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187. Are You Busy Overthinking or Experimenting?

Updated: Mar 7

There are 1,440 minutes in a day. Are you using all of them to their best potential? Strategic time management is key for running your business AND your life. So I’m bringing you fresh time tips to elevate your game.

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I think of a situation in which you have advanced 10 levels. This could be in your business, if you're advanced already, it could be in a sport or a hobby that you've pursued. It could be in your craft. If you're a hairstylist, or photographer, a florist, a coach, a chef, the advancement you've made in your skills, your approach your speed and your confidence. Whatever it is, imagine someone back at level one, where you once were coming to you, and just fretting, right? Just talking out loud about what they're struggling with. Notice what is the biggest difference between your thoughts at level one. And at level 10. In general, it's the amount of time we spend overthinking over analyzing, hesitating, worrying, undermining, instead of just doing Welcome to sincerely future you a podcast that helps ambitious women like you make decisions today with the future you in mind. Welcome back to sincerely future you. I'm your host, Jeff McKinley, bueno. And I am so excited that you're tuning in today because this is an important one you guys. In this episode, I'm about to unleash some game changing insights on time mastery, because let's face it, time management is an ongoing challenge in most of our business and personal lives, there is no perfect, it's a practice. So we're always looking for that slight edge. And hey, I'm here to give it to you get ready for a brain hack that's going to transform your approach to productivity. Whether you're a time management Pro, or you're a client, or you're just starting out, and you've never heard an episode of this show, you're in for a treat, because this episode is packed with fresh strategies to elevate your game. By the end, you are going to be armed to crush your goals and enjoy a stress free, fulfilling week that turns into a fulfilling month that turns into a fulfilling life. Let's dive in. But before we do, we got to do our Shout Out Of The Week. This week's Shout Out is going out to my client Jade. She just posted in our masterful CEO school private group, a screenshot that said, hey, Jade, I'm ready to start working with you. It's a big financial and personal commitment. But I'm ready and I'm excited to get started. Like I said, Jane's in the Nashville CEO school. And after three weeks into the September class into this round, she's been applying and sitting with the discomfort showing up after hearing her longest streak of nose on console. And she posted this yes from new clients saying it's working with all the crying emojis. You guys failure is a part of the success process. And much to most people's dismay, I'm not here to teach you how to avoid it. On the contrary, we amplify failure in the CEO school we put you right back in the fire, where you are exposing yourself to more of it, it feels extremely uncomfortable. And for those of you who kind of are at a more beginner level, and you've aspired to come in and be in an advanced room like this, where you think, oh, okay, once I'm there, or once I'm out of there, or once I go through a round of coaching, then I'll be cured. And suddenly I'll just feel rainbows and sunshine and all the things all the time. No, the advanced level just means you're actually going through failure faster, you're exposing yourself to it more often. And maybe you have more neutral thoughts about it. But sometimes not always, sometimes it just still feels like shit. And we just go through it quicker. Because we understand just as Jade shared that after taking some time to focus fully on her personal life, she was experiencing a lot of doubt and fear and a long dry spell in clients. So we set a konsult goal for her when she came in and off the bat. She was attracting the consults, right. But then she would get off a call and hear no. Can you guys relate to this? Have you ever taken time off from a business activity or from your business altogether and then feel so anxious when you get back into it? Every potential client holds so much weight that is when it's so important to have a coach. We shifted her brain to the learning the evaluating and back to attracting. We celebrated the four consults in one week for consoles and one week. Regardless of them being knows people were actually more interested than ever. And she noticed when she got out of the shame and when she wasn't distracted by that emotion like thinking that it shouldn't be there that she really was just getting better and better each time. There isn't a successful person that gets to skip this part, right? It's not all about getting all the yeses. It's about doing two things. Number one, continuing to show up and take massive action. And number two, deepen your belief in your offer, even