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Introducing: Attitude & Gratitude Month

If I were forced to simplify my experimental approach to happiness, and could only focus on 3 growth categories, rather than 12… Attitude & Gratitude would DEFINITELY make the list.

Generating positivity and gratitude on a regular basis is HAPPINESS 101.

Unfortunately, these experiments demand the most discipline and focus. Lucky for us twentysomethings, the part of our brain dedicated to learning is still being formed. We are ripe for conditioning and the process is quite simple.

None of this month’s experiments require money, people, good timing, products, services, or anything but our own beautiful mind and a little bit of gumption. ISN’T THAT GREAT NEWS?

At this point you should be out-of-your-mind-psyched over the amount of sunshine you’re about to bring into your world.

Like “Beyonce Excited”


Not “Kim Kardashian Excited”


Goal: Make positive and gratitude your b*tch.

Requirements: Commit to each experiment this month.

Results (if followed): Utter peace and bad-assery.

So what can you expect this month?

PART I: We’ll discover the power of our mindset and the weight of our attitude. This month’s goal is to set up mental systems that will better serve us. Including:

Interrupting Your “Automatics”

Re-establishing Our Relationship With Failure & Criticism

Limiting Beliefs: Things Don’t Suck As Much As We Think

A Truce With Fear

Part II will cover the gift of gratitude and how to practice it for a happier and more peaceful NOW… without changing a single other thing!

Trigger Happy: Creating Triggers For Gratitude

Morning Ritual: Gratitude Served Sunny Side Up

Mindfulness: Embracing the Now

Experiment: Instead of Complaining…

I have SO MUCH research on these topics that you will probably get some bonus posts. Take out a pen and paper and really tune in for the next 30 days. I promise you won’t regret it!

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