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113. Build the Business You Said You Would with Happster Sarah Klein

Updated: Mar 7

Sincerely, Future You - Sarah Klein

When you’re willing to fail, you allow the chances of a failure. But, in that chance is also the possibility of you succeeding spectacularly. After signing into Coach Jess’ Happyning Sessions, Sarah quickly onboarded two new clients and seven more after four weeks. Since signing a month and a half ago, Sarah has now totaled $38,500 in revenue.

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Sarah Klein 00:00

Because I always create my results. And I could just always trackback how I created something and I can trackback how I created something I could track forward how I'll create something else.

Jessica McKinley 00:15

Welcome to Sincerely, Future You a podcast for female entrepreneurs looking to scale their business by mastering their time, money, and drama. I'm your host, Jessica McKinley, founder of what's happening coaching, a life coaching program that helps ambitious women like you make decisions today with the future you in mind.

Jessica McKinley 00:41

Hi, Happsters, welcome back from a really magical weekend. On my end, I don't know how your weekend was or what word you would use to describe it. But I love when I feel like it's easy to describe my life as magical. And this weekend, just couldn't have been easier to do that. I got married. And actually, when you're listening to this, it will probably have been two weekends since I got married. But I wanted to update you guys, because you are always asking me questions. I've been posting lots of the photos over on Instagram. So if you haven't, if you haven't yet started following me over there. That's where the party is, if you want to see what it looked like, but over at what's happening W Jess? Yeah, I got married I am now Jessica McKinley. We know officially legally. But Jessica, we know it's very surreal. We threw this wedding together in about two and a half months. And I was actually like, on my way to Kentucky for my mastermind. When we had the conversation, we were like, Should we just do a wedding? Like yeah, like, let's just do it. And it was just all you need is just a roomful of people that love you, and the love that you have with each other and good food, obviously. And it was just really beautiful. So I'm feeling definitely that true 5050 human experience of on cloud nine from the amazing experience of just being in a room where everybody is holding space for your love and loving on you. And then the overwhelm that you feel from like, oh my gosh, like what next? And the that little bit of wedding blues that comes afterwards to you know, luckily, I've still have so much to look forward to I have a little baby sprinkle baby shower coming up in two weeks. And then the the what's happening happening sessions launch in June June 1. So lucky for you guys, we have an extra special guest on the show that really hopefully will answer any and all of the questions that you guys have about whether this program is a good fit for you. And the question I hear you guys ask yourselves the most, which is, are you ready? Are you ready for this container? Are you ready to make this investment in yourself? In your business? Is it the right time? And Sara Klein, who we have with us today had all of those same exact questions when we connected and we were talking about, you know what she felt like she was missing and what she wanted to accomplish over the next year and couple of years, and whether she was ready. And I want her to tell you in her words, really what it was like overcoming that and what pushed her to make the decision and what it's been like since since she invested. So let me introduce to you Sarah Klein. Sarah is a business coach and a life coach, we connected in our own mastermind in the 200k mastermind, where we just immediately bonded over salsa dancing and our general love of fashion and love of our clients and of life coaching and of of pursuing a really big life. And Sarah is such an example of that. But of course, as all of us go through transitions in our business, she was transitioning from one type of client to another type of client. And when we're going through that in our own brains, it can leak over into our business and she didn't want that to happen. So she decided to make that investment. So let us introduce Sarah Klein so that you can get to know her and through me ask her

Sarah Klein 06:15

Yes, great question. So I had entered a relatively slower period and my business. And I was spending a lot of time thinking in my head, about, like, I was thinking about figuring it out, but not actually figuring it out. You know, if anybody's

Jessica McKinley 06:43

doing all the models, I remember, you're like, Okay, I just got to do some self coaching on this. And I was like, no more self coaching.

Sarah Klein 06:51

Exactly. Yeah, I was like waiting to, like, suddenly know the answers and transform without trying anything. But there was it came to a point where I was like, you know, what, I just want support and this and yeah, I was just like, I want support. And this I just knew, because, you know, obviously you guys like I am a coach personally. So I know how powerful coaching is. And I always say like the best coaches have coaches. I think that's so true. So yeah. Yeah. And so, you know, I had just finished up with a mastermind that both Jess and I were in, I was like, Well, I want to have a coach. Still. And I want you know, so I just like, I was like thinking, Who do I know who I would trust? And I was like, Jess, I know, Jess, I trust Jess. So yeah, we set up a call. And the first thing that just really impressed me about just right off the bat to such an extent where like, I actually had another discovery call booked, but I cancelled it after ours was because like, you were just so like, thorough, and so spot on and showing me exactly No, you, you were so spot on showing me like, sir, you're doing a lot of thinking about figuring it out. But I'm actually taking action to figure it out. So right away, I knew that just was going to be a great fit. And, you know, I was obviously nervous about investing, but I just knew I had to do it anyway, I've never been not nervous about investing. And