when you're hearing No, it is not easy work, but it always pays off. Way to fucking go Jade way to dig into the hard work. And remember, it's not over until you win. Now that we're hyped up for that I'm hyped up just from like reliving this with Jade. But it's time for our hype. sesh. Before we get into the topic, we got to get into our bodies, we got to remind ourselves that this is exciting work that we're doing. This is a privilege that we get to be entrepreneurs that we get to run the show that we get to have the impact. We get to work on all of these things we get to I was watching this movie Big Hero Six with my son. I don't know if you've seen it. But essentially, there's a pair of genius young brothers, right? Like, obviously, they're, they don't have parents and they live with their aunt because that's how Disney does things. And the younger one in typical smarty pants fashion, just thinks he knows everything, which we know is a route to ignorance. But instead of going to university, he wants to put his engineering skills and like know how into bot fighting on the dark market, right? classic Disney movie, I don't know. And the older wiser brother brings him by his Robotics Lab, he pulls the classic like, oh, just gotta pick something up. And they run into his professor and the professor has the most epic reverse psychology speech boil down in like five sentences. Essentially, he says bot fighting must be so easy for you with my technology and your brains. If you like things easy, then this robotics program is definitely not for you. Oh, no, you did it. Professor Callahan. I was like, am I going to try that with my son cuz I know he's like the rebellious type. I gotta remember this when he's trying to be sassy, that sometimes you just have to flip the way we're thinking about it. This hype sesh is for you. If you're struggling with a part of your business that feels hard right now, maybe you can't figure out email marketing, or you struggle with staff turnover, or you took an hour to make a damn reel or a Canva graphic that only 142 people viewed. Okay, so what think of your journey as an entrepreneur as being accepted to the top robotics lab in the world? Doing hard things. It's a privilege, it's supposed to be hard. Why? In order to master some parts of the business machine you're building, you may have to do hundreds of experiments, you may have to get tedious, you may have to fail hundreds of time before you've succeed. Some of what you're doing. You can learn about from experts, you can hire them, you can study them for sure. But most of what we do as entrepreneurs, it's cutting edge. It's about trying something that no one's ever done before, not quite like you. It's about living into the future of your business, asking what's different there and then saying, okay, email funnel, take one over and over and over again until you sell out. I don't say this to scare you. It's actually so you can relax, relax into the hard knowing that nothing's gone wrong. It's not you. It's not your client. It's not your offer. You just have to tweak a variable and go again. So like Professor Callahan said, if you like things easy, entrepreneurship is probably not for you. But if you're willing to experience the privilege of collecting failed experiments and doing the hard things, you will eventually win. All right, yeah, hype. Let's go. Today we are talking about the type of busy that you are. Are you busy overthinking? Or are you busy experimenting.

If time mastery is something that's always eluded you, if you're someone who was like, Oh, I really wish I could be less scatterbrained or be more productive within my week. Or maybe you're someone who really just struggles to be in one place at a time when you're working. You wish you could be working but you're always thinking about your your family or your social life. And when you're with your kids, you're thinking about your business and you're feeling guilty about that. I am going to solve all of your problems in five days, October 23 to October 27. We are going to be doing a time mastery bootcamp where you're going to come an all together in five days. We're going to expose all of your thoughts about time things that are causing you to make decisions slowly to undermine yourself to continue to multitask, to not go after the bigger things to only tackle things that have outside accountability, and not the things that really, really matter to you to move your mission and your dream life forward. And we're going to get tactical, I'm going to be sharing with you the things that I teach only inside the masterful CEO school, we're going to do a condensed, simple version, where you can take this process, you can take this experience, and change the way you approach time, forever, I cannot wait to do this together, this is going to be 199 you join it's a one time deal come and really shake things up. See where even if you just take one of the tools, I promise you, you're going to see impact within a week of these tools. All right, I will see you there.

