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212. What To Do When You're Attracting the Wrong Clients

Sincerely, Future You | The Link Between Body Image and Making Money with Laura Conley

Are you noticing the wrong kind of clients reaching out to you lately? You know, the ones that definitely aren’t the best fit for you or your business. Is it your marketing? Is it you? And, just as important, what can you do if you are attracting these non-best fits but find yourself in need of their business?

The reality is that sometimes, during a transitional period, you can’t afford to turn away the non-best fits. And that’s totally fine in the beginning as you’re working your way up to $100K. But it’s crucial to consider why these clients keep reaching out in the first place, which is why this episode explores how your marketing may be attracting the wrong people.

Tune in to learn the kind of marketing you’ll need to employ to find those dream clients of yours—the ones with the vibes and ambitions to motivate your own business growth. I show you how to handle some of those non-best fits by instituting policies that protect your emotional well-being and why making these changes in your business all starts with your thoughts. You’ll be surprised how often what I'm teaching you this week can transform a bad client into a great one!


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to build a living, breathing avatar of your dream clientele.

  • Ways to identify a bold, hyper-specific niche that you serve.

  • Why your marketing may be attracting non-best fit clients.

  • Why the wrong clients can sometimes be worth working with.

  • What policies you must put in place for non-best fits.

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