Jessica McKinley 08:21

I think that's such a fallacy. That's such a common myth that people are like, Oh, well, I feel really not great about it right now in my body, like, I feel super nervous. So that must mean, it's like beyond me. And maybe when I'm making more money, or when I have XYZ thing that I won't feel as nervous about investing. But I can tell you from someone who's above the 200k, Mark, that I still have thoughts and feelings about investing, and about the future. So you did it anyway. And then what happened kind of, in that time between investing, I believe, you sign up for happening sessions about two weeks, to two weeks or so before we started. And your brain wanted to do that same thing where it was like, Okay, let's think about it. Let's prepare, let's do all the models so that I can take the most advantage of it, really focusing and giving so much credit to the tools that you were going to learn and to like the space and to, to me as the coach for creating the results. And I was just like, I know, the quickest way to wipe away all of your drama, about the past is to just like create all the results that you want in the next two weeks. Yeah, what went through your head when I said that? I remember you were like, kind of like, what?

Sarah Klein 09:40

I know. I was like, you know, first gut instinct was like, what? Like, just kind of like oh my god, can I even do that? You know, like a little bit. Know, Like when you're about to get on a rollercoaster ride where you're like, am I gonna die? I'm not like, safety tested, but like I could but I'm not like the feeling. But I just knew With that I wanted to try. And I think it was in that moment. And I'm also I'm just so thankful that you said that because like, I, you know, for me as a coach, this is so important for me with my own clients too. It's like, yeah, sometimes you gotta sometimes you just gotta pose the quote unquote, crazy thing, like the unrealistic thing, because who says, who's like, you know, what's your what have you just created? Like, I think what you directly told me was like, what if you just made enough money to pay for Happening Sessions, just before we even start?

Jessica McKinley 10:29

was exactly the math, right? It was like, you had all these thoughts about what the six months what you were going to create in the six months together. And I was like, I feel like that's putting a lot of pressure on the container. And I had known from your experience in 200k, that you had that experience and 200k, where you're like, Okay, I came I investor all this. Now I need to within the six months, which is actually kind of a long time, it's like, I need to make back that investment. And I was like, let's just like speed it up, and kind of make it feel a little bit more impossible. Slash fun, because there wasn't the pressure to do it all in two weeks. It was just like, it would be fun if you could

Sarah Klein 11:14

Write exactly. And I just remember distinctly thinking, I was like, You know what, sir, even if it does, even if I can't do it, I want to at least be able to say that I tried, and I'm just gonna put in my best foot forward. And if I end up making $0, like, you know, I'll just I'll just evaluate it and move on. And now I have stuff to be coached on first session of happening session. Yeah, what a good thought. Yeah. So I remember, like, we literally got off the call. This is the part that you didn't see, we got off the call. And I just immediately was like, Okay, who can I talk to? I think there was, I think we had an Oh, no, this is what it was. Like, it wasn't immediately after the call, but the day after, like, the morning after our discovery call together, you just messaged me. And you were like, wait a second, I forgot to ask you. Have you been like, actually offering real live people to their face? Like, coaching with you? That was like, I mean, I mean, I've been doing like CTA is,

Jessica McKinley 12:13

it was so confusing to me, because your Instagram was so good. And the one thing that was so consistent was like you were at the phase in your business where you were attracting people and getting people engaging with you being like, you're giving me results ahead of time, you're helping me so much. I'm really loving it. And you were just pretending to be confused as I call it, like, you were like, I don't get it. They're so loving what I'm doing, but they're not buying. And I'm like, huh, have you told them? Hey, you're getting great results. You should come and coach with me. And you're like, Oh, my God. No. I was like, so many people do this, like, my clients do this all the time. They'll be like, but I've been posting, I've been doing reels. And like, I have so many followers, and all these people are like liking my stuff. And I'm like, That is not the same as asking someone do are you planning on joining coaching this month? Or if you're a listener, and you have a product based business, if someone's like, oh my god, that headband is so cute. Are you like, here's the link. Yeah, like, oh, yeah, like, Do you want one? Or like, oh my god, I love this spring floral. Did you know that there's a spring subscription box that you can get? Here's how you do it. Right, instead of being like, I don't know why they're not buying.

Sarah Klein 13:44

Right. And this is something that I definitely had in my head that I also see like, a lot of my own clients too. It's like, you go up and if I do that, that's like so slimy and weird. And, and it's like, no, it's not, because what is actually best for the person you're talking to? Or what is going to like if they if they like that spring headband, like, you know, why would they not love the spring box? Or for the case? You know, for me as a coach, it's like, if they love what they read on Instagram posts, why would they not want like a full six month container of one on one support for them and their business of that. Like, it's like the best thing is working with you is buying from you. So

Jessica McKinley 14:29

it's so great because for you to like were you listening to the podcast or me mainly following on Instagram before you set up a console?

