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And when I say spirit, I don’t mean RA-RA, like a Cheerleader. I mean it the way uses it, which is more meaningful I think.


noun spir·it \ˈspir-ət\

:of or relating to the spirit or soul, as distinguished from the physical nature

You might think that “spirituality” is synonymous with religion. In fact, before I turned twenty, I had little

exposure to anything that would prove otherwise. It was only in my twenties, when I began to learn about the aspects of spirituality that weren’t tied to specific rules or people. Sheltered. I know. But I know I’m not alone in this department. Before leaving home, lots of us simply believe what we were taught to believe.

But the beautiful twenties are for expanding our minds, asking questions, and my personal favorite… experimenting.

I finally realized that it wasn’t one man-made religion that was missing from my life, it was a unique and very personal connection to the world outside of myself. I needed to get in touch with MY spirit.

BUT, while the life of a twentysomething can be empowering, it also tends to be marked by another characteristic: being self-absorbed.

If we want to stand a chance at maintaining balance as we experiment with love, money, habits, et cetera, it is, in my humble opinion, ESSENTIAL to get in touch with something bigger, deeper, and ancient……er.

Since this isn’t yet a book (and I can pretty much do whatever the hell I want) I would love this month to be more interactive. Some of the greatest What’s Happyning insights have come not just from my research, but from YOUR experiments. So, instead of telling you where I think we should grow and experiment, I would like to hear from YOU!

Whether you’re Agnostic, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or a freakin’ Belieber, I want to hear what makes you feel most like a spiritual gangster.

Even more importantly, tell me: where do you struggle to feel soulfully connected, empowered or enlightened?

To kindle the fire for your spiritual journey, here are some topics that light MY soul on fire:

  1. Are You There God? It’s Me… Feeling Weird ‘Cause I Don’t Know How to Pray

  2. Practical Meditation

  3. Science vs. God: The Energy Factor

  4. Faith & Devotion: Can they be learned?

  5. Divine Destiny vs. Natural DestinyMindfulnessWhat Are The Important Faith-Based Questions?Finding a Community with Shared Spiritual Values

Thoughts, suggestions, prayers, vibes, spirits? Send ’em my way either in the comments below or via e-mail at Check back in this month or SUBSCRIBE below to see what experiments you helped create!

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