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Body Experiment #3: Host a Healthy BBQ

If you are a healthy eater, or at least trying to be one, the word barbecue probably gives you the sweats.

I imagine myself in a backyard with coolers of beer and pitchers of margaritas. I’m tempted by burgers, hotdogs, chips, and potato salad. Of course, sometimes, there are no healthy options and I’m forced to indulge in the lesser of the evils (woe is me! Cheeseburgers!!!). But just because summers are bound to have BBQ’s with these basic staples, doesn’t mean you have to be one of the basic b*tches! If you’re hosting the party, it’s up to you to up your game and make the meals both healthy and delicious.

This week’s experiment is to host a barbecue. This ain’t your mother’s BBQ… because you are going to offer more vegetables than the celery that comes with the chicken wings. No. This is your show, and being the host or hostess with the mostest, you are going to floor your guests and broaden their horizons with your tasty backyard selection.

Expanding the definition of barbecue is not about forcing veganism on your friends. It’s about experimenting and undermining the cultural norm that “Sunday barbecue” is synonymous with “cheat day”.

Navigating your twenties for your body is not always easy. You won’t always have total control over your food choices, but hosting a healthy barbecue is a good way to set the standard for your friends. I’ve included a list of mouth-watering grilled salads, low-cal summer cocktails, and fresh side dishes to add to your grilling repertoire.

Grilled Chicken & Romaine Salad

Bangin’ Grilled Salads

Spiked Pomegranate Lemonade

Low-Cal Summer Cocktails

Super Healthy Coleslaw

Light & Tasty Sides

The Takeaway: Part of having a sustainable, happy life is creating an environment for yourself where you can have a blast with your friends and still meet the healthy standards you’ve set for your body. Neither skipping out on backyard barbecues or entirely abandoning your healthy food lifestyle is going to do that. Instead, experiment with hosting a healthy barbecue and set the tone for your sizzling summer.

This was the barbecue we hosted yesterday! That Grilled Chicken & Romaine recipe is legit.

Do you like grilled greens as much as I do? Do you have any light summer recipes to share? Have you tried this experiment yet?

Share in the comments! Happy grilling!

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