Sarah Klein 14:37

Okay, you know, it's so funny, just none of the above. I was like barely in your orbit. So Michael, I literally was just like, I was like, okay, 200 K's over. I want to hire a business coach, which business coaches do I know. And obviously I thought of business coaches. I met through the 200k mastermind, because da and I was just like, I don't know, I think Joe US sounds, I just like I think I think I should just talk to Jess, I was like, I need Jess.

Jessica McKinley 15:04

think it's just so funny for those who again, who are listening, it's like, you just don't know where your next client or customer is gonna come from. And every thing that you do every investment you make every place you go, every call to action and every offer you make, whether it turns out to be a no in that moment or not. I can't even tell you how many people I've offered coaching, and they've been a no, but then what they've done is like, talked about me to their friends, and then their friends have invested first and then they're like, following, and then they sign up, right. But yeah, it's such a good point. It's like, if you're watching something, or you're consuming something, and you're enjoying it, and you're, whether you're just enjoying it, or you're vibing with it, or you're getting results from it, I'm always thinking that the thought that helps me not feel slimy, quote, unquote, about making a direct offer is that I'm in service of them. And I always just think of like, what is the best way that I can help my clients and for me, I help them make more money, which you do as well. And I help them have more time. And I really help them feel more, more at peace and more in control of their emotional experience. So it doesn't feel like that rural entrepreneur rollercoaster that people describe. And I always just think people don't understand, like, they think that, oh, I can just continue to listen to the podcast, or I could just continue to follow on Instagram. And I'm getting results. So that's good enough. And I I just know and you've experienced, right? Like, the difference between actually applying the work and being there in the container where you're, you have a form of accountability, even if your main form of accountability is just an investment in yourself. And then what happens is that when you're in service, you're not thinking about whether they're going to think you're salesy or slimy, right, or not. And ironically, that's when nobody perceives you as salesy or signing because they can tell that you really are just in it, to help them out. And I remember to in our conversations, and I don't do this with everyone, I don't make a habit of it. But like, we had some conversations behind the scenes, between the two weeks that you had signed up and the time that it had launched, and I just was like, desperately curious, the nitty gritty of what was going on with you. I was like, I don't care that the program hasn't started yet. Like, I want to know, okay, what is she actually saying? Why is this one converting? Like, I want to get curious, I want her to see the types of questions that I'm asking so she can start asking them to herself, right. So so what happened? Give us some give us some insight what happened in those two weeks?

Sarah Klein 17:59

Okay, so after just sent that fateful Instagram DM being like, Wait, are you like actually offering people coaching, I immediately read that, and I was like, Oh, my God, and I just, I just immediately made a list of like, all the people who had ever, like, told me, Oh, my God, you're so inspiring. And all the people who I'd like served in the past, even like three months, just all the people that I could think of, who I could follow up with and be like, Oh, yeah. Hey, remember that time that I helped you, I can help you even more? Do you want to like talk about that? So I think I had a list of like, I don't know, 20 people? I just had a long, long list. And I just started messaging them. Yeah. And

Jessica McKinley 18:45

were they like, Oh, my God, you're so slimy and salesy?

Sarah Klein 18:49

Absolutely not. I mean, some people didn't respond. Yeah, that's fine. But other than that was how I ended up signing my first client after a dry spell, and I love her so much. She's doing great and our coaching together. You know, she got so much value out of just our discovery call that even if she didn't say us, it's like, yeah, totally worth it. So,

Jessica McKinley 19:17

so good. The service, the service harp, right. It's like, even a discovery call or even an offer sometimes is value, because it helps them to think and to come to a conclusion about what they want.

Sarah Klein 19:32

Yeah, 100% and I think I also just challenged myself I was like, Okay, who needs help with their business in the world? Like, where do I go meet them? And I just started looking up like, in person places to go like Facebook groups that I you know, I just was like, Okay, who and you tell time I go help them and something that I always like, teach my own clients and talk about, you know, on my own platforms is just like, I call it like 60% Plus focus on them. Like Just make sure like keep your brain focused on the people you're trying to help. And if you just do that most of the time, you're not going to have brain space left to just like worry about your own. Yes,

Jessica McKinley 20:10

yes, I know. And I noticed myself when I'm like, in that reverse ratio, right of like, more than 50%, thinking about myself and my numbers and what I need to create. And listen, that's the human experience, too. There's not that you're not bad person, if you're thinking about how much income you need to make, especially when you're in the beginning, especially when you, you know, are trying to make ends meet, right? That it's natural that we just have to redirect our brain and re guide it like it's okay. We don't have to judge ourselves for, for thinking about ourselves. I know sometimes when I tell people I'm like, oh, yeah, you're just thinking so much about yourself. And that's why it's hard to sell. And then they're like, Oh, my God, I'm a horrible person. I'm thinking about myself. And I'm like, no, no, we all think about ourselves. That's the way that the brain wants to look to protect us. But what I love that you said, too, is you were like, who, right? Like this is the high quality question. We're always in happening sessions looking for, like, what's the high quality question that can keep you and your brain going on task on the mission to create the results that you want? And you just said, Who can I help? And where do they hang out? And that was it. Yeah, it's not a fancy question all the time. It's not always like, what type of funnel do I need in blah, blah, blah? It's like, no, who who can I help? And that question was not in your brain for a couple of months. That's true. Is that unbelievable? The question that was in your brain was what? Like, where was your focus for that dry spell?

