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173. CEO DRAMA: Practicing Possibility

Updated: Mar 7

The human capacity for creativity is limitless. This episode is about helping you reach your FULL potential! To do that, we’ve got some wild and creative business training exercises that are going to help you BREAKTHROUGH what you think is your limit. You have to imagine your success first in order to be able to create it. Listen to this episode and let me show you how.

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Jessica McKinley Uyeno 0:00

I understand that when you're constantly being exposed to high level business owners with ideas that you may have never heard of before, the ripple effect in your business and your industry can actually change your industry from the bottom up. Okay? So when you're thinking about what's possible for you watch out to see if your brain is looking to the industry standards, or to the policies that have kind of just been run of the mill for the last however many decades in your industry or however many years or that the person that you will learn from did it that way. Remember, you are the masterful CEO of your own business. And we need to make sure that you are defining your own possibility. Welcome to sincerely future you a podcast that helps ambitious women like you make decisions today with the future you in mind. Welcome back to the show. Sincerely future you if you're new here. This show is a bit of a timewarp, it's business psychology brain hacking experience, that pretty much just guarantees you end up with more money, more time, and more calm after listening. Sorry, not sorry. Even for me, this show title today is bringing me a wave of comfort right now. Because in the future moment that you're listening to this show, I will have thrown a kickass first birthday party for my daughter, finalized all my emails for my launch, finished all the content for the workshop that we're going to do completed the video edits for splashpad traveled to and from Atlanta for my mastermind. Unlikely if you listen to this a day late. I've even ran my first live event for my clients in the March class of the masterful CEO of school. What it is so crazy and calming for me to think that it's already done where you are. And yet where I'm at. It's not isn't so crazy. You can use this with any concepts to calm yourself down. If you're feeling overwhelmed. A week from now, all of the things on your to do list this week, they're just done. Just lean on the calm and relaxation of that future version of you. More on that later. Today, we've got a PAC show. First, we're going to shout out the client when of the week then we're going to give you your hype search where we pump you up, and then we're going to dive into the topic of the day. Then finally, stay tuned to find out how you can apply what you learned today. If that's your jam, and you're ready to see like how can I just actually get to know Jess? How can I get in the rooms with all of these clients that she's talking about? We're going to tell you exactly how. So without further ado, let's just dive in. Shadow of the client of the week client of the week is Nicole. Nicole owns two businesses. She owns the bubbly kitchen where she makes soaps inspired by food what they look so good you want to eat them. Please do not eat them. They are in fact so I will not be responsible for anyone who eats the soap that looks like food. She also just launched an Irish destination wedding planning business called Emerald Isles. You know I love a good pun that is Isles spelled A I S L E S how cute and she's in the process of retiring from her career as an employee for good. This month, Nicole not only closed on a house in our personal life, and brought her first client that she signed all the way through the process to hitched. All of the guests were actually coming up to her and her partner congratulating them and saying thank you for throwing such a kick ass party. They were blown away. She also just signed another client and through scheduling is managing to run all parts of her life and business without having to choose. I'm just so proud of you, Nicole, if you're listening to this episode for your commitment to the process, until you what we always say is kind of the slogan the low key slogan of the masterful CEO school and the splash pad. You just come in until you get the results that you came for. Boom. All right now for the hype sesh Are you ready? Shake your body out. Let's do it. I don't drink coffee. Do you guys believe me? It's true. I don't have any stimulant that I rely on. So the way that I wake up in the morning is usually how it's gonna go. Unless I help hype myself up. Usually it's through working out. I love to work out in the morning so that I could just get the adrenaline going. But sometimes for a rush of endorphins I will just search the word motivation or pump up on YouTube or Instagram or Google You know, it usually comes up a bunch of dudes telling me how I need to suck it up and be harder, tougher, faster, or some version of that stronger. Right? I would say that me personally, I do typically respond to masculine energy motivation. It's how I grew up, both of my parents, their athletes, they would describe themselves as mentally and physically tough, though, that was a word that I heard all the time. But you know what, this year, I actually set a goal of balancing my masculine and feminine energies. Because while I do love a lot of the words that these guys were saying, I was scrolling through on these feeds, particularly on YouTube, on this motivational account that I follow that has over a million followers. And it's like scroll, scroll, scroll, it's maybe 99 guys to one woman, what is happening here, we have the term mansplaining. But listen, that that phenomenon is happening, because maybe, oftentimes, there's not women out there in the positions to be motivating, or putting themselves out there on the platform, or they're not being elevated to the places where they are giving us the motivation that we're really looking for. So sometimes, if I want to feel pumped up, I have to listen to the dude, bro, that, you know, maybe he has some good things to say, and maybe I get hype. But sometimes, it's not the words that I need to hear or the examples that he's using. I just don't resonate with them, because he can't possibly explain to me what it's like to be a mom and a business owner. He can't, not because of any fault to him, but because he is not a woman, right. And so I just I want to see more women out there motivating, we need to hear what you have to say we need to hear it women hype up differently, we resonate with different words, different tones, different energies, and your particular flavor of energy, has the ability to impact a community has the ability for someone to see, oh my gosh, look at her out there she is doing the damn thing and hyping it up and success and power and strength looks different on a woman. And it should look different. Instead, really including, in this motivational, particular Instagram account that I'm talking about. The women that were on there, were kind of split in the masculine terms, too, because they felt like, well, this is what I gotta do. I'm living in a man's world, it's man, male dominated. So I gotta play to that. That's what people obviously want to hear. No, I'm here to tell you that we want the variety, we want to hear it in your particular strength. And not when I say strength, I don't mean it in the same way that may be the rock is gonna mean it. And trust me, I love the rock. But I'm here to tell you that there are some days where I'd rather be pumped up by a damn woman. And I know that you feel the same way. So let's get out there. Whether you are going out there in your community, or you're just going to do a live video on Tiktok or Instagram or Facebook, or whether you're just going to turn to your daughter and give her some motivational words, or turn to your friend and tell her the words that she needs to hear to get there her particular struggle of the day. All right. And if that doesn't hype you up, don't worry. I'll be back again next week. All right, now let's dive into the topic of the week.

