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177. A Visualization Exercise for Winning

Updated: Mar 7

To reach the top, you have to see yourself at the top! Just like Olympic athletes envision themselves winning the gold medal before they compete, you too have to envision yourself leading the business of your dreams. Listen to this episode in a quiet space by yourself because I’m taking you through a visualization exercise that everyone from professional athletes, to billion-dollar CEOs undergo to prepare themselves mentally to kick ass!

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Today you're gonna sit back, take a deep breath and join the masterful CEOs in this guided visualization of a day in your future life Welcome to sincerely future you a podcast that helps ambitious women like you make decisions today with the future you in mind Welcome back my biz darlings. It has been a wild July over here at sincerely future you lots of travel lots of new clients shout out to Jade Danielle Maggie Shelby Kat, Andrea, Jenna, Melissa serenity, Ashley, Nicole, Sam, Kate and Kim Wowza. Oh, when I think about this, I am just it lights me on fire to be a part of your guys's journeys to be a part of the impact that you guys are having in your industry. And we're just getting started. I'm just getting back from Costa Rica as you're listening to this with my family. And also we have produced and edited thank you to my incredible assistant Janelle. For all the work she has been doing three workbooks and over 30 videos. But today, I want to share with you one of my most favorite moments of the entire month. Yes, I wish I could send a sloth through your headphones. No, it's not that but you'll have to settle for this other special moment. My clients in the March class of the masterful CEO school met in person this month at our live event. And the next time we do this will be in January, by the way with a September class and there is still time to enroll. So if you're new to the show, and you're like Wait, wait, this sounds so cool. Just go to sincerely future Get on the waitlist, you can mark your calendars, we will be enrolling for the final number of people in the September class right in the beginning of September. But out of that entire day of that live event, more than one person referenced this visualization that we're going to share with you this episode. As the highlight of their day. Everyone had sort of an outer body experience. If you've never done a guided visualization before you're about to get your hair blown back. The experience is unique for everyone. And it can be repeated and use differently depending on the moment that you're doing it you can actually re listen to this episode more than once and have a completely different breakthrough. Sidebar visualization is actually in the top six daily habits that successful people credit for their greatest successes. And it's time to get in on the action. I personally use these back when I was a singer right I was a back like my previous life of when I was a singer both in auditions and in competitions. And it was very effective. It got me a spot as one of only four altos in New York State in all state Jazz Choir in high school. And then we went on to tour in Europe and sing before Congress, as well as helped my group and me as a soloist placing in the ICC A's. If you have no idea what that's talking about, just tune into the movie, Pitch Perfect. That's the competition that That movie is about and my group did end up going on to win it after I graduated. But this visualization X exercise is something that people use to create the biggest, most massive results in history. I actually I just was reading a book that was referencing Jim Nance, who you may know as a very famous sports announcer I don't know how much my listeners are big into sports but you don't really even know need to know who he is to know that he is a really big deal sports announcer and in college, he was roommates with Fred couples, Fred couples has won a master's in golf multiple times. Jim Nan's and Fred couples used to actually use visualization and practice this moment where Fred would win the Masters and then Jim Nance would be the person that was covering the Masters interviewing him as he was getting his green jacket. And lo and behold, in 1992, this moment happened for the first time the cameras are rolling. As for everyone else, it's just a very exciting moment in the history of sports. Whereas for these two guys, it was a moment that felt like actual deja vu. They had visualized and practiced having this moment. So many times that when it actually happens, and a camera shut off, they both burst into tears. This was something that felt like like coming home, and at the same time, like they knew it was impossible and possible. And I know you guys have these moments in your own life where you're visualizing something, and you believe it's possible, but it also feels impossible. That is a magical space to live. And one of the ways to reinforce your brain to keep going and take the action that you need to take to create that moment, is to bolster it with visualization. But before we get into that, you know what time it is, it is hype, sesh time, listen up, your business is working. It's very important that you watch what happens when I say this to you. Are you pointing to your bank account? Or the number of likes on your last posts? Or clicks on your last email? Or are you just reflexively saying, no, but this part isn't working. Hear me when I say that your business is always working. All of the knows that you've collected for each one, there's someone out there watching thinking, ooh, that's cool. I love that. They have you in their shopping cart. They're having a conversation with their husband right now, planning on how they're going to invest in you. Your business is working while you're sleeping. Your business is working while you're spending time with your kids. Your business is working when no one is buying, keep doing the work, keep showing up, rest and hold the vision. Because while you're listening to this, I'm hanging out with a sloth. That's right, or I'm cheering on my son on his very first surf lesson, I am listening to the sound of a waterfall and monkey howls and eating fresh mangoes in Costa Rica. And my business, it's working, because it's always working. You are having aha moments listening to my podcast right now. My students in the masterful CEO school are applying the tools that I taught them. They're tracking the revenue they're delivering to their clients, they're making money, their clients might be making money, the splashpad crew, they're making their very first offers right now. They're watching the modules on honing their offer and meeting their future clients. Someone this very second, just decided to work with me. It's happening. It's all working. And I need you to remember that whatever you're doing now, whatever you're seeing now, it's only one piece of the equation. And if you are constantly looking for evidence to believe that your business is working, you are only going to be on the emotional roller coaster that we call the entrepreneur roller coaster. That's what it is. It's when you believe in your business, when you see the proof that you can believe in it. When you feel great. And on a high when you had a payday and you feel terrible and low. When you have someone asking for a refund or you have someone leave less than a five star review on one of your products or one of your offers. Listen up you guys. All of this is a part of the big, grand, juicy experience every single successful business owner that I know whether they're my clients, or whether they're mentors that I look up to, they have had these exact moments that you're using as evidence to prove that it's not working. This is not the way to break through to that next barrier, hold the vision and if you take anything away from this episode, remember, it's working. So today, you're gonna sit back, take a deep breath and join the masterful CEOs in this guided visualization of a day and your future life. For this visualization, we're gonna get started by getting into a comfortable seated position. And we can have our palms either face up and open on the table, or to feel lifted towards an open mind or face down to feel grounded so you can choose whichever feels more comfortable for you. You could also do it on your lap. If that feels more comfortable. You can gently close your eyes or keep them gently fixed on a point in front of you. Let's begin by taking a deep inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth, releasing all the tension. Let's take another intentional inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. I invite you to continue with these deep intentional breaths. Knowing that now at this moment in this meditation, you can unwind and relax knowing that everything that is meant for you is well on its way to you.