Sarah Klein 21:45

I think my focus was on I don't think this is worth it. Like, I don't think I'm worth it. I don't think I'm because here's another thing to just about my own journey all. So my very first coach I hired she was amazing, loved her, worked with her for about nine months, you know, she charged a sum of money that I had just never experienced paying all at once before. Yeah. And then as I just became more immersed in the coaching world, I learned that this is, you know, I was like, oh, people actually charge less than that. I didn't know. So when I first started, became a coach, I just went straight for like, I was charging, like, an amount that I just thought was normal. And then anyway, and because of this, and I just started comparing and looking at other people's numbers, other people's businesses, I started being like, well, what gives me the right to charge this month, and then I just started going in. And like data spiraling, so that is where my brain was for, for my dry spell really, was I was just kind of doubt spiraling. And I was furiously like, trying to prove to myself and like, coach myself into why what I offer is worthless, instead of just being like, Sarah, just get out there and help people and let them decide.

Jessica McKinley 23:03

Yes, and we talked about this a lot, too, right? It's like, it's so tempting to stay and live in the T line. The of the model, like, in our thoughts, right, like, what am I thinking that's creating this result, because we understand as life coaching, our thoughts create our results. So if we want to better results, we have to understand what we're thinking. But oftentimes, we love, it's like, the simplest solution to actually just dive right into the A line and go to the action. And you find that when you're in the action line, the thoughts that come up are more naturally you Yeah, more naturally focused on the value and more naturally focused on like, how awesome coaching is, and how. So like you, you made the list, you reached out to some people, you signed a client you sent more than a client what happened?

Sarah Klein 23:58

So I think I signed two clients before we even started happening session. Yeah. And so this is another interesting thing too, because for those two clients, I had ended up I actually lowered my price. Because, like, I was like, okay, I can either just, like keep trying to get myself up to the point of like, okay, charging law is worth what I or or I can just, like, let's just make it as easy as possible for my brain to just get out there and make offers and, and I was like, Okay, I'll just lower my price. And so I came into happening sessions like yeah, assigned to clients, I was charging less than half of what I had been charging before. Right. And that just was like, you know, one of my favorite things about happening sessions, which I now teach all my clients to, is the is just as very like mathematical way of thinking about goals. And I frickin love that because I think it's so tempting. And you see this a lot and like the entrepreneurial world Where are you just pick like, you just pick numbers and kind of like cross your fingers, close your eyes and hope you make them. Yeah, isn't reality, it's like no, like, you can actually figure out how you're going to make those numbers, if that actually makes sense for where you're at. And, like, Jess had me, she was like, okay, sir, I know that now you're all nice and comfortable at you're less than half what you were, you know, at your reduced price. But like, if your goal is XYZ, does that make mathematical sense? And it just like so clearly did not. But here's the thing, I had been out there in the world, helping people showing up as a coach like crazy. Like, still like the person who was having a fire sell on fire sale on my fee. So now it's like, okay, we had just started happening sessions. And it was like, Okay, time to, you know, like, say, if you want your goals to make sense, it's like time to increase your prices, again, to what I was charging before that this time I had all this experience of helping people under my belt. And so it's the it's just literally it's become let my brain it's so funny, because whereas last year, I spent all this time like in my journal being like, why is my coaching worthless? Now, it's like, it's so it gets easier and easier for my brain to go there. Because now I've actually I have the results from helping people to show my brain like Buddha, this is where my prize and you know, I'm, I'm going to be increasing my prices, again, like in the near future. And, you know, similarly, it's like, I'm just, I have not taking the gas off the pedal of just like helping people and getting them results. So it's just easier and easier for my brain.