It's time for another time mastery episode loves and this one is a light switch AHA OMG brain hack of an episode. Think of a situation in which you have advanced 10 levels. This could be in your business, if you're advanced already, it could be in a sport or a hobby that you've pursued. If you started young and got all the way to the high school, college or professional level. It could be in your craft, if you're a hairstylist, or photographer, a florist, a coach, a chef, the advancement you've made in your skills, your approach your speed and your confidence. Whatever it is, imagine someone back at level one where you once were, or even your level one Self coming to you and just fretting, right, just talking out loud about what they're struggling with. Try and notice what is the biggest difference between your thoughts at level one. And at level 10. We all don't want to focus on the results. Yes, you get better results at level 10. More wins, bigger wins. But results are just the symptoms of what you're doing and what you're focusing on in your brain. Now the most problematic difference between level one and level 10 is the amount of time we spend thinking small, thinking about the things that are right in front of us instead of what we're trying to create stressing over something that is just a part of the process. But we're making it mean something about us or about our business. In general. It's the amount of time we spend overthinking over analyzing hesitating, worrying, undermining instead of just doing. Back when I was a fitness coach, my coach bought me a sweater that said in big literary letters to obsess to be stressed. We were hella cute. At the time. It was about my the obsession that I had we had with our fitness goals, right? It was about surrendering to the process going all in and stopping stressing about if when and why I can't commit to my fitness goals, basically was another way of saying what Nike so eloquently says, Just do it. Stop lying in bed thinking about doing it. The sweater got tucked away in the bottom of a drawer and moved a couple of times. And I actually haven't worn it for years until just last week. And I saw it and suddenly the phrase just immediately made me think of my clients and in business. So I'm gonna give you the five steps to getting out of this common time suck of overthinking and I'll give you a bonus one as well. Just for fun. Number one, lose yourself in the consistency the tedium that like every day of doing it. One of my OG mentors, Jack Canfield always said 100% is a breeze. 99% is a bitch. And at first I remembered being like, I don't know, I feel like 80% Sounds nice, nicer than 100% all the time, like what? But I really agree now. And it's not because of the amount of doing the doing is actually the easiest part. Why is 99% Harder than 100? It's because if you aim for 99% You have to think you have to say, What am I going to take my 1% of rest right? If you have you're going to work out six days instead of seven you have to decide is today going to be my rest day or tomorrow. You can always push it off in the amount of mental energy that it takes to think about what you're going to do is actually more channel challenging and difficult and time consuming than just doing it consistently right? Now this will apply to everything that you're doing. But where you can. One strategy is to create all in habits to create things that you're just doing daily. And right 100% can mean Monday through Friday, if that's the type of schedule or habit that you're building, you want to do something within your business during your working hours, that still counts as 100%. Right? Don't be so literal. Like I'm always telling my husband that like, okay, you know what I mean, right? Don't use this tool against you don't be so literal here 100% In so that you just, you know, the boundary, and you don't have to think about it, right. Okay. Now, number two is to create a massive game plan that leaves no room for undermining or overthinking. In my advanced coaching room, the masterful CEO school, we create elaborate monthly plans, there's four mini goals, there's thought plans for each of them feelings, plans, action plans, we work hard, making as many decisions in advance as possible. It's actually everyone always says it's the hardest part of the month. We do it in the last week of the month to set up our next month. And it's when we are required to do the most thinking. But then we set it, we set up our month, we decide our focus, and we put blinders on to the rest. The plan is comprehensive A F, there's so much to focus on there. Even with all of the things we're tabling, there's no room for us to be overthinking and undermining for us to be checking all of the insights and the clicks obsessively for putting too much pressure on one client to be the client that helps you hit your goals, right? We're out there, taking massive action. Right, we're of course, we're helping people, we're impacting people, we're asking how we can show up in service. And then we're continuing to focus on the rest of our plan. And focusing on who you can see, if you're doing that just what's in front of you, instead of shifting to create more eyeballs, when that's a part of your plan, it's going to throw you off, you want to be focused on an extensive plan. Because if you do not have one, if you're just like, okay, sell more this month, what's going to happen is you're going to have a sales call, and then you're going to be so focused in on that you're not clear with what else needs to get done, you're, you're going to let your brain fill up all of your time. And I'm telling you what I'm not saying with a massive gameplan I'm not just saying overwork or hustle. If you're new to this podcast, I believe in scheduling your entire your entirety of your life, not just scheduling, your just your work and your you should be thinking about time as a reflection of your core values, right? So when I'm looking at my calendar, I know that I can take time off because I've planned all of my time off. I've planned and I've decided, you know how many playdates I'm going to be organizing for my kid. And when