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105. The Intersection of Branding & Thought Management with Emily Fitzgibbon

Updated: Mar 7

In this episode of the Sincerely, Future You Podcast, Coach Jess sits down with Emily Fitzgibbon to break down how mindset plays in your branding in the digital space. Branding is what you and your clients feel about your presence on the internet or in person. If you’re having difficulty pinpointing that feeling, that may already be a signal for something. Today, Emily explains the areas of branding that you should care and not care about and the points wherein branding and thought management intersect.

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In this episode you will learn:

  1. Mindset affects your branding

  2. Serving your client is not always pleasing them

  3. Chances are your business pain points are your client’s pain points too

  4. Branding yourself is an experiment

  5. When to work with a mindset coach

About Emily Fitzgibbon: Emily Fitzgibbon is a founder, creative junky, wine enthusiast, and a small-town girl with big-town dreams. She is the founder of Emily R. Fitzgibbon, LLC— a brand, web, and social design agency for the creative entrepreneur located in New York. Connect with Emily Fitzgibbon on: Website: LinkedIn: Catch up with Coach Jess and Sincerely, Future You on: Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: YouTube: Get business and life coaching by Coach Jess through: Book your FREE Mini Session now:

Full Transcript:

do i want this result what do i think the best most efficient and effective way to this result is and does the math make sense and for me when i think about an investment i'm not just thinking about money going out i'm thinking about what else is coming in and it's not just thoughts right it's everything it's the thoughts the feelings the actions the results welcome to sincerely future you a podcast for female entrepreneurs looking to scale their business by mastering their time money and drama i'm your host jessica mckinley founder of what's happening coaching a life coaching program that helps ambitious women like you make decisions today with the future you in mind