Jessica McKinley 26:38

Yeah, and I love what you said too, about like, it's easier for your brain because you have. So brains like evidence, right? And we you have in your past our line, right? So you have in the past of your results, your clients getting results, right. But in order to get to that point, you had to lean on belief only. And you had to lean on action only. And I think what allowed you in particular to like lean into that space of action, was your willingness to fail. And within happening sessions, we talked about failure collection, and about how it's the point. And so we talked a lot in the beginning, where I was like, Hey, I'm not worried about you going out there, and you making all these offers, and you have in your first month where you have all this failure, that's like, that's good, I'd so much rather you have that, then you do nothing, and you just think about it, and then you just kind of half show up to the action plan. Because it let's just decide, let's just pick the result for the first month. And then once we see what you have created from following up with this action plan, then that'll inform what you want to do for the second month. So I kept saying, like, I don't have a problem, I don't really care what your price is. But I do care that you're acknowledging what it's going to look like in time. If you are to continue to offer your services at this rate, how many clients would you realistically have to have? And is that the best thing for you and for your clients, for you to be maxed out at all of these number of clients, to make whatever your goal was, and you were just very clearly like, I wish you didn't just point that out, because now I need to raise my price again. I remember experiencing that in my own business. I remember getting to this aha, I wanted to make 100k. I wanted to make 100 Kids set the goal three years in a row, and hadn't hit it. And like by a longshot I hadn't hit it. And I just remembered finally doing the math and being like, it's not possible, really, for me to make 100k at $2,500 for six months. It's it's not the math doesn't add up. And so I was like, what, like, I'm not allowed to say any more that I want to make 100k If I'm not willing to have the prices that match it up, that's what a lot of entrepreneurs do. They're like, oh, I want to make six figures or I want to make whatever your goal is doesn't really matter. But then they're not looking at the math of it. Oh, yeah. I get it, right. Because when you come in the beginning, and you're focused on your past, and you who like you said you were energized. But I think you had had three months of have no clients or something like that. I have gone through that as well. We're like when your thoughts are all a mess. You have this and then your brain really latches on to that and you're like, well, there's no way I could make 100k When I haven't made. I've made $0.03 months in a row. And like that has nothing to do with anything because we don't build our future from the past. We build our future from the future. So what did you do once use started to build your future from the future. And simultaneously look at the math like we don't just like, Oh, I'm just gonna make all the money. That's not what it means to build your future from our future. It means to pick the goals and look at the numbers of what you're creating in your future and figure out reverse engineer the action plan, the feelings, plan, the thought plan that's going to go with it, and then go out there show up and then look at the numbers again, at the end of the month. And see, okay, what failures did I collect? What do I want to do differently? So what actually happened? What's happened since then?

Sarah Klein 30:34

Yeah, so my first month and Happening, i. So I remember I set the I set my one of my failure collections was designed for clients that month. And the other thing that I just love about failure collections, and just thinking about my goals in such a clear, almost mathematical way. Yeah, is just like, Okay, it's like, if I was going to drive downtown, it's like, what would be like, what's the route that I could take? And you can just, you can just, just like, there's like, I can, there's a, there's infinite routes to get to. But I can just pick one and drive down on it. Yes. And it was like that. I was like, Okay, if my goal is just like for clients this month, it's like, what's my best guess at how I could do that? Like, do I think this could work? Do I think this will work? Yeah, probably do. I think this bucket of actions will work? Yeah, probably. So let's just try it. Like, and I just like, put it into my and I also love this like, the way that just teaches scheduling. Amazing. I hope you know that I'm teaching all my clients like, yeah, Tommy. Do is? Yeah. So because it's just been so game changing. For me personally, I'm like, this is just incredible. So I like put the I put all my I put all the plans in my schedule. I could see when I was doing it, blah, blah. That's also really great. Because now you can see how much time you actually I actually had in the past I was spending just worrying about myself. Yeah, like, Oh, great thing. Now my schedule is so full of like, all these wonderful things. I literally don't have any time for worrying about myself. Or if I do it's like I can't worry about it too long, because I have something else to do. Yeah. So what I specifically did, though, I just like I went to all I went to a ton of in person. Things like business, networking, just things that I personally enjoy. I continued just like sharing on my Instagram, I continue sharing like I just really, I told myself like your priority each week, Sarah is just delivering like a high value podcast, which you know, I have my own podcast, and I was like the rest of the like, don't worry about doing stuff every day just high quality podcast, dual Instagram Live Recording, meeting people just sending out my emails. I think I launched I had to had to dunk? I don't know. Anyway, the point is, I just was doing all this stuff that I and then what I ended up creating was I actually ended up signing that month 12345677 clients. So I almost doubled my first month goal. And since I've started happening sessions, like what, six weeks ago? Yeah, I yeah, I've made like $38,000 which is so fun.

Jessica McKinley 33:24

I remember us talking about the investment, which I'm not shy about sharing on the podcast, right, the investment for happening sessions is 5k Pain four or 6k if you do an M payment plan, and I remember her thinking about 6k as like really a big scary thing because her brain was spending so much time thinking about the numbers zero. And she was like if I keep making $0 How can I pay 6k And I was like, that's just not going to happen. Because and first of all, that's the other reason I put a money back guarantee on it so that you guys can relax into the process and into the container and like really go all in on your failure because you have nothing to lose really. But like what happened is you were able to like unleash this part of yourself that like was always there in the future that you were blocking by thinking about your past.

