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221. Turn Your Passion Into a Product with Vitaminis Founder Leslie Danford

Today, we're breaking away from our usual routine for something very special. My guest this week is someone I've never met in person and she isn't a client. Normally, these cold leads are hit or miss, but when Leslie Danford reached out, I was immediately intrigued. Leslie is the founder of Vitaminis, and her story is one I just needed you all to hear.

Leslie’s journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship is fascinating, deeply rooted in her childhood experiences with nutrition, and driven by her passion for health. In our conversation, we dive into the unique challenges and pivotal moments that have shaped her entrepreneurial path. Leslie shares how she navigated the unexpected challenges of the pandemic, leveraged her background in consumer products and market research, and meticulously refined her product through small-scale production runs.

Tune in this week to learn from Leslie Danford about entrepreneurship, product development, and effective marketing strategies. Whether you're interested in starting your own product-based business, improving your approach to nutrition, or simply love hearing stories of innovation and determination, this episode has something for everyone. Don't miss it!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to successfully shift from a corporate job to starting your own business.

  • How to turn personal experiences and passions into a business idea.

  • Strategies for handling unexpected obstacles, like those posed by the pandemic.

  • How to use your professional background to give your new venture an edge.

  • Why thorough research and testing in refining a product is so important.

  • Key actions to take when launching a new business.

  • Practical marketing strategies to effectively promote your brand and products.

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