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178. Say Adios to What's Not Working

Updated: Mar 7

You probably know when things are going well in your business… but do you know when things are NOT running as smoothly as they should be? I’ve got four questions you NEED to be asking yourself so you can get to the bottom any troubles you may not even be aware you’re having. I’ll help you spot the BAD HABITS you could have that are sabotaging your operations.

Stay tuned to the end for an update on my ongoing, success-boosting “Splash Pad” business coaching course, and how you can join.

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So let's start with the basics right now you're either aware or you're unaware of what's not working. So here are four questions for if you're not sure what's not working, let's check it Welcome to sincerely future you a podcast that helps ambitious women like you make decisions today with the future you in mind. Welcome back to the show. Sincerely future you. If it is your first time and you're new here, know that I have got your back. How do you ask? Because I'm raw and honest with you. Always growing a business. It's not always about rainbows and those Trader Joe's chip, which is I wish right? We all have ups and downs. But sometimes we also have moments where we can feel stuck, or like something isn't working. If that's you right now, you found this episode at the right time. How serendipitous. You and I are like Kate Beckinsale and John Q sack on that ice skating rink in Central Park. If you haven't seen serendipity, first of all, how embarrassing for me and you actually, you're in for a 90s rom com Splosion of a time, but today, we're going to get uncomfy get ready for the questions that nobody else is asking you because they're too scared, and they're afraid you're gonna get offended. I'm not scared. I know that you getting offended is your own thoughts. And I also know you can handle it. Today, we are going to evaluate your situation and move forward with confidence. Let's dive in. Our review of the week comes from Jean Marie rose. She says I've been listening to Jessica's podcast for about a year now, whether it's a new episode or one of the originals from the pandemic, and she puts unplanned in parentheses, that certainly was there's always so much to take away. This review was titled never ending takeaways. I'm so glad that you are someone who even though you started within the last year, I've been running the show since 2020. Actually, for those of you who don't know, my very first podcast episode launched March, I think March 1 of 2020. And if you are a good historian, you know what happened shortly after. And almost immediately after two weeks into the podcast, everything that I had planned, suddenly felt completely freaking irrelevant. Nobody cared about, you know, the very specific ins and outs of business unless it was tied to COVID. So we had to pivot. And we had to get really specific. And that's kind of the name of the game in business, right? Are you putting into context, all of the things that you that you want to teach to what's going on right now into the world? Or are you trying to teach it in this very textbook way that can apply at any moment? That's boring. That's not the way that people want to learn, they want to learn through story, they want to learn through what they're going through, through what you're going through. So if you haven't yet yet, do yourself a favor, go back to one of the earlier episodes. And you can hear how we tied all of my original topics of whether it was about selling or whether it was about the emotions that you feel as a business owner during an uncertain global climate. And it's really fun to look back and think about all of the things that we were worried about, and put them into the context of right now. And just think about how what you're worrying about right now. Three years from now really will be just a blip on the scale future, you has already conquered what you're going through. Thank you so much for that review. Jean Marie, now it's time to get help. Are you in love with your life right now? Not just your life, your your business, your relationship with your business? Do you love the culture of your clients and customers? Your profit margins, your beliefs and plans for the future? Do you look at your calendar this week and think Oh, hell yeah. Do you feel like you're at a 10? If yes, Hell to the yeah, if so, it's probably actually time to get uncomfy again, you're at the peak of the first now in marveling at the view, taking a selfie and sipping on some cool water and now it's time to traverse onto that second peak. But if you're not in the winds, so that is most of life, most of the time, most of the path 10 level 10 a 10 and a 10. It's a mindset, yes. But it's also the human condition to seek a new level to find a new 10 And if you're going to be pursuing it, most of the time, it's about time we find a new way to view that one through nine, especially that one through five. In both of my programs, the splashpad where people are just warming up and the masterful CEO school where people are getting dialed in, we talk a hell of a lot about failure. Why? Because every time I get to attend, I have people celebrating me saying, oh my gosh, congrats. I knew you would How amazing. And I know you've had this experience to where you're thinking, Okay, this is always going to happen. Right? We decided our future when was inevitable, not this morning, or yesterday, or even last week, I decided, when I made my offers to who I consider to be 50 of the warmest potential leads that I had and heard crickets. I decided then, and I decided when I was three years into running my podcast, but still hadn't broken 100 Gay downloads. I decided then that I was going to be a top 50 Show. Over and over and over again, I decided in the fails, I decided I was worth celebrating even