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206. MONEY: 3 Ways to Make EASY Money Today

Updated: Mar 7

We're talking "Easy Money" – making that cash flow with less stress and more fun.

Picture the early business days – the hustle, the burnout. But guess what? Eventually, you'll hit a groove, and making money becomes a breeze. It's like a Peloton ride – those first pedals are tough, but soon it's smooth sailing.

Jess offers 3 tips to get you to your monetary goals FAST!

In a world of hustle, today's word is EASE. Make money effortlessly. Tune in, buckle up, and let's make it rain with some "Easy Money" strategies!

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🌟Catch up with Coach Jess...

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Jessica McKinley Uyeno 0:00

The hard work you put in to build an audience to establish your systems hone your selling and your marketing. Eventually it's going to settle into a rhythm, certain things are going to become easier. Welcome to sincerely future you a podcast that helps ambitious women like you make decisions today with the future you in mind. I am a big proponent of doing hard things. But the opposite of a universal truth is also true, which means that there is value and doing things the easy way too. I'm your host, Jeff McKinley, bueno. And today, we're talking about three ways to make easy money. Let's go. Are you looking at your goal for the end of the year or even just a month, and getting into that hustle and grind energy like this is going to be hard and either avoiding it or best case in that situation? You're just sucking it up and doing it anyway, with a this is just part of the gig attitude? Well, first of all, if this is you cheers because the skill of working hard is mandatory for entrepreneurs, especially if you want to be in it for the long haul never be above the hard work. It's why I am so grateful for my bartending and serving years. But in today's episode, we're going to talk about the three ways to create money with ease that you might be missing, simply because you've just gotten stuck in a cycle of working harder. Rather than working smarter, get ready to finish this episode and have an influx of cash without having to really do much. But first, it's time for a hype sesh this hype sesh is for you. If you are feeling generally foggy and scattered when it comes to your job this quarter. I just got back from Malibu, California and it was incredible. Next week's episode, you're actually going to hear more details about the trip as I'll have a guest who is also with me and we're gonna gush about the benefits of these live in person experiences. But here's what I'll say. Now, if taking a Cashman week, like to Cali is not in the cards for you anytime soon. Although, I mean, 10 out of 10 recommend you set a deadline and make that happen. At some point future you will thank you. But on my flight home, I kept thinking, What was so wildly special about this trip. And there were many things, but a key one was immersion. We were completely 100% immersed. That is how I like to do everything. I learned Spanish so quickly. People ask me all the time you learned Spanish at 21, you were only there for a living in a Spanish speaking country for a total of 14 months and you are fluent. How is that possible? And the truth was, is that I immersed myself, I didn't hang out with people that spoke English. And what I did, I made them practice Spanish with me, right? I got totally, totally immersed. And this experience was just like that. If you're trying to get more clarity and focus and zest for your next 30 days, do a quick audit and see how many places you're looking for wisdom? Where are you putting your attention? Are you reading multiple personal development books for the answers? Are you listening to 10 different podcasts for the answers? Are you always multitasking and taking action with no clear results attached to it? Here's your memo to do three things. If you want total immersion, number one, turn inward First, check in with what feels right for you to create this year, make it measurable and specific as hell. Number two, limit your consumption. We've talked about this about that give and take that balance between consuming and creating. I am only ever learning for one mentor at a time. And when I see people doing more than that I can usually see that their business is fractured and plateaued as a result. Too many cooks in the kitchen makes for a disjointed menu. You are the head chef, your mentor is your sous chef. Anything else? It's a distraction heard. Yeah, Chef, right. I just imagine you guys are like Yes, Chef. That's my dream. Actually, I don't want to be a chef. I just want people to say Yes, Chef. Number three. Once you've set your goal, decide on your offer, edited down your consumption. Once you've done those things. It's time to put your head down. Immerse yourself however, you can't put everything else on your to be scheduled list for q2. Or if you're listening to this in the future for the next quarter. Get yourself in a space with minimal distractions. Stop following people in your industry. Maybe be in your zone of genius. stoke that fire baby because your mission is important and the answers to how you're going to do it. They're not outside of you. Intensity is best paired with consistency. So put your head down and your tits up that scope. Now let's dive into the topic, easy money. I just think immediately of like three songs flood to my mind about ease and easy that could send him honing. In the beginning of our business, we're churning and burning, I'm imagining those montage scenes where you're doubled over and exhaustion from putting in the reps. I actually just watched the movie hustle with Adam Sandler and absolutely love a season like that, right, where we're grinding. But eventually, those reps, they're gonna put you into a new you, you become your future self. Unfortunately, this process can be so gradual sometimes that we get to a more advanced stage, we become that future self. And it's not like an aha moment, we just are there and we're still focused on the future. But you'll begin to build momentum. And I'll give you an example, if you're a peloton, owner, I personally am not. But for the analogy, analogy, it works, you know that the first couple of steps on a bike have greater resistance. But eventually it takes less effort to move the pedals, if you're doing it right business is the same way, the hard work you put in to build an audience to establish your systems hone your selling and your marketing, eventually, it's going to settle into a rhythm, certain things are going to become easier. But and this is what this episode is about. If you're in the habit of hard work, you might completely miss out on the opportunities to dip into the flow of cash that you've pulled around you and simply haven't picked up. I love this episode for you. You're reading number one, make it easy for people to buy. Ideally, without speaking to you. This might seem obvious to some of you. But even if you already have a Buy Now button, there are always ways to make it even easier. So step one, if you don't have this, create a buy now option. I had a client the other day that was talking about how she just wished she could she wanted to create more passive income. And I'm like, what does that look like to you, she's like, I would like to go to sleep and wake up and have someone purchased. And I was like, that's so funny, because I am on your website right now. And all I see is a button to have a concert with you. I don't see any buttons where they can purchase without actually speaking to you. And she was like, Well, I want to talk to my clients beforehand. And I'm like, what's happening? Do you see that