you guys we have an extra special treat today it's so funny because i always have a conversation before the conversation that you guys hear and sometimes i just get carried away if i have a guest on the show that happens to also be a friend of mine and we were talking about how i am ahead so far ahead in podcast by the time you guys are listening to this i don't even know what the weather is going to be like out but i'm manifesting that it is going to be a gorgeous day today it's a gorgeous what a beautiful day and a happy birthday emily today as we're listening to this today we have on the show my client and friend and peer also i am a client of hers we do a lot of of really good investing in each other's businesses because we understand how valuable each of our services are so emily fitzgibbon i'm sure you if you've been listening to the podcast for a while have heard this name because she has been the hapster of the week before she is a branding web and social media designer and she is really the expert that i go to when i want to know first of all how to do anything in flo desk she's a genius over there uh but secondarily she just understands branding on a level that i think most branding people takes them ten plus years to really understand the psychology behind it and i think part of it could be because of the work that she does on her mind and understanding branding from both angles so today i want to introduce you to her officially and also let her explain to you and we're going to just be chatting today about really the benefits of having a strong mindset coupled with your branding and for your business so welcome emily thanks for coming on the show thank you so much for having me i'm so excited this has been a long time coming multiple reschedules on our part but i'm happy that it's finally here and it's here such an important topic and it's your birthday it is my birthday 25 oh my gosh it's crazy 25 i i swear every time you say your age i feel like you're getting younger instead of older i just i'm always shocked by it because you have such poise and also you're an expert in your field we should talk about how do you feel 25 it's funny i feel older but i also feel like i have all the time in the world so it's multiple multiple thoughts about it because i look at a lot of people within my industry and they have birthdays come and they'll say oh 34 35 and i say to myself yes i am 10 more years you're killing me do you know how old i was last week when people are listening to this or two weeks ago 34 oh my goodness you're killing me killing me but uh yeah i i feel also that i have all the time in the world it's just a thought we get to think it no matter what age we are right and so let's talk about it before we dive into really we could talk about the psychology behind that and what it does to your branding if you want to have a youthful brand how it has nothing to actually do with the circumstances but before we do let's talk a little bit about tell us about your business about what you do and about where you were at before you kind of became a client what your business is sure so i am a brand web and social designer this month also i have been in business for two years which is so exciting uh prior to this i was a general manager of a restaurant and covid pushed my business into what it is today so i work with a lot of small creative entrepreneurs who either have service-based or product-based businesses and i like to say that i help creative entrepreneurs show up in a digital space confidently so whether that's through branding web design social media management email marketing whatever you need digitally we could help you do and we tie together your branding and we make it come to life on a digital standpoint as you're speaking i'm like oh all the hard stuff yeah you do all the hard stuff i feel like for me it's like i get to do all the easy stuff of my business and then when there's something that i think is hard i go to emily and she i was just doing this last night i was working on a workbook the bonus workbook for the hapsters that are signing up in pre-sale for happening sessions and it's really awesome but it's taking me forever and i swear i'll give it to emily and what takes me five hours to organize in you know and i use canva like a basic program will take her 10 minutes and it's just it's so impressive but i feel the same way about your services because i clearly need a lot of help in the mindset world and they go hand in hand so when i'm sitting here for hours feeling uncreative or stuck or overwhelmed i know that i can hop on my call with you and you pull me back down and you bring me back to a space where i'm focusing on all the things that i am able to do so yeah oh my gosh the mind is just the the crux of it all so i do i do agree but it seems it's just so much more it's just so interesting how our our brains work right i think of it always as there's there's the math of the business and then there's the feelings part of it and for me the feelings part is so comfortable and it's the feelings is more like math right and then when i get to the technology and the okay the executing email marketing you even say that word and my brain is like tired but i uh so let's talk about it so you started you and i started working together when you were not even a year into your business a year into your business yeah even a year i would say so it was about this time last year so i was heading into like official year one and i grew really quickly which is amazing but with that you don't really feel the growing pains and then all of a sudden you say to yourself oh my goodness there's all of these things that i have to do that i have no idea what to do and you're trying to keep up with your client roster you're trying to also do the admin work you're trying to scale i was trying to hire someone and all of it was just a lot so i decided to make the investment because at first i said oh i could do it all myself and then i found myself not doing it and doing a lot of buffering a lot of sitting on the couch watching netflix and dodging emails from clients so i said i think it's time that i start figuring out what's going on in my mind that is bringing up all of these procrastination type actions that i was taking in my business because i knew that if i wanted to succeed and wanted to grow i would have to give some of that up and a lot of that started with changing how i thought about things yeah specifically can you remember like two or three of the biggest things that you wanted to get out of coaching or get done in your business that you weren't getting done i know one that early on you had a lot of drama about that you overcame within spades is uh hiring yes hiring was definitely one of them i now have an employee and it was the best thing but it was scary because not only are you investing in a coach but i was also investing in other education platforms to continue to grow my craft and then on top of that investing in a staff member i had all the thoughts about it so that was one and then another one was scheduling i was doing a really poor job at taking the workload that i had and putting it into a schedule that didn't feel so overwhelming also setting timelines with my clients that were manageable and made sense a lot of the times i was scheduling things out because i wanted my client to feel a certain way about it instead of me feeling a certain way about it so i would say sure i can get this logo done for you in two weeks and then two weeks would go by and the logo still wasn't done i felt not good because i didn't deliver on the timeline that i promised and then the third thing was just managing your personal life and your business at the time that i signed on with you my dad ended up getting pretty sick with his mental health and my thoughts were all over the place which