Sarah Klein 34:23

Yeah, you have access it Yeah, and and I'm so thankful that I did that and also that you just were so like Sir are you kidding? Like obviously it's gonna be fine because something else I've just really really stepped into ever since I've started happening sessions is honestly like, I'm a freakin good coach. Like I'm really good. I mean, I so something else that I started doing, which I highly recommend to everybody in the universe is I actually started like, you can't see my visual but I'm holding up for just Like, I started just a little paper that I keep on my desk, I call it my offers dashboard. And it's not you know, it's not for it's not for anybody else. But me just to make sure that I'm actually taking action. I'm actually like, telling people, Hey, do you want like, do you want to actually, like, here's some help? Are you interested in more? We should totally talk. So just wait, I totally lost my train of thought, No, I

Jessica McKinley 35:25

love that little dashboard. I, you know, my clients always joke around about how they have like, the little post it notes all over their wall or their computer have like the little aha moments that they have within happening sessions. And it's kind of like, what is the beautiful thing after you're in it for a couple of months is the aha moments that you create for yourself, it's like, you suddenly have so much more access to your own genius, when you're not distracted by the indulgent emotions of curation and worry, and past focused, just drama and drama, and I can hear already the listeners being like, Okay, well, she's a life coach, she is a high ticket offer. So that's the only reason why she can do it. I make an item that's $10, or that's whatever. And I'm like, Huh, okay, we have Britney in our group who has like, so many bands, and she got a million dollars in revenue in one year. It's like, yeah, oh, it's like, no, it really doesn't matter what your offer is. And, you know, we both know, Ed Wadsworth, who was in our 200k mastermind, who has a $97 monthly membership, and she did a million dollars this year. And it's like, I personally have a high ticket offer, but like, never use the math against yourself. And that's another thing that we talk about, like the hybrid that we focus on, in happening sessions is the math. And then your thoughts about the math, like, essentially, the business, delivering people results is just about math. What do you need one plus one equals two? Okay, I'm one your, your another one we equal to? Like, let's just do that. But then we have our thoughts about it. What are they going to think about me? How much is this worth? How much time is it gonna take? It should have taken longer, right? We have all these thoughts that muddy up the math problem. And so what I love about the hybrid of it together is like, how can you look at the tools apply the tools, like you said, you said, your two favorite things are like the failure collection, the monthly failure collection, worksheet, and Hopster scheduling, and you just dove into those two things. And now, this morning, we were talking about why NAB. And because why not, for those of you who are brand new to the podcast, is you need a budget. And it's a tool and an app separate that I don't work for but that I I do train my clients on because they still believe in it. And you're newer to it. So because you're newer to it, you still have the drama thoughts that are coming in your brain to try and use the tool against yourself. And you have it all set up perfectly. And yet you found yourself having some thoughts this week, that were like using the tool against yourself. And I was like, oh, no, you actually don't have to change anything in the process. The process is fine. You're like, can you help me maybe budget differently? And I was like, nope. The problem is your thoughts about how, how much money you have in terms of wiggle room and your budget? And what was what the main thoughts were? I just think it's so interesting, because people come to me and they're like, Okay, just give me the tools. And just recently I had someone reach out that was that's been following me for a long time and wants coaching, but had heard me mentioned that. Eventually I would like to release Hopster scheduling as a course. But I just haven't found the right way to do it. Because I believe that's the magic of hamster scheduling is having the tool, pull us the coaching about your time. Because can you share with anyone like what happened to you in the very beginning, when you set up your failure collection? And when you set up your schedule, like what your thoughts were about it? Your schedule?

Sarah Klein 39:26

You know, it's so funny, because now that you asked me a question, it's very similar to the thoughts I had about my budget that we were talking about, which just goes to show it's like your brain is just going to do what your brain always done. You just have to notice it. That's the important thing. Yeah, so I this is like my default way of actually I'm like, Okay, I'm a Virgo, you guys. I've a lot of Virgo energy, but I'm also a Pisces Moon for those of you who care so Pisces, so probably where we're friends anyways, so um, I this is how I do things. It's like I'm Learn the way and then I implement it perfectly. And then I'm like, okay, it should be working immediately. Why is the way not working for me? And so yeah, I pretty much I put, like, I did the step by step after scheduling process, I made my to be scheduled list, I did the whole thing. And it took me a long time to do it the first time. And I was like, Okay, why did that take so long, I should be going faster, it should be working. And just was like, Sarah, you just have to, like, keep doing it. And it's gonna take a long time, the beginning and you're just gonna get better and better and making decisions faster. And sure enough, it took me two hours to schedule at the beginning of the month, and four weeks later, like not even that long, four weeks later, I did my whole scheduling for the week and 20 minutes,

Jessica McKinley 40:44

which is amazing. Because like, that's faster than me even problem.

