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9 Ways To Reset A Bad Day (All By Yourself!)

This past week, I had two mornings in a row where I woke up and was immediately bombarded with distractions, unexpected issues, bad moods, and stressful interactions. I just felt “off” and was in no mood to write about positivity.

Sorry. It just wasn’t gonna happen.

So I did what I always do? I picked up my phone and called my go-to positivity posse.

Mom? Voicemail. Ashley? Voicemail. Meredith? Voicemail. Dustin. Alexi. Liz. Katie. Ali.


Okay. What the hell do I do now? It’s only 10am! I can’t wait until tomorrow to get back on track!

I set to my researchin’ ways and BOOM. I brought back some goodies. Ain’t nobody got the time for a half or FULL day out the door.

Watch this video and follow along for 9 Tips on Reseting a Bad Day (All By Yourself):

  1. What’s your game plan? By failing to plan you are planning to fail. Make sure you take some time at night to plan for the next day. And I recommend starting your mornings with a Morning Miracle routine! Without a plan, you are simply reacting and responding to OTHER people’s agendas. You need to prioritize YOUR agenda.

  2. Stop what you’re doing and GET UP. Move. Get the hell out. I mean it. Take a step outside. Take a walk. Go for a drive. At the very least, go into the bathroom so you can reset.

  3. Take a moment for gratitude. Refocus your energy from what is going wrong to what you already have that is great! Ask yourself. What am I grateful for? Be specific and write it down.

  4. Put things in perspective. Is life really THAAAAT bad? Probably not. And if it is, being stressed, angry, anxious or upset is not going to make it any better.

  5. Keep a VISUAL calming reminder. Whether it’s a pendant, quote, picture, tattoo, what have you

  6. Give back. Shifting your focus to help someone else is a quick way to get back on track with your positivity. Send a quick text complimenting someone. Helping others takes the focus off of your problems and really does make you feel better as well.

  7. Do 5 minutes of personal development. Read a personal growth book, listen to a podcast, read this blog! Find a guru that resonates with you and hit play. This is as close as it comes for a “reset” button. My go-to PD gurus are: Elizabeth Gilbert, Brendan Burchard, and anyone on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday!

  8. CHOOSE not to be stressed out by what you can’t control. Perception is reality, and the reality is that YOU are allowing the day to get to you. If it’s out of your control (ie, traffic, someone else’s bad mood, etc.) let it go!

  9. Your Mantra – Write It Down or Say It Out Loud! Here is mine: 

You are a poised and thoughtful woman who has all of the tools she needs to CRUSH this day and contribute great things to this world.

Have you tried any of these techniques? Were you able to reset? Do you have another technique that works for you? Share with us in the comments below!

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