Now is your Time to come home to the present moment and anchor your awareness through the breath. Imagine you're sitting in a movie theater, the lights dim and the movie starts. It's a movie of you. Only you're different somehow, you carry yourself differently. With more poise and calm and confidence. You look lighter, more sure of yourself, and you are dressed like a boss ass bitch. Seriously, I want that outfit. Notice how expensive the fabric looks that you're wearing, how tailored it fits, it's still your style just elevated. The movie cuts to the next day you watch yourself get out of bed and reach for a glass of water rather than your phone. It must be early as the sun isn't quite risen yet. But you seem delighted and grateful to be greeting your day and waking up in your bed. Your sheets look so comfortable. You stretch and turn and give your partner a kiss on the forehead. And then slip out of bed. Put on a silk robe and step out onto your balcony. You have the most incredible view. You sit for a moment taking it in. What are you looking at? Is it mountains, ocean, the oasis of a yard that you created with a pond and a fire pit, a backyard bar and a pool and outdoor movie theater. It looks like people are already back there working out to set up an event, an evening party with your friends that you're throwing that night. Someone else is handling the details. But you look forward to enjoying the food and conversation with your favorite people. You take a walk through your neighborhood as you pass a neighbor, you wave and she smiles, complimenting you on how inspiring your work has been to her and how she can't wait to hire or buy from you. When your next offer becomes available. She missed the last one because it sold out too quickly. You thank her and feel the warmth of your gratitude. You feel the impact that you're having as a leader in your industry. You feel pulled like a magnet to get back to your office so that you can begin your day doing what you love. You go to your closet and select another killer outfit to match the epic day you know you're going to have you open your phone and see notifications of $10,000 being transferred into your account today for your services. You aren't surprised this seems normal to the version of you on the screen. But you smile thanking your past self for having the patience and belief to continue showing up so that you could have this life. You open your email to see messages from future current and past clients. Business is booming and you love showing up to serve them. It's lunch, you close your laptop and drive into town where you're meeting up with the other hipsters. You squeeze each other and comment on how incredible you all look. You can see the genuine friendship and ease and love between you. There is no support like that have another kick ass woman who has been through the thick of it and shared it all with you. You order cappuccinos and our organic farm to table entree you've been drooling over. You all laugh as the food arrives and share stories of what's working, what's not working, and what you've what you're planning to do differently. You notice the smell of the cinnamon on your latte. The sound of your friends laugh. Future you catches a glimpse of herself in the full size mirror on the wall and smart. Even she is mindful and aware of how wildly magnificent of a life she has created. There are still problems you're solving for and this dreamy future worlds because it's not a dream. It's really future you. This day has already happened in the future. But even though you're all chatting about your obstacles and fails, you're doing it with seasoned hearts and minds. You all appear to be sitting back and resolute understanding that you will inevitably figure them all out. You are going to win. You are the main character of this movie. And you own that role. You check in with your Chief Operating Officer, your coo on the way home from lunch and they notify you that they have tackled everything on their schedule. They update you on the growth of your company and prep you for your upcoming week. Then they tell you to have an amazing time at your party tonight. And to shut your phone off because they will handle everything. You trust her. Because you trained her. It took several tries to find and groom the perfect COO, but she is it. You say thanks and remind her that you value her and that she will see it in her bonus. You click goodbye, and then you check your YNAB assigning an additional $1,000 to her bonus. You have the money in spades and love to be generous with the people who contribute so greatly to your business in your life. up pull into the driveway but before glowing in, recline the leather seat and look out of the sunroof of your car. You stare into the blue sky and say out loud again. Thank you. Thank you to the universe for co working so beautifully with you. You hear the sound of music turning on inside your house, your favorite hosting PlayList. Thank you to your team for trusting and believing and working so hard for you. You inhale the scent of your signature perfume so elegant, clean and powerful, a perfect match for you. Thank you to your clients who continue to buy from you and give rave reviews. You slip off your shoes, and put your feet up on the luxuriously smooth seats in your car. Thank you to your family for making your life so vibrant and so full of love. You taste the flavor of the myth that's almost dissolved in your mouth. But most of all, thank you to pass to you. She is the real MVP. She did the work. She got out of her own way. She believed in things she couldn't see. She spoke to herself more than she listened to herself. silencing the doubt when it raged, no matter how often she knew our life would be incredible. But she didn't know it would happen so soon, and how incredible it would feel. Now you get out of your chair in the movie theater, and you walk up to the movie screen, open a door in the screen and walk through it into the actual movie. You're seeing the entire scene again from inside of yourself. Looking out through your eyes. You open your eyes, see the curtains in your room. Feel the 70 degree natural temperature of the room and the light breeze coming in from the window. You walk out on the balcony, taking the view. Go for a walk, feeling your feet lift and press against the pavement and hear the sounds of your neighborhood as your neighbor waves at you. It all feels surreal, but you knew this would happen. You enter your closet and admire the colors and fabrics and textures of your aesthetic feeling as you walk by. It's as if a designer dedicated their life to tailoring a collection inspired by you. During your phone chimes you grab it off the marble counter and know that when you turn the screen on it will show $10,000 being transferred to your account. You open a few of your emails seeing a notification of a five star review left by a client a new client purchase or booking an inquiry to have you come speak on a podcast you love sharing your wisdom and success. You open the door of the restaurant and are greeted by the rush of AC and the scent of spices and herbs. The hostess smiles and points you to your table where the hamsters embrace you. This time as you pull out of the parking lot. You notice the scenic route of your neighborhood. As you talk with your coo on speaker. You pull into your driveway and see the blue sky this day was just one in a series of your magical life. Now walk back out of the screen and return to your seat in the theater. Then reach out and grab the screen where the movie of your life is still playing and shrink it down to the size of a cracker. Now eat it. Pop it that tiny screen into your mouth, chew it up and swallow it. Imagine that each tiny piece contains the full picture of you living your best life, just like the hologram. Visualize all these little screens traveling down into your stomach and out through the bloodstream into every cell of your body. As you stretch your fingers in your toes. Then imagine that every cell of your body is lit up with a movie of you performing perfectly.