I do that, and kind of relax into the tedium into the hard work. Because I believe when I look at my plan, if you go back actually, there's an episode that I did, I'm saying is this? Is your plan board rooms certified, I want you to just think about it. Like if you make a plan, and you're wondering, okay, is this is this massive enough or not? I'd be like, Would you feel confident presenting this as a plan to say, hey, boardroom, these are the goals that we're shooting to hit this month. And this is our plan to get there? Would they be like, this is a pretty weak plan, or would they be like, I think, yeah, if you execute on all of this, it makes sense. Like you're attacking it by air landing, see for sure you're gonna get there. Right? And so use that filter to just check in to see, do I have a great, massive gameplan? Or am I leading leaving tons of room for overthinking I watch that level one version of myself used to make every console be such a big deal? Because I would have a console and then I would I would focus in on that person. I would stop. I would wait, I would look, it'd be like do they buy yet? Do they vote? Did they read my email today? Not instead now. I'm like, Oh my gosh, great. Here is the link to buy and then I am onward helping other people delivering other value. I'm executing the other parts. Have my plan. And then that energy really allows you to show people that like, it's not about me, it's not about my goal. I sincerely hope that you do this. And I believe that, you know, my product or service is going to help you out. But I'm also not attached to you buying and I'm not obsessively waiting for you to buy. Because I know that I'm just gonna get out there and make sure everyone that needs to hear about this is hearing about this. Yes. Okay. And number three is to set a test window. So this is your opportunity to put your scientists hat on you guys, experiment, experiment, experiment during this window. And what I mean by a window is decide on a period of time that you are going to be executing this plan. And set one rule, there is absolutely no reevaluating, changing the plan or thinking until after the plan is executed. I like to work in 30 day windows, that's what I recommend for both beginner and advanced levels, I think that it's a good test window for you to break down your goals into for you to give yourself time to like really sink into it. But also to be giving yourself milestones to celebrate, to reflect, to decide whether this is something you want to continue with the next month, etcetera. But depending on what you're testing, create that deadline for the action, create the timeframe where you are going to test, like I would say, right in Big Hero Six, there's another scene where I don't know why this movie is just on the brain. It's so relevant, maybe because they're scientists, and that's the way I think about approaching business. But like he creates this little robotic nurse, like puff ball thing. He's so cute. And there's a scene where he's like, experiment number 438. And you see this amazing thing that he's created in this robotics lab. And you just think, Oh, this guy's so smart. He just had this idea and you just came up with it, then you see the work and you're like, oh my god, the audacity that this guy had to believe that this was going to work when he was hundreds of experiments in and it still wasn't working. Why? Because he had set a test window for himself. That's how scientists work. We say, Okay, I'm going to give myself this full year sometimes to experiment on one thing, sometimes three, or sometimes four years, we're going to experiment, we're going to test we're going to run test groups, focus groups, we're gonna research, we're going to do the data, we're going to do it four times, and then we're going to see what we have, and then we're going to present it right, it is massive game plan. So decide the test window, and then during that time, be in it to collect the failures. Okay. Number four, come on you guys, you know, we're not gonna get away from scheduling scheduling is always a part of my plan, a part of my strategy for you. And for those of you who have dug your feet in that scheduling has never worked for you, I empathize, because truthfully, scheduling didn't work for me until it did. Right. That's kind of how things always work. That's why I did decide finally to host a rewire your time boot camp. If you have not heard about this on October 23rd. To the 27th. We're having an intensive mini time boot camp where I'm going to be teaching you the scheduling strategies. This is going to literally change the way you think about time. So sign up ASAP, the link is in my Instagram bio at Jess McKinley bueno. Or you can check it out in the show notes. But I want to do that because I want you guys to bring me all of the drama about scheduling. Let's get specific with me, because I'm going to myth bust your obstacles one by one, and we're going to combat them with time management strategies. Because scheduling one of the main reasons why you schedule especially in this example of overthinking is so that you don't have to think when you've scheduled your day in advance. Even when something comes came up like today, you guys. My son's school called me at 1245 And I'm like, Why are they calling me? Like hello. They're like everything's okay. Your son just didn't like his lunch. So he's wondering if you can bring him a different lunch. As unsexy guys. I was like, What? No, why are you calling me? No. And so anyway, the whole point though, is that there are interruptions sometimes in our day that we decide to prioritize or reprioritize it's not a problem. You can still schedule we just get to Do not have to think that that oh my gosh, this is ruining my whole day. This is throwing it off. This wasn't planned. I just look at my schedule, I think, do I have 10 minutes to bring my son's something? Is

