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135. The Importance of Making “Guarantees” and “Promises” for Your Clients

Updated: Mar 7

Sincerely, Future You - Life Coach Jessica McKinley Uyeno

Have you ever had a client that wasn't a good fit? Instead of parting ways with an unhappy and frustrated customer, offer a money back guarantee. In this episode of Sincerely, Future You, you're coached on the importance of money back guarantees, the limiting beliefs you might have, and how to move through them.

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Jessica McKinley 0:00

If you're thinking about an objection to putting a money back guarantee is like, well, sometimes someone buys from me and they're just like, really, they weren't a good fit. That is absolutely a good reason to have a money back guarantee because you don't want people coming and being dissatisfied because they weren't a good fit.

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Welcome to Sincerely, Future You, a podcast that helps ambitious women like you make decisions today with the future you in mind. Okay, guys, I just made the decision that I want to spend the next year doubling down on value for you, which is why I decided to do a 12 Month webinar series on the mistakes I see entrepreneurs making as they're scaling their business with time and with money. So I put up a poll on my Instagram. And the very first topic that you guys said you want to hear is our first webinar, which is going to be on October 21, at 12:30pm. Eastern Standard Time, and it is on creating big results without feeling busy. In this webinar, I am going to teach you some time management simple time management tools, as well as warn you about the mistakes the top mistakes I see entrepreneurs making as they're scaling their business. We're going to talk about when to focus on the tools of time management and when to simply change what the way you are thinking about it. It is going to be packed full of brand new content that I have never taught before. So if you're listening and you're a current client, you're going to want to make sure that you're signed up for this webinar, as well as if you've never been coached by me before. I am so excited about everything that I'm going to bring to you and it is completely free. So make sure you are signed up for this webinar. Even if you can't make that specific time sign up anyway because all registrants are going to receive a replay. This has value that you do not want to miss. You can register for the webinar. And the link in my Instagram bio. My Instagram is what's happening w jess As well as I will have it in the show notes. The form for you to sign up takes two seconds, you just put in your name and your email, and you will get all the details for October 21. At 12:30pm.

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Let's go. Hi, Happsters happening sessions Round two is underway. I feel like I've been talking about September class of happening sessions for so long that I feel like it's almost over and it just began. Do you guys ever do that live in the future so much that you feel like the future is over and it hasn't even begun.

