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Introducing Career & Money Month!

When stepping into Career & Money month, it is easy to focus on the word “success” rather than “happiness”. Don’t get me wrong, the sentiments are undeniably linked, but our goal will be to connect all of our SUCCESS GOALS with our WHY POWER for that happiness sweet spot.

Achievement for achievement sake will not bring you happiness.

That’s why our goal this month isn’t achievement, it’s fulfillment.

Let’s make sure that you are building a career and growing your wealth in a way that will fulfill you rather than chase you.

I am so excited to share with you all the expert advice from this month’s gurus.  There are so many building blocks that yield their greatest potential if you only start them in your twenties. Benjamin Franklin himself would roll over in his grave if he knew you were squandering your chance to COMPOUND your money by failing to start young. This September, let’s debunk the theory that money will only bring you problems, and learn practical and simple actions you can take to help you earn, save and grow your FORTUNE!

And that’s just the half of it! Now that you’ve explored your Identity & Purpose, let’s dig deeper to find out how your personal strengths and mission can be applied to a career.

They call life after school the “real world”. So, this month I want to give you as many tips as I can to help you get your “dream job” in a world that can be pretty soul-crushing.

Start today! Print out the vendiagram above and ask yourself which area you need to focus on most. Then check back next Friday for your first Career & Money Experiment!

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23 de set. de 2022

Appreciatee your blog post

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