Now come back into your body before we leave At this visualization, you watch your future self pick up a notebook and a pen. She's desperate before you get to leave this visualization to write you a note, a reminder something that you need to know something she needs to tell you, to guide you through to meet her. She hands you the notebook and you look at it. What does it say? Don't think too hard or try and make sense of it just yet. Just read it. When you're ready, I invite you to visualize yourself closing the notebook and slowly shift your awareness back to the room. I invite you to continue sitting in this space and hold these emotions. Hold the vibration of these moments and sit with them and when you're ready, I invite you to gently bring your awareness fully back to the room and open your eyes and then now if you have it fresh if you remember what your future self said to you even if it makes no sense if you have just some of the words, write it down in your notebook How do you feel? I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. If you enjoyed this type of show if you want more guided visualizations, I need to hear it from you leave it in a review right now. Or tag me over on Insta share it with a girlfriend and rock her world. I am here to serve you darlings and connect you to that woman that we all revere so much future you. Hey hamsters, if you want to learn more about today's topic, head over to what's forward slash podcast. That's what's happening. WHJTS h a p p y and forward slash podcast if you're a business owner, and you're resonating with what we talked about here, what are you even doing come hang out with me over where the party's at on Instagram at what's happening? Jess again that's happy. Ha p p y and ing and book a discovery call to see if coaching is your next best step.

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