A big life. A big ass money machine of a business. And anything but average way of doing it.

Let’s bust some myths:

There isn’t an amount of money that will ever satisfy you. Not because you’re a shallow heathen. It’s because money isn’t the point. It’s a byproduct of you serving clients value like a happy our bartender. It’s also super f*#%ing fun. And just math minus your drama about it.

You don’t actually want to slow down your business. Your revenue. Your goals. Your speed of decision making. You want to slow down your life. You want to savor more. You want more time creating memories that will make you grin on your deathbed. And that requires simple scaling & math - NOT, I repeat, NOT slowing down.

It’s not better THERE than here. In this room you will be exposed to business coaching and Masterclasses that make you think bigger. Make you face the numbers. That keep you growing. But this is not a room where you will ever lose your priorities. We understand that achievement isn’t the point, it’s the fuel for a more meaningful set of days on earth.


If the above describes you...

The Mission is your room.

The Mission is where we...


Pour gasoline on what’s working:

  • We report revenue monthly so you can get neutral about numbers & celebrate what’s coming in
  • Highlight the strategies & beliefs that are working & dial them up

  • Dive deeper into your goals and stretch you


​Expose & strip what’s not working:

  • See where you are continuing to play small
  • See where you’re bleeding money instead of investing it with intention 

  • See where you are ready to scale, hire, delegate & automate

Keep you aligned

  • You will not level up until your thoughts, emotions, actions AND results are in alignment. We have a process called The Model for checking which one is out of sync
  • Develop and constantly connect with the future results you are creating and showing you EXACTLY what needs to evolve.

  • Reverse engineer your goals


This is NOT
for you if...

  • You are simply looking for a hype girl (My loyalty lies with Future You: the version of you that you’re pursuing. I’m willing to risk the relationship for the sake of telling you the truth.)

  • If you aren’t coachable. Meaning - you’d rather be right than open yourself up to feedback. This may seem obvious. But it happens. You ultimately are the CEO, and will make the call. But first you have to open all the way up.

  • If you aren’t ready to make moves. This room is not for toe dippers. Lots of the coaching I give will require you to take uncomfortable action. Be ready.

  • If you don’t like talking numbers. This is business coaching. We measure things. I will ask you for numbers. You will hear other women talking about numbers. It’s all neutral and has absolutely nothing to do with your worth. It is also mandatory. I’m unable to help you if I can’t see what’s working.

  • If you can’t handle cursing, silliness or are unwilling to be vulnerable. This is a space for REAL HUMANS. I will not monitor anyone’s speech and I absolutely encourage passion, fun & honesty.

Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls (this is where you will apply everything you’re learning) (Replays available)

6-12 Business Masterclasses and bootcamps per year

Exclusive Access to Jess via journals in the Private Coach Accountable Portal

A community of women business owners scaling to the moon

What's Included:

The Mission

The Mission is a monthly Business Coaching Membership designed for women with big visions for their life and business. Everything is designed to help you make decisions quickly, so you can savor your life more slowly. You will get exclusive access to Coach Jess & the strategies and mindset hacks that have helped her clients scale to 6 and 7 figures without losing their priorities. It's half math, half mindset. It's clear, actionable direction that yields massive results. No one on the planet is teaching time and money to women in this way. Get ready to unlock a level of business owner that you didn't know was in you.

What you will acheive as a
MISSION member...

Eliminate the drag. (Expenses, relationships, thoughts, habits)

Decide the future (Set clear, ambitious goals that light you up)

Reverse engineer the plan (Set annual & monthly action plans)

Up-level your self concepts (Think as if the future is done)

Bring your magic to the table (Get weird. Test and experiment. Be an industry leader. Break the rules. Deliver at the highest level.)

Apply the work to your personal life (Stay present and celebrate the ride)

This is a coaching membership.


Pay in Payments


12 Monthly Payments of


Pay in Full


1 Yearly Payment of


*save $1660 when pay in full*


Your payments will be automatically charged each month,

30 days from the day you sign up.

If you would like to cancel - you can do so by contacting our team

anytime via email at

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