when I was failing. But where were those people that and you might be thinking this, and I get it. This isn't a murdery hype sash, it's a promise. It's a promise that the general public, your significant other your family, most everyone will not be celebrating you and your most defining moments. But I will. I created my programs as a space to celebrate failure. Because I know that's the good stuff. That's the stuff that teaches you what you need to know to win. It's the stuff that builds an unfuck with the boat CEO, it's the stuff they make movies about and hire alias actresses to portray you. No one makes movies about people who decided they were going to go after their dream. And what do you know at first try now. Money, flame glory, boring, uninspiring, we want more for your big life, we want to see that one through five. And we want you to know that you can handle it. So give the people what they want, give them a story of fight, have against the odds of blow your mind rock your socks bold and truly you approach. That means in order to get there, you're going to have to risk feeling like a to making a two out of 10 investment thinking it's going to be a 10 giving a one out of 10 speech, totally choking, you might have to burn your current life or your current business model all down. And that can feel mother freaking lonely. It can feel like you're not worth celebrating. But I'm telling you that if you want massive success and longevity, you need to put yourself in a room that celebrates you while you're failing. If you're getting the biz one on one, and scaling to your first 25k. Get in the splashpad community. If you're ready to grow to six and seven figures get in the masterful CEO school. Or if it's neither of those, find a place where while you are like really struggling banging your head against the wall trying to figure it out there other people around you being like, yeah, keep going, that didn't work. The next one, well, you'll be required to collect sales in my rooms. And then you know what, you track it, you rock it, and you repeat until you win you back to you. If you're in the sales right now, repeat after me. This is going to make such a killer opening to my TED talk. I can't wait to watch you.

Alright, you guys, today we're saying adios to what's not working. I'm big on evaluating why? Because masterful CEOs need to be looking at what's happening now. Because the future of your business always requires something a little different than what you currently have going on. If you didn't need to change anything, you'd already have all of your goals, right? Makes sense. So part of the evaluation is what's working, because something is always working, even if it doesn't feel like it right, your brain tends to want to focus on the things that aren't working. But there are things that are working. So ask yourself that question. And we just don't want to throw out the baby with the bathwater and constantly be changing what we're doing here or there. And undermining ourselves. Right. I have lots of episodes where we talk about ways to evaluate and have your own back. Look at any episode on advanced decision making. And check those out. But today, we're going to be talking about the second and third parts of the evaluation, what's not working and what do I want to do differently So let's start with the basics. Right now you're either aware, or you're unaware of what's not working. So here are four questions for if you're not sure what's not working? Let's check in. Question number one. Do your results match your goals? Usually when the reason I phrase this question so simply is because oftentimes, when people think a lots of things aren't working, and I asked this question, oftentimes people don't know how to answer if their results match their goals, because they haven't clarified their goals. Very basic stuff. So make sure that you have some clear goals, because making more money getting more clients is not a goal, that is just a trajectory, right? You want to do better, we want to do more. That's, that's all well and good. But if you're not being specific, vague goals, create vague results. So check in and see, do your results match your goals. Now, let's say you do have goals, but the results aren't matching. This is a way for you to check in and say, Okay, well, what am I doing? What what are the indicators of what I thought would create these results and be really honest and look, and you know, do just a download an audit of what you are doing to create these results? Oftentimes, we think we're doing more than we are, or maybe we're just doing it inconsistently. Which brings me to question number two, what am I doing with my time, you want to do a time audit. So I like to do this within the span of a week, depending on your business or your business model, or how long you've been working, might want to do it within the span of 30 days. But no more than that, right? 30 days to a week, do a time audit and look and say like, how much time am I spending doing? What am I literally just posting a post, and then, you know, shuffling things around in the backend to my business, but not actually connecting with the humans making offers. If that's the case, then you might immediately know, okay, what's not working, I'm not doing enough business building activities. Or maybe the places where I'm looking for my clients don't have my ideal clients there. Maybe the people that I'm talking to don't want to spend the money on what I have. That's okay, doesn't mean that you need to lower your price. I just mean, you need to start talking to different people start going to different places. Right. Okay. Number three is have you given this process or experiment enough time, effort or reps to yield results? And I think that I put this question in there, because sometimes the problem isn't what you're doing. Sometimes you just haven't given it enough time or enough reps. When