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226. 3 Ways You’re Overcomplicating Your Business

Most of us got into entrepreneurship because of the time freedom we believe having our own business would give us. And yet, what I’ve seen time and time again is entrepreneurs who feel stressed and high levels of pressure, thinking about and working in their business 24/7, living a life far from what they’d imagined. 

If you woke up in a business that once felt simple but you now feel bogged down by, you’re in the right place. I 100% believe in pursuing both a big life and business, but that doesn’t have to mean complexity. Your business can absolutely maintain simplicity, but you must fight for it, and I’m showing you how on this episode. 

Join me this week as I highlight three ways you might be overcomplicating your business, and why we fall into these traps as entrepreneurs. You’ll hear why women especially need reminders that business can be simple, and how growing your business simply is what will define your growth and allow you to have both a big business and a big life. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • 3 warning signs that you’re overcomplicating your business. 

  • How women especially slow themselves down in business.

  • The power of thinking of your business as a simple math problem.

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