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218. Pay Off Your Debt & Set Goals: Roadmap to Your Money Mastery (Part 2)

Sincerely, Future You | The Link Between Body Image and Making Money with Laura Conley

Have you been turning a blind eye to your finances? 

Maybe you’ve always had someone else handle your money. If you’re newer to entrepreneurship, perhaps you can’t currently see the path forward when it comes to growing your savings and personal net worth. Regardless of whether you’re making $30k, $300k, or three million dollars, mastering money is for everyone. This type of work is going to show you what you’re made of and bring you closer to the future you who is masterful with your money.

Join me this week as I show you how to start getting a handle on the math of your money. In stage one, you’ll learn about the priceless skill of money mastery, my top tips for eliminating debt, how to pay yourself a salary, and the five shifts that will help you step up to the plate and dial in your money.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why the process of earning money teaches you more about business than anything you can learn in a course.

  • Why eliminating debt must be your first priority in money mastery.

  • 6 strategies for eliminating debt. 

  • The importance of setting and hitting consistent next-level revenue goals.

  • Why you must un-commingle your money.

  • The difference between paying yourself a salary and taking an owner draw.

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