I say reps, I mean, let's say you're saying, oh, yeah, like I've made offers, clearly, my offer isn't valuable enough, or it's not compelling enough, or it doesn't work, or, you know, I need to lower the price. People don't want to pay it. And I'll ask people, okay, like, how do you know how many offers have you need? And they're like, well, like six, like, okay, let's think about these on this on the scale of successful brands in the world? Do you think that Amazon or Apple or Verizon or I'm trying to think of like, the Coca Cola, if they're rolling out a new product? Do you think that they would settle with, like, 100 people even, like, we need to get our reps way up there. I mentioned in the hype sesh, about how when I first started fitness coaching, I sent out an email to 50 people who I had felt like pretty solidly, or the people who were the warmest potential people who would want to join a challenge group and get started. And I heard crickets, I got one response. And these were like, my closest friends and family. And people I knew would kind of be into it, or I thought would kind of be into it. One person responded to be like, good for you. Keep it up. And everyone else, nobody responded. And imagine I use that, like, I reached out to 50 people, people obviously don't want this for me. But I hear that from you guys. Sometimes it's just not enough data that you've collected to be able to evaluate it properly. So just check in and see. Have you given your current process or experiment, enough time, enough effort, enough variety or enough experiments, enough reps to yield the results you're looking for? And then question number four, do I believe that what I'm doing is going to work? That question seems kind of out of left field, maybe especially to those of you who are new to the podcast. But anyone who does is a longtime listener of this podcast knows that your thoughts are what create your results. So ultimately, if you go into your action plan, if you go into your experiment for your business, believing that people don't want what you're selling, that your launch is not going to work, because you're not good at launching via email, or that you started too late. If you believe those thoughts, before you start to test it out, you're going to create the result that matches that thought. And usually more often than not, this is the one that I see blocking you guys from getting the results, you'll have the other three totally in place, I have some people that are like, putting in so many reps, I'm so proud of them. But it's like they're like fighting themselves. It's like they're like running and they're about to jump over a hurdle. And right before they get there, they just punch themselves.

And that's what it feels like when you are knocking yourself down with this belief that it's not going to work before you even give the customer or the future client the opportunity to buy from you or to win from whatever it is that your offer is. Okay. So check in if you're not sure whether what's not working, those are four questions to get you started to see, okay, now you should have more insight into what's not working. So seriously, write these four questions down, I'm going to repeat it for you. If you need to re listen to this episode, read these four questions down and do this audit for your business. Do your results match your goals? Number two, what am I doing with my time do that time audit? Number three, have you given this process or experiment or action plan enough time, effort and reps to yield the results that you're looking for? And remember, the results need to be specific, the goals that you're looking for? Because then oftentimes, right? I said with question number one, if you don't have a specific goal, then maybe you're saying, Oh, well, the results aren't good enough? Because you're just always moving that benchmark, right? And then question number four, do I believe that what I'm doing is going to work? Is it a belief problem? Okay, my clients are used to this kind of evaluation, though, that even still awareness is just step one. Once you've identified what's not working, it's time to say bye to it naturally, then your brain is going to be like, but I'm gonna tired, well have a nap. And then let's say bye to what's not working. Here are four thought errors that hold people back from cutting the fat and moving forward once they know what's not working. And this may be you so get ready to be triggered trigger warning here for those of you who know what's not working, and you're still not changing anything. Number one, this thought I've invested so much time or money into this already. So many of you example, one of my clients that came to me and she was an engineer. And she had basically up until that point spent her whole life training to be an engineer. She was very proud of that. She enjoyed it. She her identity was very much wrapped up into being an engineer. And she wanted to have a creative pursuit. She just didn't want to do it anymore. But this thought just invested so much of my time and my money and my life. And I feel guilty about it, right. I remember being like, Oh, that's so interesting, because I have a fancy degree and I had zero qualms about never using it ever. I literally have never had a job ever that required a college degree. It's so crazy to say it out loud, but and I even worked in corporate but they didn't none of my career paths ever required a college degree. And yet, I've managed to find success for myself because I was focused and more loyal on the future than on my past. Eventually, once we identified this thought for my client, she was able to be like, Oh, wow, yeah, like I'm so hung up on my past, that I'm mortgaging my future. I'm not making it possible for me to go all in and make room for this to blossom and be this beautiful experience. Because I'm so focused on what I think I'll be not doing justice or not