that something I want to do? What would change about my schedule right now? I look at it. I see the Tetris piece, I either flip it or leave it the same. That's it. It's like just, it's so much more painless and less thinking which saves you time. Okay. So number five, is shock therapy, your brain with belief brainwashing? Ooh, that was kind of a tongue twister. But belief brainwashing. Okay. So inside of the test window, the only thinking aloud is your thought and feeling plan. Now, obviously, you guys, I'm not saying like, you can't think about anything else. What I'm saying is, if you're in the process of working towards a goal, which in entrepreneurship, we usually are, we're working towards something, we're we're testing something out, we're doing something that we're not really sure the results we're going to create from it. That's the magic of what we're doing. When you're inside that type of a test window. You want to decide what you are going to be thinking, yup, we decide in advance, even not just our action plan, but what thoughts to focus on. Some people rewrite these thoughts daily, some people voice memo, their beliefs are required to show up to the plan and listen to a daily I'm actually just trying that this month, because one of my clients said she did that. And I was like, Oh, interesting. I'm going to try it. And I like it so far. So I'm just get coaching and redirect when they noticed their brain, bombarding them with limiting beliefs, worries are an useful thoughts. Whatever it is, I think that it's really important for you to be aware of what thoughts are going to help you show up to that plan. Because the human nature is to be distracted by life, to be thrown off to compare and despair every once in a while to see, oh my gosh, it's World Mental Health Day. Maybe I should throw up a post about that. Even though that wasn't a part of my plan, because I didn't know it was World Mental Health Day and be like, Oh, should I should I not? Right? You get to refocus your brain and be like, okay, just really quickly. Is this thought serving me? Is this belief serving me? Do I want to just stop thinking and just take action really quickly? Like, get really neutral with it, look at my schedule, and be like, oh, yeah, cool, I have time to add that in, I'm going to add that in for 10 minutes, and then push this over. But watch out for your brain, practicing beliefs, or like focusing on thoughts that just aren't helpful. I had a call with the splashpad today, and one of the girls was like, at a vendor fair. And she was like, Yeah, you know, like, my thought is no one is really here to buy my type of product. And I was like, well, that's a problem thought that's not going to help you in your action to sell. Right and to sell out. She's not a helpful or useful thought. So no, we're aware of it when you've decided, okay, one of the thoughts I need to be thinking in order to not waste my own time at this vendor fair, is, there's always an opportunity to buy what I'm selling. There's always someone looking for what I'm, I'm selling. That's a useful thought. And then you just redirect, redirect. Now your bonus step is to, of course, marry all of these actions with a focus on the future. Yep, future you is always a part of that strategy on this show. That's why it's called sincerely future you. And I'm going to share a personal example, because I'm right now doing something really hard. So I'm testing something in my personal life with my son, we are both have committed to this new program called Brain Balance where we are trying to strengthen the the hemisphere of our brain that is a little bit weaker than the other than our strong hemisphere of our brain. Right? We all have one. And we're doing it kind of intensely for, for my son and I'm doing alongside him, but it is rigorous work. Listen, I have a plan. It's massive. I know what I'm doing. There's no loopholes. I know, I've decided on the schedule and the routine. I've gotten everyone on board. All of the things that I said in steps one through five Check, check, check, but now I'm in it. And it's hard. And I'm having thoughts and feelings. And I want to bail and I want to just like curl up and I want to avoid it. I just want to watch I like the bachelor golden years. It's just so darling. I want to just do that instead of doing these exercises at night with my son. The thing keeping me in it is future me and future Calvin. We are just so much less impulsive, so much less worked up by little things. I am doing this for his future. Okay, and when you are obsessed, you're too obsessed to be stressed. Right? When you are obsessed with your future self, when you're obsessed with what you know, is eventually going to be there is no undermining. There's no overthinking there's no room for it just because it's not the place where your brain is focused. Repeat after me. I am too obsessed to be stressed. be obsessed with your future self. Love yourself all the way there believing there is no alternative. You're going to be her however long it takes the failures you're collecting. There's no over thinking your way out of them. The only way out is through baby. So follow this episode. Use it to set up your week or your month. And as always, if you want to do this together, if you want to guarantee your results get in one of the following three places. You want this basics, get in the splashpad you want Advanced Business mastery, get inside the masterful CEO school. And if you want time mastery if this episode was your jam, make sure you get in to the rewire your time bootcamp that is coming up October 23 to the 27th. You can find all of them in the link in my Instagram bio. My handle is just McKinley Wayna. That's je s s McKinley, MC k i n le y. Wayne out you y e n o or in the podcast show notes. You can also find them there. So if you love this episode, if you're binging the show, like I know a couple of you guys DM me be like I'm binging the show, I love it. It's my go to show me the love. Go leave a review or share this with a girlfriend. Like right now. Tag me so I know that you're listening because entrepreneurship. It doesn't have to be a solo ship. Let's do this together. I want to support you. I want to serve you. I want to know what you're working on. And I want you to have the most amazing weekend darling CEOs will chat with you next week.

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