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152. 6 Ways to Romance Yourself to Improve Your Business

Updated: Mar 8

When was the last time you romanced yourself? This week, in the Sincerely, Future You Podcast we discuss 6 ways to romance yourself that will help you find success in business.

  1. Scheduling - Future you is uber turned on by you taking decision-making off her plate. She thrives when she gets to just dive in. Our time is so valuable and one of the most cherished gifts that my past self has given me is a thoughtfully planned day. Ex. It’s like how when your significant other decides what you’re going to have for dinner that night. Ugh. Yes. I just don’t want to have to think about it. That’s how romantic it is to schedule for your future self. You’re telling her “I’ve got you. Even if your day gets interrupted. I’ve outlined your results and broken them down into neat little Tetris pieces based on how long each will take. So you can easily rearrange them instead of being completely thrown off by an unexpected wrench like a flat tire.

  2. Delaying Gratification - Saying no to unplanned spending, sugar or other temptations may seem like a sacrifice, but not for future you. She’s gratified enough for both of us. 😉 Choosing negative emotion on purpose is how I show myself I’m worth it. Ex. 50/50 coin.

  3. Doing Hard Things - Waking up early. Working out. Adhering to our plans. Think of these disciplines as love letters to our future selves. Recently my coach Brooke put out an episode with Monica Levi on Self-Discipline and I absolutely loved it. She briefly mentioned how she felt like self-discipline was like a love note to her future self. I felt like she was reading my mind! YES.

  4. Investing - is a hybrid of the love languages: Gifts & Acts of Service. It’s spending thoughtfully for us. And proving with our actions that we BELIEVE in our future success.

  5. Failing Forward - Our future self is wiser and calmer. She’s grateful for the mountain of failures we were willing to collect so that she could know better.

  6. Believing in our Inevitable Win - What did Future You do to deserve you & your grand romantic gestures? Not just with words but with ALL IN actions. We never give up when it’s hard. Because it’s not over until we win. It’s how we show ourselves that we are our most important relationship.

Sometimes we forget that the most important relationship we have is with ourselves. But not just in the cliche “Treat yourself to a mani/pedi girl!” way. But in the “I’m put a ring on it and vow to be there in sickness and in health because we’re in this for the long haul” kinda way. Romancing your future self looks a lot like doing things we don’t want to do. Feeling things we don’t want to feel. And believing in things with zero evidence that it will happen. That’s what true love is. Are you practicing this with yourself? Are you creating a love that will last a lifetime? Are you down on one knee for your dream girl? The million-dollar, masterful CEO, big life-doing version of you? If not - why are you so afraid to commit? To take the leap of faith for her. PROVE YOUR LOVE. Start today! Which gesture of love are you going to choose today? Schedule? Invest? Do Hard Things? Pick one. Get after it. I love you Happster. But more importantly, Future You loves you. She’d be lost without you. <3

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