directly impacted how i was showing up for my business so those were i would say the three things that really led me to working with you yeah and when i think about your brand it's so calming i think you have a very calming brand and i think that a lot of us aspire to have a calming brand right we want to welcome people in we want to bring them in we want them to feel like it's a safe space we want them to feel like things are just easy for them their experience from onboarding through delivery is very calm but naturally we're human beings running our business and we know that behind the scenes of the brand it's not always [ __ ] calm like it's sometimes it's 50 50. the experience of our own life is emotional right and so how do we run a business that is emotional and not make the business end of it not make our reasonings our policies personal right and so i know that that was something that you really struggle with and a lot of my listeners right that's what they're here for is how do i make it how do i accept understand and process through the emotions of being a business owner and use them to my advantage without making business personal feeling like i'm making excuses trying to and on the other end of it right people pleasing which also comes from feeling like it's personal oh i don't want them to feel like this is not a good enough timeline right so many of your questions and your thoughts at the beginning of coming to work together was like i don't want my client to feel i don't want my employee to feel i don't want x y and z and as you learned really quickly it's like when you build from someone else's model when you're trying to set up your business based on how someone else even if it's your client who you're trying to serve is going to feel you're actually manipulating them and you're compromising your integrity rather than serving them sometimes serving your client looks like a hard deadline that's not their first choice sometimes serving your client looks like saying no and i think that you've gotten exceptional at it can you talk about policies a little bit and how you've used that to your in your business like really well i think you're one of my best clients in the policies department thank you that is a work that was definitely hard because i think it goes hand in hand with the people pleasing so one of my policies that changed the way that i do business was setting up uh automatic payments for my month this really has given me a change from feeling anxious about when i'm going to receive a payment to feeling calm knowing that it's just going to come out if a client misses a payment there's no more chasing them so with that we walk through the process of setting up a stripe account we set up the automatic payments and for my clients that did not want to have money taken out of their bank account automatically we put a policy in place so they are able to pay their invoice by themselves with taking it out uh they have seven days from when the invoice is sent to them to pay their invoice whether they want to pay with check whether they want to pay with credit card or cash and if it's not in my hands by seven days of when the invoice was sent i then have their credit card information to build them so it's a policy that works for me shout it from the rooftops because i feel like as a recovering people pleaser right your biggest concern was i don't want it to go from black to white like i don't want it to go from oh i'm thinking all about them to oh i'm thinking all about me what my people please or clients tell me is like that feels selfish it feels not in service and what i tell them is like you don't have to go from white to black you can still show up and have a policy that meets them halfway if it's appropriate sometimes we do need to make a drastic change in a policy but in this case right what you said was you don't actually have a problem with people playing with check you have a problem with people paying you late and you having to chase them it was taking a lot of time out of your week out of your month out of your off time out of your brain when you were just like not working you were like oh god i need to call this person i need to have this unpleasant conversation right and that's not why you got into business for yourself was to chase people around for payments so if you're listening to this and you're like oh my gosh emily this is so relatable and you had a lot of thoughts about it we spent a lot of time coaching you like you were still had thoughts and feelings about putting even this policy into place and it works really well for you now but you it's okay for the thought to be there like oh they might not like this what are they gonna think about that we can make room for those thoughts while we put a policy in place because then once the decision is made you don't go back on the decision that's part of making a policy versus saying i really want to change this or i want to be better about this i don't like those phrases because they're they don't have roots they don't mean anything right they don't they're not grounded you're not committed to them they're not a decision and a policy is a decision and you get to honor that and you've done a really good job of it thank you and just with those words i want and i can't and one of the policies that didn't feel so huge but has made a huge impact was day one we decided i'm not going to use the word i need yes that was like a year ago you put that we put that policy in place but you really brought it out and you recognized that everything that i was saying that was on my to be scheduled list it was just i need i need i need and once i took that away from my vocabulary everything just seemed a little bit lighter and not that i don't use it there are some times where i'm in a state of like major buffering and i'm like okay emily you need to get up to start working but it's not used all the time it's not the center of my vocabulary when it comes to my life and business it's really allowed me to allow myself to sit in that negative 50 if i feel that i need that yeah it's so interesting i mean the the examples that i think of immediately they used to say all the time is like i need to get this to the client i need to tell them i need to respond i need to set up the auto pay and i was kind of like no you don't i don't know you know you don't need to do any of that and i just i love to tell people that especially when they're talking about something like that they really think they need to do like pick up my kids like ugh i need to pick up my kids right now i'm like no you don't you could just not pick them up and they're like what what kind of sociopath and i'm like it's just a reminder that we say things in this way of obligation and that i need to creates a relationship with your business and with your clients of obligation and when you feel obligated to them you don't want to show up like think about the word obligation does it you're like oh i have obligations what you're implying is like i don't really want to do it but i have to i need to and it's also the whole reason that most people go into business for themselves is because they don't want to work for someone else and for me that word need and that obligation behind it was me saying to myself this person still controls my life and my business which is the whole reason i went into business for myself and reminding yourself of that on a daily basis like how does it come out now when you don't because it's interesting it's not like a swap out where you swap out the words i need with something else it's just you think about it completely differently instead of coming from this place of oh they need something from me or this deadline requires me to instead it's just like what like i i have some ways that i think about it but how do you show up to instead of saying i need to