you can talk to your clients beforehand. But we want to make sure that if there are people that want that easy in that want to be able to buy, they're just ready, you're making that possible for them. You don't even need a website to do this, you can do this with a link tree, or a campsite. Those are all landing pages that you can use from your Instagram. Or you can create a landing page that links to your social media. This is early stage stuff. And if you don't know how to do that, I'm not going to go into it on this episode, you're just gonna have to get into my business 101 course in community the splash pad, you can get there by going to sincerely future And you can join right from there. And you'll probably make your investment in the first week. If you are one of these people that's like oh my God, I need a by now but there is no advanced stage you'll reach where you're ready to put this button up. Even if you're a service business and you want to speak to your clients before they pay you like I was mentioning with my one client, you should still have this. So that masterful CEO realize that last week because someone she had had a consult with reached back out saying hey, I'm ready to sign up, I didn't see a place to do so on your website. Da easy money, my darlings. And if you already have this on your site, here is the level up for you. Why not bring the link to buy even closer to them? hyperlink in an email is an obvious way or add a ton of value as I know you do. And then link to buy directly in your Instagram Stories. Or in a tick tock live. Do you have a high conversion rate after people listen to that one podcast episode of yours? But you're struggling to bring new people to your podcast. Don't just post about your podcast telling them to look it up. Remember that is hard for people. People want everything to be convenient and easy. You can actually tell them you can post about your podcast episode telling them what they get and the results people get from this episode telling them to comment pod and you'll DM them the link to listen to that episode to get the value. Right you can do any number of creative things if you are finding that there is one place that you're struggling to bring your clients from point A to point B number two repeat clients. When I think easy money, I think about nurturing the people that already love what I've got going on do not sleep on past or present clients. Like I said, these people already they love what you've got here are some stats to prove it returning loyal customers spend an average of 33% more per order as compared to others, according to my 91% of customers are more likely to purchase from brands that provide them with meaningful and relevant offers. Forbes, businesses have a 60 to 70% chance of selling to an existing customer, while a new prospect is just five to 20% chance that is Forbes again, quoting the book marketing metrics. And then 84% of companies that work to improve customer experience, and just working and focusing on the delivery of their offers. In this space, they already have noticed an uplift in revenue. Are you continuing to increase the value or remind your current clients of how much they loved what you've got? I said this, I think on a previous episode, but I was recently in a progress meeting with my son's doctor, and I was in it honestly, like I was in the daily life and the daily struggles and the daily 5050 of experiencing parenting. And I hadn't really taken a moment to sit down to celebrate what was working and the progress we had made, until she brought me into a meeting and just asked me the high quality questions. And this is kind of what I'm talking about. It can be really easy, you can simply have a check in moment, a check in point with your current clients or your current customers to ask them to think consciously about the results that they have gotten or the experience that they have had. That was magical for them. We think of when people give testimonials to us as that being an experience that's about us. But oftentimes, if you're phrasing the testimonial questions properly, it should be bringing out all of the amazing things that your clients have experienced. It should be a positive experience for that, whether it is creating an offer that grows with your clients, if you have a service business, which is a hard way to do it, or simply reminding them of how their friends and family would love what they've already loved as a gift. If you're a product business. That part's easy. Don't forget to speak to your loyalists. First, they deserve to feel first, okay, so treat them that way. One of the best ways to tap into easy money with your repeat clients is to connect with past clients who have fallen out of touch. Whether it's through email or phone or direct message. This is easy because you've already worked to build know like and trust. One of my clients who has a brick and mortar printed out her list of clients who hadn't been in for a service at her space for over 60 days. And then she had her receptionist call them to see if they wanted to book an appointment 20 appointments booked that day, you guys if you are having a lag and you are only focusing on bringing in new clients, you are missing out on some real easy flow money to you and what we know about what happens to you as a business owner when you start to tap into that flow and have more people coming into your rooms even if it's a repeat client is you start to feel inspired again you start to feel the flow your marketing begins to reflect it you begin to create momentum you can share that people are joining you can share that people are buying you can share your engagements in their experience with them and get more testimonials and that is how you begin to get the energy to go after those newer clients right. So number two easy money is do not forget about your loyal lists your number ones do not forget to take a note from that past self and say like, oh, who are these people that that loved me and have loved me and have loved the experience of working together. Before we get to number three, I want to make sure you know that the masterful CEO school March class deadline is coming up on March 13. We only enroll this six month advanced coaching room two times a year so let's give you the good on what it's all about. So you can make sure to join now, if it's for you. You do not want to be sitting for six months. Trust me I've had this exposure is watching other people get the results that you came for, I think of that line. And When Harry Met Sally, she's like, do you want to be walking around knowing that someone else is married to your husband a bit dramatic, but that is how it is. This room is for women who want to increase their profits, and also get better at shutting their computer at 5pm. It's for women, business owners who want to go to the lake with their family for a whole week, and then have the cash continue to roll in in their absence without them having to be so tapped into everything that's going on. It's for women who want to master their time and their money, who want to make decisions quicker and feel calm, knowing that if it wasn't the right call, they can simply make a new decision. And most importantly, they don't want to do entrepreneurship alone. I certainly don't we want a close knit group of 15 women from different industries who inspire us to do it big this room will sell out it does. And the question is, will you be one of them go to sincerely future To enroll or book a consult today.