We're talking about stretching your possibility and specifically, possibility as a practice. What do I mean by that? I love to imagine the possibilities. But I'm starting to notice that most people don't flex this muscle with intention. They dream but in vague terms, they want more money. And when one path to their goal doesn't work out. They kind of wallow in that same vague way. This is the most obvious around this season, when some people start looking at the math of their annual goal and give up right, we're about halfway through the year. And they just can't imagine how they could possibly hit their goal because they only see one or two, maybe three possible ways that they could create it. So they get discouraged looking at the math. You can't measure possibility though, because what's possible isn't a fact. It's just a practice. It's a muscle. And when you don't use it, you lose sight of it, you lose sight of what is actually possible for you. So your mission this week, if you choose to accept it is to practice possibility. And I'm going to give you four ways to stretch into more possibility within your business. All right, number one, number one is to make a list of 50. In college, I took a course called innovation. And I'm saying it like that, because it had an exclamation point on the end of it, which is, obviously the only reason that I signed up for the course and, you know, business elective. And in this class, our very first assignment that we had to do before we even came to class was to come up with 50 inventions, I was like, come again, 50, I don't even have one invention, nonetheless, 50, my brother was like, Oh, my gosh, that's so fun. I could do 50. And then we're like sitting there, and we were three, four, it felt impossible. But the human capacity for creativity is limitless. You can always dig deeper stretch a little farther. It's why we have records so that we can keep breaking them and blowing our own mind with what's possible. It's why we have records in the first place so that we can keep breaking them and blowing our mind with what is possible. The record for a mile for a man right now is currently three minutes and 43.13 seconds. And there was a time not too long ago, where we thought it was actually physically impossible for a human being to break a four minute mile impossible. And that wasn't that long ago. And now it's been shattered. It's not by one second, it's by 17 seconds. That is so incredible. It just reminds you that we can do things that are beyond our imagination, which is kind of the point of this episode, right? So you have to imagine it first for you to be able to create it. So that's what I mean, when I say you have to practice possibility, yes in action. So when I say that this first step is to make a list of 50. Decide what that is for, make a list of 50 podcast titles, for example, or email subject lines, if you don't have a podcast, and you are wanting to increase your engagement or increase your click rate, don't just write one come up with 50, your brain is going to tell you the point of doing this is to hit that barrier. At what point is your brain saying no, I cannot come up with another single one. Stretch that for yourself the same thing, make a list of 50 ways that you could attack the same goal. Whatever it is, I think 50 is a number that's great enough that it will make you hit that I don't know well. And for me that I don't know, well is the most important one to shatter. Because when you're telling yourself I don't know, you think you're telling yourself the truth. You think you're telling yourself the fact that you think you're just observing who you are and what your capacity is, but you're actually deciding what is possible for you. You're deciding your capacity in that moment. And when we show ourselves that, once we hit I don't know that that is just a milestone in your journey towards your potential and your possibility and your capacity. It's not the final destination. And it's just something that you have to go around it just the practice of doing that expands what's possible for you, because then your brain gets on board, your brain says, Oh, I know this. I'm saying I don't know. But that's just an obstacle that we have to overcome. And then I just keep asking questions until I find an answer, even if it's the stupid one that is going to push what is possible for the number of things that I can come up with. So disclaimer, none of these practices that I'm about to listen are hustle practices. This is not about racing to the next level, or doing more and more and more. And I know 50 Sounds like a lot. However, any of these things can feel hustling. If you're not aligned with the thought. It's possible. When you believe anything is possible. It's not a matter of I can or I can't. It's about when and want to. In fact, once I fully believed that I would be a millionaire, for example. That's a goal that I've had, basically since I had a business. But once I really really deepened into this belief that I was going to make a million dollars in a year, not someday, but within a few years. And certainly inevitably, I actually dropped all of my hustling habits. I stopped letting non ideal clients into my coaching. I stopped offering things that didn't feel 100% right just because someone said oh you should do this or I love it. If you offer this I stopped offering one off sessions when I knew that the results people crave take months, even though people continuously even still to this day always asked me, if I would offer a one off session, I began to hold my boundaries and policies, even when it meant making less money in the short term. taking massive action to stretch what's possible can actually lighten your stress. Okay? So reminder for yourself that if you are going to do this list of 50, just remind yourself that it's a practice to expand what's possible for you. This is not about hustling. Okay. Practice number two is infinite failure collection. Sounds fun.

