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211. 11 Ways to Be Generous as a Business Owner

Sincerely, Future You | The Link Between Body Image and Making Money with Laura Conley

Would you like to give more? Does being generous sound idealistic right now? How much can you actually afford to give? And what’s the secret to feeling generous and fueled after giving, rather than resentful and burnt out?

One of the most fun parts of making more money as business owners is increasing our capacity to give. However, being a generous person isn’t just about giving away money. I like to show up in the energy of generosity every day, but that doesn’t mean I’m on the street corner handing out cash. So, how can you tap into generosity, even if it doesn’t involve money?

Join me this week to learn 11 non-monetary ways to be generous as a business owner, and why the energy of generosity puts more cash in your business than you could ever hustle for. You’ll hear the importance of acknowledging your generosity, the traps of over-giving, and examples of how I like to give in my business. 


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The power of acknowledging your generosity. 

  • How you might be falling into the trap of over-giving.

  • 11 ways you can be generous and give as a business owner.

  • The power of positioning yourself as an expert.

  • How receiving can be generous.

  • Why giving my time away is one of my favorite ways to be generous.

  • How overdelivering always anchors you in the energy of generosity.

  • Examples of how I like to overdeliver in my business.

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