Number three, do more of what's already working. Okay, so most of this episode is not fancy advice. I admit, it may even fall under common sense. But you know, the thing about common sense, it's not always common practice. Sometimes we just get so focused on the new thing that we're doing that we forget to keep doing the thing that already works. Another one of my masterful CEO school clients has a business with several branches of it. And part of the work we're doing together is to help her grow one of her newer offers. And in the meantime, she's actually also changing some of the things about the funnel into her main offer. Of course, those two things has created a bit of a temporary dip in revenue when you make some changes. Usually there may be a bit of attrition, and she had lots of drama about it as we do when we're not prompted to think in math. When we looked at the math in January, she decided to shift her focus back to the offer that was already a well oiled machine, her first branch of her business, and also her easiest to deliver, she almost completely forgot about it, and about how easy it would be to pour into and build up this branch because she hires out 100% of the work. She doesn't even think about it. It is almost on autopilot. And yesterday she posted in our private group in masterful CEO school, just a happy little rent after the new year. One of my new mini goals was to get that offer up to 2k per week. passively, it had leveled out to about 800 to $1,200 a week. And after four weeks of just a little extra unpaid I might add advertising this week in Facebook groups we made $1,864 This week, probably the most it's brought in since its inception because I never truly gave it this type of TLC. I'm a big fan of doing hard things, but not just for the sake of it. If you've been at this for a while, it's probably time you start making some of your money easy. So let's recap. Number one, sometimes, all people need is an easy button. Make sure your clients have one. Number two, you already have people who love you, they simply need to be reminded to buy and number three, take a page from past you for once. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And if it's pretty damn great, pour some lighter fuel on that baby. Today's word for you is ease. Remember, people love to pay you that let's make the whole experience of receiving it simpler and easier. That is what I call a luxury experience. Have a beautiful weekend. Connect with me over on Instagram at Jess McKinley bueno. That's je s s MCKINLEYUIENO. Or leave us a review and let us know how you're taking this work and turning it into results. I can't leave without shouting out the review of the week from balancing badger. She says justice so awesome. She walks the walk which is why she's able to talk in a way that's worth listening to. I've been following her for years and I keep coming back because she is living proof of her work. She's an inspiration and a great no nonsense coach who's able to hold space for your humanity while helping you find elevated energy. Her podcast is great and so are her programs highly recommend. Oh, I love you balancing badger I am so grateful for those of you who spend time I'm here in the podcast and get results here but the person who wrote this review actually knows firsthand what it's like to take that leap from the podcast into putting your money where your mouth is investing in yourself in a way that says, I believe I'm gonna get the results that I came for. And she is doing just that. So thank you for leaving that interview here.

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