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THIS is How Your Spirituality is Linked to Your Success

Truth time. I have been struggling to find unique and engaging topics for “Spirit Month”. I had TONS to write for Love & Sex Month. I had trouble narrowing it down to just 8 posts for Career & Money month. I’m not even religious! So I started to wonder…

Why the heck did I make Spirit a chapter in my book and an entire month theme for the blog?!?!?

Well, maybe it’s because I know that one of the secrets to happiness is to push yourself outside of your comfort zone!

Each growth category has helped me get clearer on why I pursue such vague concepts as “success” and “happiness”. So, I thought I’d get back to basics and see where “Spirit” landed.

In Identity & Purpose Month I saw Success & Happiness as a right!

In Body Month I saw Success & Happiness as a sensation.

In Career & Money Month I saw Success & Happiness as the goal.

In Love & Sex Month I saw Success & Happiness as an instinct.

In Family & Friends Month I saw Success & Happiness as a connection.

In Attitude & Gratitude Month I saw Success & Happiness as a state of mind.

In Habits Month I saw Success & Happiness as a series of small choices.

But what about Spirituality?

I decided to meditate on it for longer than my usual 10 minutes in the morning…. (mainly because I was procrastinating writing this topic I didn’t feel inspired to write) and something kept coming up.

I’m still new to meditation (only a few months) so sadly no earth-shattering revelations to report, but a weird thing did happen this week. I set out to meditate on spirituality and happiness. I would repeat “spirituality” over and over in my head with my eyes closed.

(……see, I told you I have no idea what I’m doing….)

And the same thing kept coming back at me 10X. 10X. 10X!!!

At the time, this was more annoying than enlightening. You see, right now I’m reading a book called, The 10X Rule, so I was annoyed that my mind couldn’t unhinge itself from my reading to let me have a breakthrough for my blog! Come ON. I am really trying here!

Frustrated, I gave up and sat at my desk to blog. Still void of inspiration I grabbed The 10X Rule and picked up where I left off. This was in the first page that I read… I swear you can’t make this sh*t up.

“Success comes about as a result of mental and spiritual claims to own it, followed by taking necessary actions over time until it is acquired…we [should be] required to live up to the potential with which we’ve each been blessed. I even suggest that failing to insist upon abundant amounts of success is somewhat unethical.” – The 10X Rule, Grant Cardone

Boom. That is it!

Spirit month, showed me that I have an ethical and spiritual responsibility to be successful and happy!

The more I thought about it, the more everything began to click into place! When I first dove into spirituality, I focused on a few things:📷

1. Gratitude. I am what Instagramers would refer to as #blessed, in so many ways. I feel that I have an ethical responsibility to be happy about those blessings and take notice of all the beauty of my life.

2. Adoration. I have no idea how the world came to be. Big Bang or Divine Creation, either way, I am in pure awe of it! I believe that the universe is abundant and, as Grant Cardone mentions in The 10X rule, I feel a deeper obligation to live up to the FULL potential that the universe/God has blessed me with.

3. Serving Others. My spirituality is solidified by my belief that no matter the source of our creation, we are all connected. That just reinforces something I’ve always believed… You can get all the success and happiness you desire, simply by helping OTHERS get all the success and happiness they desire!


I hesitated linking success with spirituality because I thought it would imply that I believe Tim Tebow wins games (even one big one against my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers because God answered his prayers. I absolutely do NOT believe that to be true.

But, I will go so far as to say that Tim Tebow, and other successful players may have used their faith to create a pretty powerful mindset built for success! They don’t just view success as a destination, but as an ethical and spiritual responsibility to use the gifts they were given and strive to reach their full potential.

Here is your call to action!

First! Write down the following on a post-it note and stick it to your bathroom mirror:

I have an ethical and spiritual responsibility to be happy and successful!

Second! Then go through the growth categories and rate your success/happiness 1-10 for each. Where do you have a responsibility to stretch and meet your full potential?

Third! Get after it!

Did this post resonate with you? Make sure to “Add some happy to your inbox” and share the link to What’s Happyning with your friends!

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