Sometimes, when we're thinking of what's possible, we're thinking of all the things that could possibly go wrong. And I'm actually not one of those coaches that advises you do avoid thinking about that. Instead, I recommend that you cozy up with the limitless possibility of your failure. What if I told you, you were destined to fall flat on your face? Sounds fun? Of course not. But it's true. None of us are going to escape failure, especially if we choose to pursue a big life in business. And judging by the fact that future you just bought future us a round of drinks at the Four Seasons Maui. I'm gonna say, yeah, you went after the big life. All right. And I'm also going to bet that she has a whole slew of hilarious business failures, that makes where she's at right now. So damn inspiring. Okay, just remember that the sooner you embrace the possibility, not just the wins, but of the fails, too. And you don't make any of that a problem, you don't make failure mean anything about you, then you will be massively stretched my friend. Okay? So, practice number one is to make a list of 50, decide what you're going to apply it to practice number two, is to embrace infinite failure collection, I know we only want to fail in a little ways, embrace that you're gonna fail flat on your face sometimes fail in big ways. And that just means you're pursuing a big life, and you're that much closer to the big wins as well. And big learning. And number three, practice is get out of your industry. People are always telling me why they can't charge this, or that strategy would never work, because that's not how my industry works. But I don't let that fly in my rooms, because your industry standards and practices, they're made up. And if they're not working for you, it's time to stretch what's possible. Future you got where she is, because she blazed trails, not because she followed rules. That's what I love about the two communities that I've created the masterful CEO school and splashpad. They're not industry specific. And I've had people say that to me before, like, oh, my gosh, you have three photographers in your room, you should just be a coach for photographers, you should niche down. But I think while maybe I could have a lot of quick wins and success. If I went to that niche, I'm thinking bigger than this, I understand that when you're constantly being exposed to high level business owners with ideas that you may have never heard of before, the ripple effect in your business and your industry can actually change your industry from the bottom up. Okay. So when you're thinking about what's possible for you watch out to see if your brain is looking to the industry standards, or to the policies that have kind of just been run of the mill for the last however many decades in your industry, or however many years, or that the person that you will learn from did it that way. Remember, you are the masterful CEO of your own business. And we need to make sure that you are defining your own possibility. Okay. And finally, the final practice of stretching your possibility is travel to the past as future you. I mentioned we were gonna get a little time or b and here it is. How many things in your life do you have now that at one point in your past, you would have believed was definitely impossible. For me, this list is very long, that I'd be training other people on time and money management. There's a room full of people right next door to me, I've got a full house getting ready for my daughter's birthday party, right that literally laughed out loud when they think about the fact that I advise other people on time management or an organization in general, no one would have called me organized growing up. And if I could see that from above that that was what my life would be. I would I just wouldn't believe it. That other Are people would seek me out for fashion advice. This would have been hilarious to my high school or even my college self, definitely my college roommates would have a good cackle at that, or they do right now. But they're, they're starting to get used to it because the past version of me is not the whole knee. And the current version of you is not the whole you. That's the point of what I'm here to remind you of week after week on the show that when it comes to your business, and when it comes to your life, you can access the future version of yourself that has any different quality that you don't yet think you possess, or is possible for you. I wouldn't have thought that it was possible that I'd have married and had children with two different boys that were in my ninth grade math class. That's a true story for another day. The point is present me is here to say, it's more than possible past me, it's real. I think I've talked about this on the podcast, but for as long as I can remember, I've always done this thing where I've visualized myself in the past getting this genie type wish, where they could pick one day in time to fast forward to, but they can't fully go there. They could just visualize me where I am today, kind of floating from above with no audio. I don't know why no audio. These are just the rules of the genie in my imagination, okay. And I often catch myself in a surreal moment and think, damn, pass me would go bonkers if she was hovering over this snapshot of us. Do this. Like I even think about it right now. I actually just got the goosebumps. And I was like, why am I getting the goosebumps right now? Do you ever just listen to your body. And I'm like, this is probably one of those moments where if I could go like 10 years ago, me, and I'm trying to think so it's 2023 2013. I just decided and said out loud to the very first person. I want to write a book on happiness. And if I could fast forward right now and see me with my like fancy microphone equipment, podcasting. And I could just see from above, and I'm like, on a cool couch are the cool wallpaper. You just have no other insight into my business. I'm like, I've got this blonde streak in my hair. I'm wearing red lipstick. I've never Worn Lipstick in my entire life into up until 2013. Like, what would I be thinking I'd be I'd be like, What is this life that you have? How cool, right? So do this hover over a recent moment of you thriving whatever part of your life that you feel like you are thriving, feel how past you would feel watching it. Would she feel shocked, relieved, amazed, proud, just delighted. Then use that emotion and flip the technique. Instead of past you visiting present you visualize going to visit future you remember that what you're seeing, whatever you imagine that you will be seeing, it's real. Those goals that you set for next year that you're second guessing they are more than possible they happen. And I it's really important that you attach a date and a time to this. Because I know that a lot of you guys do resonate with your like, I do believe in myself. I do believe it's gonna happen someday. But there's a huge difference between Sunday and December 23 2024. Right. And so we need to see what is that actual day in that moment look like this happened? You're just not there yet. Imagine you stopped believing California was real just because you had to pull over for gas in Kansas on your cross country road trip. That's how ridiculous it sounds to me when you tell me that your future you can't really guarantee that your future is going to be real. Yeah, you can you know how you can the greatest way to predict the future is to create it. And in order to create it, you have to decide it and you can do that.