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That is one of the one of the evolutions of being so connected with your future self. But yes, I already feel things clicking quicker in this round than ever before. This is what should happen. As you're scaling your business. As you grow, the results of your clients should be compounding. I see people being confused about this and thinking, as the rooms grow or as you get more clients, it's more difficult to deliver a high quality result. That shouldn't be happening if you do have laid the foundations of your foundational beliefs in your company and your offer and also done the back end work of the math and the processes and the policies and making it really clean. Scaling shouldn't grow your problems, it should compound the results of your clients. And the returning members have happening. Sessions are now asking higher quality questions. They're getting more advanced coaching. And that's laying the groundwork for new members to learn even quicker. We're refining the way that we're using the tools in there, and it's only just gonna get better and better. And I'm so excited. The March class is going to be enrolling in a month. And I want you to be prepared for the room. So here's what you want, what you need to know. I feel like sometimes people ask me, oh, yeah, so what exactly are the details of Happyning sessions? And I'm kind of like, you don't know. I just feel like I talked about it so much. But I understand that you guys don't listen to every single episode. You don't see every single post that I put out there. So here it is laid out for you the cliffnotes of what you need to know. Happyning sessions is a six month coaching room. It's for women business owners who want to become more masterful CEOs. We clean up your money so that your numbers are concrete and then your decisions in your business become obvious. We clean up your time so that when you're at work You're producing results. And when you're at home, you're truly unplugged. And then most of all, we teach you how to make all of your decisions from your CEO brain, with your scientists hat on, I say, and instead of your drama brain. It is $1,000 a month, or 5k. If you pay in full for this six month immersion coaching experience, where we weekly meet and coach up your brain so that you can get back to delivering to your clients and leveling up your business, this room is going to change your life. And that's why I stamp it with a money frigging back guarantee. Either you get results, or I give you your money back period, instead of wasting time wondering if or when you're going to be ready for this room. Here is what I want to offer you get to work right now, you have a number of weeks over a month to get to work to make sure that you are ready November 9 through the 13th, which is when we're enrolling commit now today to being one of those 15 people that levels up next round in starting in March, start by making sure that you are on the waitlist. So go to www dot whats happyning dot com That's w h a t s h a p p y n i n g dot com forward slash working together. And now that you know all the deets about happening sessions, and you're already committed, and you're going to be in the room, let's relax a little bit and start talking about the value today, which is about making guarantees for your clients in your business. So what is a guarantee? There are a couple of different ways that you can put a guarantee on your product or service. The most common way is a money back guarantee. So a money back guarantee is pretty straightforward. It is you can buy the product or buy the service or program. And if you don't like it, you can get your money back. There are so many different ways to deliver a money back guarantee you can be no questions asked where they can just buy it. And then if they change their mind an hour later or six months later, they just get their money back. I don't recommend those because it allows people to make decisions from their drama, it enables people to make decisions about whether they should or should commit based on their emotional scarcity, maybe about money or about time or about themselves. And I like to do a different kind of guarantee, which is a success and a result guarantee, which is what I offer. And what I recommend. This means that it's not a buyer's remorse guarantee. And it doesn't enable that behavior of making a commitment or deciding to sign up for a an event or a program or a process. And then kind of getting in scarcity, about money and just changing your mind. I put more responsibility on the client for their own benefit, so that they can go through and process through the emotional discomfort that comes up naturally, when you invest in yourself. Because in order to invest in yourself, you need to believe that it is possible for you to get results for you to be satisfied if you have a product, right. And you need to believe that you are going to get the result or the satisfaction that you're looking for. And if there's a lot of reasons why someone might not be very comfortable or confident that they're going to get the results that have nothing to do with you. And a money back guarantee or a success guarantee in this case can help be the thing that will put your client over the edge, get them out of their own way to hire you or buy your product and see that there was nothing to be worried about in the first place. So let's talk about why you wouldn't make a guarantee or promise. In my mind. There's only three reasons why you wouldn't stamp your product or your service with a money back guarantee. Number one is that you don't fully believe in your offer. I see this a lot you know people are out there selling something but maybe they're in the the beginnings of their business and they don't yet have testimonials or or they have some people that are getting results in loving it. But then of course, they have some people that aren't. And they're making that mean something about their offer, that it's not yet good enough, or they see other people out there. It competitors in the industry doing something different. And they have a lot of thoughts about their offer that's creating doubt within themselves and they're trying to sell from that place. A lot of people tell me that they don't want to put a guarantee on their product, because there are some people that haven't gotten the results that they want, or there are some people that have been dissatisfied. What I want to offer you here is imagine that Amazon felt like that, or your favorite restaurant, there's always going to be someone out there who doesn't love your absolute number one favorite place to shop. Like if you go to I'm trying to think 2 Spring is my favorite restaurant. It I got married there. And it's an Oyster Bay, the shout out to 2 spring I'm not affiliated with them at all. In Oyster Bay, Long Island. And this restaurant, Timmy can do no wrong. They're so amazing. But if you go on Yelp, it doesn't have 100%, five star reviews, there are people that have bones to pick with this restaurant. And I'm like, Are these people crazy? Imagine that they stopped believing in their offer and their menu and the way that they ran their business that I