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Identity & Purpose Experiment #2: Create a Vision Board

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have discovered your WHY. (If you haven’t already completed Experiment #1, stop reading and go create your Personal Mission Statement first!) You are now a member of the elite group of successful people who know the importance of writing down your goals. Keep your Personal Mission Statement close to you (in your wallet; in a frame on your nightstand or desk) to help keep you on purpose.

That was first things first and this is second things second. You’ve decided why you’re here… NOW, LET’S DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT!

Where the mind goes, the body will follow. So I challenge you to create a Vision Board to help you clarify your wants and make them realities.

Step 1: Make a list of wants. Pull out a piece of paper and put down your own Growth Categories, then start adding wants in each category. This list can be 50 or 1000. Ideally it will be a never-ending list that you change and add to as time goes on. Note: It is not selfish to have wants. Wants can be for you or for others but everyone has them. Making a clear list just helps you prioritize wants that align with your purpose.

Ex. I want to be able to do a split before I die; I want to make $1,000,000 in one year; I want to give a TED Talk; I want to be able to afford to sponsor a child through Save The Children, etc.

Step 2: Make your wants visuals. Print out pictures of the restaurant you want to dine in on vacation in Italy. Print out a picture of your dream home. Personalize them! Photoshop or cut and paste your face into the picture. The more realistic the image, the more real your want will feel for you and the sooner you will attract that want into your life! You can use any medium you want: a scrapbook, bulletin board, frames, etc. Just make sure that it is something that you will see on a daily basis.

This is one that I commissioned my friend to photoshop for my husband. It’s his dream car and one day soon, he will have it!

 Step 3: Reinforce your wants by looking at them daily. When you choose to focus on your desires, the law of attraction will help to bring them to fruition. I have always been a believer in the power of verbal affirmations (Saying I will vs. I can’t actually affecting your results) but when it came to vision boards, I was a skeptic. Whether you want to call it the Placebo Affect or the Law of Attraction, my vision board has helped make many of my dreams realities, including: Finding a job in Spain, passing an exam, and even starting this blog! Creating the board is important, but even more important is the habit of looking at your vision board on a regular basis.

*For more amazing examples of the power of Vision Boards, read The Secret or The Success Principles.

Try this experiment and share your experience in the comments section!! It has brought me amazing things and I can’t wait to see the happiness that your vision board will bring to you.

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