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Happy Home & Organization Month!

Home & Organization……… or in other words… a time and a place.

This month I want to dive into the intangible and tangible happiness we find daily in our home and organization. Your twenties are a beautiful time to master your routine, start your own traditions, and create your own sense of “home”.

I hear fellow twentysomethings bemoaning their state of limbo though. The state between! After they’ve flown the coop of their childhood home, but before having created their own traditions or having started their own family.

I’m pretty sure Zach Braff cries to Natalie Portman about it in Garden State…

There are those rare few people though…

The ones who ease right through without a hiccup. This month, What’s Happyning will feature some tips and experiments from some brilliant happiness gurus, to help you navigate limbo and cultivate your personal brand of “home”.

Simultaneously, we’ll dish out some key steps to organizing for your happiest life.

Between our first place, our first real job, and the mountain of responsibility we take on this decade – a little organization of time, money, possessions and IDEAS is in order!

Think about all the time you’d free up if you could deeply and PERMANENTLY organize your home!

How happy would it make you to have a few more hours a week or even a DAY to dedicate to… well, hopefully more than just another episode of Scandal.

Time is your most precious resource and home is of your most fundamental human needs… so let’s happify the two, shall we?

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