absolutely love, because of those clients who came or those customers who came and didn't have the five star experience in their brain. Right? So I have to watch out if you are trying to sell from a place where you don't 100% believe in your offer. Belief in your offer does not depend on what other people are saying about your offer. As you scale there are going to be it's a numbers game, there are going to be more and more people that are going to have thoughts that you should change something about what you're offering. That's okay, you get to reinforce and decide, oh, those aren't my best clients, you can obviously decide to incorporate and to tweak things, but from the place that I'm always making my offer better. But it's still amazing right now. So check in with yourself right now is one of the reasons why I'm saying I haven't put a money back guarantee or success guarantee on my program or my product, because I don't fully believe in my offer. Number two reason why people tell me they wouldn't put a guarantee is that they don't believe in their in themselves or their abilities. So they just have thoughts that like I'm not good enough yet, or I'm not well known enough? Or sometimes I can you know that there are people out there that are better than me. And what if they just doubt themselves, and their ability to deliver 100% results. So this is where you just get to practice amazing thoughts about yourself, because our thoughts greater results. And if you want to be the mega superstar superstar in your industry that your future self is begging you to get on board and come meet her at, then you have to start thinking about yourself in that way. Now. That is what is going to create those results. So your homework here is to just go and practice those thoughts about yourself. And number three, is you don't believe in your clients or your customers. So let's talk about that. We're gonna we're gonna kind of go in depth into it of whether you have a service based product, what that looks like, and service base offer or a product based offer what that looks like to not believe in our clients. But that is the third one. So like I said, your thoughts, create your results. And if you don't believe that you can promise your results, you're not going to be able to consistently create them. I'm going to repeat that because it's so important. Because of the fact that your thoughts create your results. You may be going out there and trying to look for evidence with your brain that you can't put a money back guarantee on it yet, because the evidence in your result line is that not everybody is getting the results or has the satisfaction that you want. Well, I'm here to tell you that part of that result has been created by you Your belief that you can't get them that result or ever, you can't get everyone that result yet. So your job here is to practice all three components of that belief triad, right? This is standard selling the belief triad belief in yourself, belief in your client and belief in your offer. And when you do believe in all three of those things, the results that your clients get only increase. Okay? So, if you sell a product, why wouldn't you have a guarantee on its quality? How likely are you as a consumer out there? To buy something? How likely are you to buy something, especially online, if you aren't sure of the quality? If I'm not sure of a quality, I go out and I search for for reviews to bolster my belief. But that kind of research takes time. And it takes effort. And if you're a new business, that still gathering your reviews, you might be using that as a another reason why you don't get the business that you want. And you're like, people aren't sure people aren't easy? Well, yeah, because they don't yet have the belief. Because you don't have the belief. You can offer your clients belief and confidence in your product and service by offering them a money back guarantee, this can be your edge. If you believe in the quality of your product, why wouldn't you offer a money back guarantee on it. Now, like you said, as well, it doesn't have to, you want to do this in a smart way where the math adds up, if you have a product and you're shipping it to them, maybe the money back guarantee is for the product, but not for the shipping, you want to make it so that in offering this you're not losing money, but that you are taking away any ones last last standing objections to trying it out. Because when you really believe in a product or service, all you need is for someone to buy from you, in order for them to get the awareness of how amazing your product or services. So obvious to me that we need to all be putting money back guarantees and our success guarantees on our product. And let's talk about if you're a service provider. So service providers oftentimes have a two way working relationship. And this is where that third part of the belief triad comes in about belief in your client. So in the case of coaching, business, or training, or educating, or collaborative designing, like if you are a, you know, a interior designer, and your client needs to, you know, sign off on things or provide you with the vision, and they need to communicate back and forth by deadlines in order for you to deliver what you want. Some people will tell me that this is a reason they don't like to put money back guarantees on it, because they don't believe that their client is going to uphold their end of the bargain, right. And I can relate because I used to have these thoughts about my clients. The model applies for your clients, too. So their thoughts create their results, and you want them to begin your working relationship in full belief that they're gonna get the result that they came for. My favorite way to help my clients is to offer them this belief to just hand it to them on a silver platter, before they even begin by guaranteeing them results. When my clients come in, and they don't spend any other time thinking about, Oh, I wonder if this was the right decision. I wonder if I'm gonna get my money's worth, I really need to make sure that I end there, especially for those types of clients that have a tendency to like, second guessed things and question themselves. You can't really control if your client is doing that. Unless you just take it off the table. And you're like, It's okay. Let's reassess at the end go through the program or the experience of the product. And if you're really not satisfied, there's there's no downside to trying this out. Right. And so when you offer that belief of like, of course, you're gonna get results. Your clients, or my clients definitely come in and I say, There's no way that you end the six months and you do not have more calm, have more, have a more in depth, intimate relationship with your money, have more time because of your decisions that you're making. And the lack of second guessing and all of the things that contribute to time sucks, which we talk about daily and weekly in, in happening sessions, when they don't have those thoughts, all they have time to think about is the product is the experience, they come and they can fully be present to the experience that you want them to have. This is the magic of a money back guarantee.