Sarah Klein 40:52

Yeah, and like I can, I can definitely see the same thing happening with my budgeting, like, I'm loving the YNAB tool, honestly. And I'm so funny. I'm like, telling my boyfriend all about it, like showing him all about it. And it's the same thing. It's like, I set it up almost perfectly. Like I did all you know, I did all right, with a capital R. And I'm like, Okay, I should be able to have all the things that I want in my life right now. But I can't, because like, then, like, the way that that manifested was me just like messaging just being like, I have no wiggle room. And it's just it's like, it's, it really is the same exact thing that I did with my schedule, which is Yeah, which

Jessica McKinley 41:31

is the thought that you were like, I scheduled out all my weekend, remember you doing it and you had all of these clients now that we bring on and then we get to this next level. And then we use our success, our brain wants to use our success and make it a problem. And it's like, okay, cool. Yeah, problems are always forever. It's like, now we have this new problem before we had all this time, and not the clients and the money. And now we have scheduled out our time, meticulously, and we have these clients and we had the money. And now we're like, oh my gosh, like, I don't have room to do all the things I wanted to do. And I was like, Sarah, your, your thought about your time is not useful to you. And we just had to sit with it. And this is what would happen. I think if I released apps or scheduling as a course, without any sort of coaching component is like you would use the tool against yourself. And then reaffirm your current thoughts about time, or your current thoughts about yourself as a CEO, that you're not good at this, that scheduling just doesn't work for you that it doesn't work for your type of business, or because you're a mom or all of these other thoughts. And it wouldn't serve you. So like I refuse to release a tool that hasn't doesn't have a proper supervising component, because I think it would be irresponsible. And I really do think that I don't want to collect money from people unless I know it's going to get them results. And the best place for you to get results if you want more time and money isn't happening sessions, period, like just period. So I get it. I mean, I'm looking right now at the all the things that you said, Really, what created your success, because you said like, over four weeks, you signed seven clients totaling like $38,500 revenue since saying yes to happening sessions about a month and a half ago, and like,

Sarah Klein 43:31

actually nine clients and saying as much as six times in one month, I

Jessica McKinley 43:34

mean, clients, oh, my God. And I just like, can we just pause for a quick second and just say how proud I am of you that you were willing to fail? And that's it simply because you let go of your thoughts about having failure or collecting failure experiencing or feeling failure, meaning that you are a failure? You just were willing, you're like, even if you said this right in the beginning, even if I get make $0. In pursuing this, suddenly, for the first time, I'm willing to have the failure show up for me. And because you're willing to fail, what happens?

Sarah Klein 44:21

I like massively succeeded.

Jessica McKinley 44:26

I also want to point out to where like, we're glossing over the failures that Sara collected really quickly, and overcame really quickly in that first six weeks because there were some failures, right, which is like with failure collection and scheduling. And even now just today with YNAB. Like, I would call that like a quick failure collected where you like set up your YNAB and then immediately started using it against yourself in your brain. And it's like, that's not a problem. As soon as you notice it, you fail you feel it and then you're like, Okay, Got it. I'm on to myself now. Now I'm just going to hold space for it and continue to develop the skill and be willing to again open myself again, up to this experience of failing.

Sarah Klein 45:10

Yeah. 100%. And like, you know, so I've actually I have made like, last year, I had my very first like, 25k mines. And what I did last year that actually ended up I think that was part of contributing to the self doubt cycle that I was in was like, that happened. And then I was like, Okay, how do I top like, Can I do that again? Can I don't like, was it luck? And I, and I think it feels so different now. Because it's like, Okay, I just had this wildly successful month, it was so fun. And guess what, this month? You know what my goal is again? Yeah, more clients. I'm not, it's like, I'm just gonna do it again. And if it does, like, if I don't hit it, I'm just gonna evaluate like, if I make $0 this month? Like, it's not a problem. Yeah, where it's like, I think when I held it as such a problem in the past, that really kept me in like the self doubt fearful cycle. Whereas now yeah, it's just not a problem. It's like, so

Jessica McKinley 46:12

explain to us because I totally agree. And I get it. But I do think because we've been working together. And because we have been, you know, like, in a different container coaching container together, we have just similar ways of thinking, but like, why is it not a problem? What is the thought that you have now that you didn't have before, that makes making $0 in one month? Not a problem?

Sarah Klein 46:39

I think it's just that because I always create my results. And I can just always track back how I created something. And I'm like a trackback how I created something. I could talk forward how I'll create something else.

Jessica McKinley 46:53

Yes. So good. That right there is the definition of the point of the failure collection worksheet is to be able to show you what created what it's like. Usually, when we're going through and we're experiencing this failure, most of what is creating the failure is just our spinning messy thoughts and half action that's all over the place. There's no way to track it. And so what does our brain do? It makes us mean, we're the problem. We're the failure. It's going to happen again, we don't know what created it. Yeah. And when you think, I don't know, that is the most detrimental thought to your brain, because your brain feels terrified. It feels like if I don't know, we can't take future action, because we don't know what's gonna happen.

