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160. The 8 Seasons of Business Growth

Updated: Mar 7

There are different seasons of growth in our business - and knowing which one we’re in helps us be where we’re at. It gives our brain context. It makes sense of why something feels hard or slow or chaotic or confusing- and overall eliminates a layer of unnecessary mind drama. The drama that says “THIS SHOULDN’T BE LIKE THIS”. The drama that makes *Normal business experiences* into an unforgivable flaw in who you are.

I’m going to talk about 8 different seasons of business growth. These probably aren’t all of them. They’re the ones that I have identified on the road to $1 million in business (for me and my clients). Knowing what stage we’re in also helps us to make high-level decisions, and not to just “do what comes naturally”. After listening to this episode - I want you to begin to use this HQQ.

“What is my growth right now? Will this decision evolve me? Get me closer to that skill or self-concept I want to gain?”

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