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Now, another thing I like to think about is what possible things could be holding my ideal client back, I say, ideal client, because of course, we're not talking about people who wouldn't ever buy for you, from you, if you were thinking about an objection to putting a money back guarantee is like, well, sometimes someone buys from me and they're just like, really, they weren't a good fit. That is absolutely a good reason to have a money back guarantee, because you don't want people coming. And being dissatisfied, because they weren't a good fit. That is just good business a whole around for you to not, I don't want people coming into my program and being a week into my program and be like, Oh, I thought this was something different. And I really just I don't want I didn't want this experience at all, they were just confused. And, and then being stuck in it. It's just not a good relationship for anyone. So you want to make sure that you're avoiding that. But when you're thinking about your ideal client, what would be holding them back from hiring or buying for you? Seriously, take a second and ask like, what could they be thinking. And I like to ask myself through the lens of the three categories of the basic selling that we talked about earlier, which is, do they have a lack of belief in themselves. So before when I was a fitness coach, oftentimes, the biggest hurdle for my clients to buy wasn't that they didn't believe in me, or that they didn't believe in the product or my challenge groups that that I was running, it was that they didn't believe that they could lose the weight, they didn't believe that they could stick with it. And so I am aware of that. And I'm always trying to combat that. And one way to help people get themselves in the room and not fail in advance by taking themselves out of the running is to have a money back guarantee. So they don't have to believe in themselves in order to give it a try. If they're not worried about losing money, because they're gonna mess it up, right. And then you can address and help them overcome that belief once they're in your program, or once they've purchased your product. And then belief in your offer. So if they're not sure if they're new to you, and they're just like, Oh, I'm not really sure if this is gonna be the right fit for me or, for me, I'm a coach. So some people have never experienced coaching before, they don't really even know what to expect, if they're a little bit confused. A confused brain is always a no. And so you want the reason it's a no is because they want to make sure that it's going to be a good and sound investment for them. So you want to just give them all the reason in the world to be like, it's not a problem, if it's not a good sound investment. If it turns out not to be that at the end of this, you can get your money back. And then finally, their belief in you if they're just not familiar with you and your work, and they're like, oh, this, this program, this product sounds interesting, but I don't know if this brand is reputable, or this business is like I've just never heard of them. Or if you personality wise, you're going to be a good fit. If it's a service business. You can again, take that off the table with a money back guarantee. And I do want to add the caveat of make sure your promise is legit. Like make sure that you do believe in it and that you are getting people results are that you do have a quality product. If that is the problem solve for that first, but don't use, you know, a small margin of people who aren't your best clients and their feedback as the reason why you were doubting your your program beyond yourself if you tend to be hypercritical and or look for evidence that you're not good enough. That's not what we're talking about. We're talking about, Okay, are there some legitimate things that we need to fix? And then but even if someone does ask for money back, you'll still have delivered tons of amazing results or products in the process of taking this objection off the table. Because let's say to 10 People are coming and you're making 10 offers. And they all say yes. And they wouldn't have said yes, if, if they didn't have the medic money back guarantee, then even if one or two of them, ask for their money back, that is eight more clients that you have delivered to and served. Because you were willing to go through the experience of having those one or two other people that might not be a good fit. So watch out if your brain is trying to protect you from experiencing any failure, as I talked about on the show all the time, your failure collection is an absolutely necessary part of your journey towards scaling and success. And so you'll have improved your products and services also in the process of delivering to those other customers who did enjoy and we're glad that they took a chance on you because there was nothing really at risk for them. So finally, I asked you again, why wouldn't you offer a promise or a guarantee? Do you have a reason? Why not? Please send it to me DM me on Instagram at whats happyning w jess. Let's solve it together, your business is ready for the next level. And this is only going to elevate your belief it's going to elevate your delivery, your the quality of your product or service and the results that your clients get. What are you waiting for? If after listening to this episode, you decide to put a money back guarantee on your program or on your product. Please share this in your Instagram and your stories. DM me or post and tag me. I want to connect with you. I want to shout you out. I want to commend you for being bold and being brave and contributing to your industry that want needs more honest and quality products and services out there. It is so important. Okay, if you loved this podcast, if it helped you at all, leave a review. Please. I don't ask for this often. And I sometimes I forget. But it is so important. It helps other people find this podcast and I think that this what we're talking about here is so so important. It's the little minutia that slows people down from getting back out there and delivering the beautiful product or service that they have to offer the world and we can't have that guys, right. So leave a review. Tell me what you've learned in today's episode. And don't forget to share it with your business besties so that they too can be a masterful CEO. Share it with someone who you think would love this episode, share it on your stories that you're listening and again, tag me at what's happening w jess so that I can connect with you. Have the most gorgeous weekend. It is my favorite season fall, and I will see you next week.

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Hey Happysters, if you want to learn more about today's topic, head over to what's forward slash podcast. That's what's happening. W h a t s h a p p y n i n g dot com forward slash podcasts. If you're a business owner and you're resonating with what we talked about here, what are you even doing? Come hang out with me over where the party's at on Instagram at what's happyning w jess. Again that's happy. H a p p y i n g and book a discovery call to see if coaching is your next best step.

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