Sarah Klein 47:49

Yeah, 100%. And it's never true. Like, I think back to pretty much all the results I've ever had in my life. And I'm like, Yeah, I can track exactly how I created that, whether that was the result I want it or not, like, once you just let yourself see how you were responsible, you'll be able to find it. Oh, my

Jessica McKinley 48:11

gosh, I, I really feel like we almost need to like end there. Because I think that that is just, I even really want to like soak that up for myself to just like, looking back on all the results I've ever. I mean, you guys, I just got married. And of course, I meant to turn off my, my computer notifications from my text. But I did just get a pop up text from my ex husband as we're talking. And he's asking about if I picked out a name for my daughter that I'm about to give birth to in a couple of weeks, right. And when I think about the results that I have in terms of a beautiful co parenting relationship and a beautiful marriage that I've just entered into, and this beautiful container of happening sessions in this conversation that we're having, I can really track it back to a willingness to allow people to be wrong about me, while I'm collecting the failures in pursuit of my huge life. And it was such a moment when I was at my wedding ceremony and everyone was like, your love story is so inspiring and so beautiful. And I was like, You know what, it didn't always feel that way. And during the failure collection is less socially celebrated. And happening sessions is the place where I want entrepreneurs like Sarah, like any listener, who's listening to come and feel safe and celebrated to fail. Because that is the path to your big life and your big business and your big bank account. There's no avoiding it. So thank you so much for just saying that because it was just like, like it just hit me like it's not just about business, the work that you're doing right now. He is helping you reflect and take 100% responsibility for every result that you create in your life. And that is what makes a masterful CEO. Yeah, and a masterful human. So thank you so much for coming on. Please share with us because I know you've just like casually glossed over that you have a podcast, where can people listen to you if they want to listen to you on your podcast?

Sarah Klein 50:28

Yeah, so I host the start your business and Sarah Klein podcast. And you can find it on Spotify on Apple podcasts. And pretty much wherever you listen to your podcasts, so and the way that I do my episodes is every Monday morning at 10am Central, I will do an Instagram Live where I record the podcast. So if you join me live on Instagram, you can also message me questions you can, you know, you can get that live show experience. Or you can listen to it after the fact on Spotify or Apple podcasts.

Jessica McKinley 51:05

I love it. And we'll have all of that in the show notes for you guys to connect over with Sarah. And thank you so much for those of you who are listening and who are like, Oh my gosh, Sarah is a total badass unicorn, I'm gonna just take a second and recognize that like, she did not always feel this way. And she's been able to access that, because she was willing to take a risk and believe in a future version of herself. That was very different from the results of her past. And you guys can absolutely do that too. And so now is the time enrollment for happening sessions is coming up, it is June 1 through the third, if you are not on the waitlist, please go to what's and get on the waitlist there so that you are the first know when sign up happens. And yeah, thank you so much, Sarah, for sharing your story for letting us get into the nitty gritty of the math and the behind the scenes. I know it can be so vulnerable. I've done it myself when I was like, just in the in the process in the thick of it. And I'm we're still all in the thick of it. Right?

Sarah Klein 52:15

Yeah, 100%. And then, like something else that just came to me that I think would be so valuable for all the listeners to hear is okay. So you know that, like that mastermind that Jess and I were both in. I was one of the few people in that room who did not make the money back I invested. So imagine if I had just held on to that identity, the person who didn't make the money, like what would have happened versus I decided to just drop that in the past be like, You know what that happened? I'm learning from it. We're moving forward. And then literally Q six weeks into justice coaching container and, and like just I love you. You're amazing. I don't I mean, I don't think me like yeah, it's not just like, oh, that business coach versus just No, they're amazing. It's just how I chose to show up differently in the containers. And now six weeks into it. I'm the person who's made 40k in six weeks, pretty much yeah, yes. Like, yeah, so don't hold on to who you've been in the past is just always says like your future you is your future you not your past year. So that's

Jessica McKinley 53:20

So good. Thank you for saying that as well. Like, yeah, if you had held on to that belief, you would not have the results that you have right now. I think I think you were constantly redefining who we can be in any given moment with what we're thinking about ourselves right now. And clearly, you're in such a abundant thought space about yourself and about your offer and about your future. It's been so fun to watch, like going from being one of the only people who, who didn't make their money back to being the very first person and happening sessions to make their money back before we even started like, what have badass, what about us? So, yeah, cheers. I know that I feel the same way about my failures. Like I'm just like, Okay, I got married before all my friends that I got divorced before all my friends. And I just think all the time. And you know what, though? I have a pretty kick ass life now. And I'm not making that failure of a marriage. I mean, who I am today, right? It's like, just not relevant to my future anymore. And if we do choose to talk about that story, we get to talk about it in this like, thank goodness, we had that experience way sooner because we learned from it now. Yeah. 100% so good. All right. Thank you for coming on again. And you guys go to the shownotes connect with Sarah. You guys go and get on the waitlist for happening sessions, or set up a console with me and we will see you next week. Bye

Hey Happters. If you want to learn more about today's topic, head over to what's forward-slash podcasts. That's what's happening. podcast that's what's happening w-h-a-t-s-h-a-p-p-y-n-i-n-g com forward slash podcast if you're a business owner and you're resonating with what we talk about here what are you even doing come hang out with me over where the party's at on Instagram at what's happening w jets again that's happy h-a-p-p-y-n-i-n-g and book a discovery call to see if coaching is your next best step

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