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225. 4 Skills to Hack the Time-Management Game

How many time-management processes have you tried, only for your enthusiasm and commitment to fizzle out shortly after you started?

The truth is there is no one time-management or scheduling process that is the only one that will get you results. I love mine because it’s simple, effective, and definitely the right choice for women who want to build big businesses without losing their lives or sanity... but not everyone succeeds at applying it long-term.

If you want to know how to practice exceptional time management to revolutionize your life and business, listen in this week. I’m sharing data from my coaching containers where I’ve identified the four requirements necessary for you to win at scheduling and how these skills can be applied to any time-management process you choose, and I’m also offering some big-picture questions that will help you get ahead of your future schedule and evolve with your business. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The 4 requirements that are necessary for you to win at scheduling.

  • Why thinking you have to schedule the ‘right’ thing is keeping you stuck in hustle, indecision, and procrastination.

  • How to get to the doing, instead of spinning out about the action you want or need to take.

  • Why flexibility is an essential skill to cultivate if you want to be exceptional at time management.

  • How to create more predictability where you think there’s none.

  • Questions to ask yourself about your schedule and whether it reflects your core values.

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