Okay, I'm so excited. Two things are happening this week. First, we have early enrollment for the masterful CEO school which opens on Monday, July 10. And we'll close July 14, it's just for a week. It's the only time that we'll be offering the 12 month payment plan. It won't be available in September and if you're new to the show, you need to know what is the masterful CEO school okay. This is my twice a year group coaching program where we have an intimate group of women entrepreneurs that meet weekly and we set up your business to have more time, more money and more CEO comm we have specific processes for scheduling specific processes for budgeting and making sure that you are engaging with all six areas of money, investing having saving, earning spending giving money I don't know why I said that normally say it in the same order every time and I just decided switch it up. I don't know what just happened there but I got all six. Yes and if you are serious about this if this sounds like you, this group levels you up with lifelong connections and all the pre enrolled members will be invited to a fun cocktail hour at my house in August as well. So you're gonna want to make sure that you get in in the pre enrollment, it's possible that it could also sell out and pre enrollment and I don't want you waiting to September just because you were kind of on the fence and thinking I'll just wait and make the decision there. Don't rob future you have this room you want to be there. If you're serious about mastering your time, your money and your CEO drama, make sure you get on the waitlist you can do that by going to sincerely future And make sure you enroll on Monday, July 10 The room it needs your particular flavor you know you always make the sauce right. Second, the splashpad founding members kickoff begins on July 11. Yes this is a course. But it's also a lifetime private community and I always over deliver so this will be no different. There is still time if you are a beginner business owner or you're not at the phase yet where you qualify for the masterful CEO school meaning you haven't created 15k in revenue in the last 12 months. Or you are really just getting your business off the ground. You do not want to miss being a part of this level one business glow up it is business course 101 And it's really the community that you need to make sure that you do not waste the next year in overwhelm, just kind of spinning doing a couple of reels on Instagram and buying things for your business and not actually getting it in the hands of the people that need it right. Your first goal was going to be in a splash pad to make your money back in the first 30 days game on maybe run don't walk to join the splashpad you can actually buy that course right now as you're listening to this. You can go to my Instagram bio and buy it in the link in my bio or you can go to sincerely future All right, there are limitless possibilities my friend if you took anything away from this show, know that today's high quality question for you your HQ is this what invisible ceilings have you been voluntarily living under that future you has already broken through? It is time to stretch that ish baby girl. Future you and I are waiting for you. You have got this. Hey hamsters. If you want to learn more about today's topic, head over to what's forward slash podcast. That's what's happening. Whats h a p p y and forward slash podcast? If you're a business owner, and you're resonating with what we talked about here, what are you even doing? Come hang out with me over where the party's at on Instagram at what's happening? WGS? Again. That's happy. Ha p p y and ing and book a discovery call to see if coaching is your next best step.

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