honoring or just like completely it feels like you're throwing it out. No, I was like you'll always be an engineer that you it doesn't cancel out all of this history. Right. And it's the same thing too. If you've spent a lot of money or two Time on a process or in a program, and then you get to the end of it. Like I know people that go through certifications, and they're like, Yeah, this actually isn't for me. Okay, onward on to the next most of life is a process of elimination. So just ask yourself, if you're hanging on to this thought, I've invested so much time or money into this, ask, Am I more loyal to my past or my future? And for me, the answer is always my future, especially when it comes to my business. Number two, thought air, I don't want to let them down, or worse version, I don't want to go back on my word. This is a similar thought era to the first one, but it's more of a focus on other people. And being in other people's models. If you've, if you're new to the show, essentially, the self coaching model is that your thoughts create your feelings, drive your actions produce your results, but we want to be focusing on our model, and our thoughts, our feelings, our actions and results. When you're in other people's models. You're trying to decide what you're going to do based on what other people are going to think or how other people are going to feel or what other people are going to do or what it's going to create for other people. And this isn't selfish, it's just about creating results from a place where you're not showing up either people pleasing or micromanaging, or manipulating, relying to other people by not telling them and showing up in your fullest truth. So that XYZ, right, we always want to be aligned with our own thoughts. So like I said, if you have this thought, where you're worried about letting other people down or going back on our word, this could keep you stuck forever, in examples of hiring staff that just aren't working out, having clients that bought an offer, that you no longer want to run past clients who are used to the status quo, but you're changing your business model, you're changing our offers. This might be staff that's not working out clients that bought this offer, that you no longer want to run past clients who are used to the status quo. Listen, I get it, I've experienced this myself. But if you stay stuck in this place, it can drag on for months and years. And ultimately, you're half assing probably that business offer or that business model that you're delivering on because you don't really want to be there. Again, you're asking, am I more loyal to my future or my past. And we can do this from a place of love. I have loved by past like making really did, I'll use an example. So when I first created a group program, I created happening sessions. And this is like $39 a month when I first created it, and then I jumped up to 79. And I was so worried about that jump, right. And I was just testing things out. And I had tested out an offer where if they bought it for the full year, they got a discount and one person. But right when I was thinking like, this really isn't working, this isn't the framework that I wanted to be in, feel like I have to reevaluate, maybe I pause this, someone bought the year long option. And I was like, Ah, shit. So I just like stopped in it and was kind of like sludging through this offer for a month or two. I felt like the room could kind of tell like I wasn't energized about it. I'm still delivering it. But I was going through the motions kind of like a zombie. And three months in, I just really got aware of the fact that the only reason I was delivering this program was because I didn't want to go back on my word. And I didn't want to let down this person who had committed and invested in a year of what I was offering. And that felt terrible, right. But once I realized that I realized I can't do this anymore. And I had to make a decision about what I wanted to do. So here's my recommendation, once you realize it, you can't just land on, oh, I know I don't want to be doing this anymore. But I feel bad because I don't want to let them download and then just stay there. Oh, you have to just make a clean and clear decision about what you want to do when you have this situation that you realize you're in and you don't want to do it anymore. So in my case, I decided that I was going to give her the option to either do 10 one on one sessions with me which I felt like was an overdeliver because she was at that point, kind of showing up periodically to the group stuff and I was like I'll do one on one with you I'll over deliver or I can refund you a poor version of whatever I haven't delivered on yet. And ultimately, she chose to do the sessions. And that was great. And I felt so freed up immediately. I have another client of mine that had hired, like four people to run this program. And they had come from other jobs. And she had hired them. She had this whole new team. And as soon as she got in, and she was running it, she was like, This isn't right. This isn't right. As soon as she realized that she was like, sorry, you guys, I'm sorry for wasting your time. I'm sorry for but this isn't right, I'm gonna restructure it. Thank you so much for your time, and she pay them and she parted ways. And ultimately, I imagine she had just saved now her business is she is breaking the eight figure mark this year. And there's no way she would have been able to do that from this half assed like sludgy way where she was feeling just completely uninspired by what she was doing. And she knew what that it wasn't right? When once you get to that place, when you're misaligned, you cannot create magic from this alignment. Okay, so we have to get real and make a simple decision. I'm not saying it's going to be fun, and you don't have to feel cheery about it, you probably are just going to have to feel not great about it.

And decide I'm doing all of this from love. And the highest way that I can serve people is through truth, and honesty. And that's that because I do believe that when it gets down to all of the decisions that I make in my business, are coming from wanting to deliver at the highest level, and just being aligned and honest with what's true for me. And I know that the people that I look up to have shut down programs of theirs that I have loved and I've been bummed about. But at the end of the day, I love working with them. If I if they have a new offer, I'm going to find a way to be a part of that. And usually it's even better because they are fired up about it. Okay, so be true with yourself. And let's make a decision today, if this is you that error number three is I know I need to stop doing XYZ instead of creating a policy and then taking action on it. So for example, often people are coming into the masterful CEO at a point where they're getting inquiries, but some are communicating through all the channels, right? They're, they're getting inquiries for their business via text via email via Insta, gram, DM, website, all the things and things are slipping through the cracks, it's time to make a decision. But when you think of this decision as daunting or confusing or overwhelming or big, and in a way, you're bound to notice and kick the problem down the road, instead of I need to stop doing this. Try making a decision in the moment. Okay, I know it sounds oversimplified, but it's not going forward, I'm going to filter all questions through my web forms. Or if you do need to do some more layers of work schedule or delegate the time to make the decision message your virtual assistant right now, and or a team member or add it to your meeting agenda to make decision about what filter you're going to use for processing all communications going forward. Or set a calendar reminder for yourself. If you don't have a team, when you know, you'll be free that says decide on communication channel and announce policy to clients due August 10. Okay, is that simple, but I often see a lot of you being like, oh my gosh, I know I need to stop doing that. I'm sick of it. I'm not going to handle that excuse anymore. You guys are on the route to becoming masterful CEOs. And masterful CEOs don't just acknowledge things that aren't working and then say, okay, that type of tolerance of low quality work, that type of tolerance of a low quality, delivery, low quality habits will end up breaking down your trust with yourself and your belief that you're someone who can deliver at a high level, okay, it's really detrimental to your business. So we're going to stop saying, Oh, I know I need to stop doing that. And instead we're just going to make a simple small, clear decision. Number four, that error is well I know it's not working, but I don't know what else to do. Listen, people would rather settle for unknown devil than explore the unknown. I get it. Maybe you really don't know any other way of doing things. That's not unusual why? Would you I mean, you've been doing things this way, this way up until now, usually the methods that we use to get us to 100k may be the right methods or the ones that work until they don't. Because what got us here won't get us there. But stating, I don't know. And then staying there is a death sentence for your business, or at least tickle torture or something death sentence feels heart, harsh. My clients know that I don't know is not an option, which means it's time to experiment. Your job as a masterful CEO is not to know the next step, or every next step, or really any next step, it's to decide the next step is to commit to it, deciding to believe that it will work with your scientist hat on, scientists aren't running around, like, oh, my god, is this gonna work? Maybe I don't know, I should probably just keep doing the last experiment that I know didn't work. Oh, they decide the parameters of their next experiment. And they go all in, then they collect the data, they tweak and evaluate in the splashpad. My community and course for business model one, we talk about your job as an entrepreneur in terms of four things, experiment, evaluate, elevate, meaning, take that evaluation and tweak it make it better. And of course, earn along the way. You guys got this. I want to take a quick second to let you know what's going on in this sincerely future you world specifically in the splash pad. The splash pad, if you don't know is a business 101 course. And it's my lifetime community. And I created this to simplify the process of making your first monies of creating, or just simply marketing and selling an offer that you and other people are going to love. And right now we have totally different types of businesses in there experimenting, and learning how to begin to think and take action, like a business owner, if you're thinking about turning a passion into a moneymaker, or you already have a business and you want to take this from kind of a hobby business or this beginner level, and you want to grow it to the place where you're ready for the masterful CEO school. Yeah, gotta get in this room for the next month. Anyone that joins the splashpad will also get an intro one on one coaching call with me as well. I want to kick you off, right. And I want to over deliver for you because I know that the stuff that I'm teaching in the splashpad is really the basics. I know oftentimes people come in and they want like a million modules, and they want you to tell them exactly what you did. But business isn't a one size fits all solution. There is however, a very simple process that does require collecting failure, and celebrating that and it requires having a community that just keeps you hype when you're in the process of learning and figuring it out. And that is exactly what we do in the splash pack. So let's have some fun, make your money back stat. Go to sincerely future And join us today. And once you've done that, tag me on Instagram when you do so I can shout you out. I cannot wait to see you in the room. Sometimes friends, we have to be uncomfortable to move forward and grow in business and life. asking hard questions or taking scary steps. It can seem daunting, but you and your business are worth it. We mentally and physically need to align our goals and our steps to make sure that we can thrive and create that magic that I know is inside of all of us. So here's your call to action you guys. Your call to action is to trim the fat cut what isn't working. I promise you, no one's gonna die. It's going to be okay. And your future self will thank you. Hey, hamsters, if you want to learn more about today's topic, head over to what's forward slash podcast. That's what's happening. Whats h a p p y and forward slash podcast? If you're a business owner, and you're resonating with what we talked about here, what are you even doing come hang out with me over where the party's at on Instagram at what's happening? W Jess again that's happy. Ha p p y and ing and book a discovery call to see if coaching is your next best step.

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