well two things i think that you can look at it instead of i need to you can say i get to i get to serve this client who trusts my business who is helping me pay my bills and it makes the relationship the thought of the relationship changes from like an obligation to i would say a partnership where you both have trust in each other because a lot of my work i say is a partnership it's not one-sided so that was really a huge shift in my mind uh for me and then also just because there are still things that you need to do for your business to serve your client right you have those policies and you have that process from like you said like onboarding to completing the process and off boarding however when you when i changed it from need to not even get just taking it out of my vocabulary it really allowed me to say like okay why does this pain point keep showing up in my business and then how can i how can i change it how can i make this a better experience for my client and for myself if this is something that i'm feeling like i need to do all the time it must also be a pain point for them oh that's such a good insight i know when you when you eliminate sometimes when we eliminate these shackles it feels like of i need to these obligations we just have the space to see what and why is in the way of just delivering in a neutral way like for me when i set a policy or for some people i went in the beginning i think actually almost everyone when they start scheduling they then feel their schedule is an obligation and that's something you need to work through right so like they'll set an entire day and they feel like they look at it and they're like look at all of these things that i'm now obligated to do and i just love to remind myself of like you don't have to do any of that i decided that this is the best path for me to create the results that i want and for me to show up as the person that i want to be so if i'm looking at it and i don't really feel like doing it chances are i'm just in my primitive brain which is the part of our brain that we're using when we're actually executing our schedule the part of our brain that prefers instant gratification pleasure ease comfort all of that and the part that you schedule with the part that sets the policies is your prefrontal cortex and that's the part of your brain that really is the most attached to your future self it's the part of yourself that you can trust the most and that you can say okay i made this decision like an example i always use is to eat a salad today and then i get to the day and i'm like um i'd rather just have these taste cookies that are like right in front of me and like just i don't even need lunch and it's like yeah of course i'm gonna feel that and i can have compassion for that and occasionally i will give in to my pregnant self and i won't make it a big deal but more often than not it's about connecting with the past self who had your future selves back this is such a good like mind trickery that is what this whole podcast is about right which is like how can you plan and lean on your future self more and whenever i show up and i see that i'm feeling obligated i'm like of course of course i don't want to do this right now because it's a different part of my brain but reminding myself that i don't have to and i don't need to allows me to just see how i don't need to but i probably put this on my schedule for a reason i probably created this policy for a reason because when i people please i know that it doesn't turn out well for me even though it's actually more comfortable for me to break my policy than it is for me to enforce it right definitely and a lot of my clients for them going through the let's use the process of strategy for example yes i send them this very long questionnaire that they have to fill out and a lot of the times i'll review the questionnaire they'll send it to me and say okay i'm finished and i look at it and it's like what three words would you use to describe your business and they write back i don't know because that's also a statement that's not allowed in coaching and we'll hop on a strategy call and i'll ask them to get more specific or they can't use i don't know and and i'll help them work through that process of picking words that feel aligned with them and with their ideal client and a lot of the times they're so caught up on the their business prior to what this new transformation is going to bring like they want to go through the transformation process they want their business to grow they want to scale they want to attract the right clients but they're also living in a state of not wanting to feel the negative emotions of maybe some of my past clients won't align with this or maybe i have to give up something they are living in their past self and they're also i think most of the time living in that other person's model right like and that's where a lot of the work on my end also had to be done how do you find and talk to your ideal client and show up try to get in their mind try to live in someone else's model but then make decisions and take actions based on your own model yes oh that's so good i i so many things i want to touch on first of all emily recently did a workshop locally with a bunch of people it was really really successful i had a couple of my clients who attended i actually was in florida so i was unable to be there but i heard such amazing things about this and then we had our call the next week and what emily was saying was it was so interesting because most of the questions that you were getting about branding this is a branding workshop most of the questions that you were getting actually you felt like were mindset questions and were questions that you answered with things that you learned in coaching and you're like i when we have this relationship i can help you understand and educate you educate your clients on you know why color pilot this and why strategy that but a lot of the work that we do does overlap in terms of strategy you just said you spent a lot of time which is why i think you know when you deliver and like launch a product or a website everyone's always like ah just drooling over it because you understand that it's not just about it looking pretty it's about the client the ideal client where what were they thinking about and in order to reach that ideal client you just said it right there uh clients that come to you need to be willing to let go of their current and old clients and trying to serve everyone the people who are asking for things that really isn't what you do or and maybe you've made exceptions in the past you're like how can i please everyone with this brand or not turn off anyone and so can you give us some examples in the workshop or i know we talked about it on our live video together of what people were asking that really is just such an advantage for you to basically if first of all tons of my clients have gone on to just work with emily because it's such a good match she understands the model and she just works it into basically she knows the policies she knows i don't know it's not an option but likewise too if you're someone who really is investing in branding you said right at the beginning of this you were like yeah i came in and i had all these thoughts because i was investing in two parts of my business two sides of it at the same time like the mindset and the time and the the coaching there and then also some of the infrastructure day-to-day things and i think often times people want to invest in one and then they're like and then i'll do the other but what is the benefit of investing in branding and mindset at the same time well i don't think that you can do one without doing the other i am a really strong believer of that and every single thing that i do every single educational class that i take even if it's on how to become a better social media manager the first step is always about mindset like there's never been a course that i've taken that does not have the mindset piece so i am a firm believer that you cannot have one without the other how do you look at your bookkeeping and might say hey this month sucked and have not have negative thoughts about it but not be able to pick yourself up change your thoughts and try to get a different result for your future self instead of harping on the fact that you might have had a bad month without the knowledge of thought process and mindset so i really am a true believer that they go hand in hand and a lot of i would say to you all the time i'm so nervous that my investments could be coming from a place of if i do this then i'll do that and i think working with you has also taught me that the journey will not look like you thought that it would and that there are some days where life will come in and feel like the whole your whole day is just a hundred percent negative emotions negative thoughts yeah and that's okay and there's such a pressure on people to get up in the morning and show up and check off your to-do list and some days you're just not you're not able to and again like you teaching me that that's a decision that i make to have my own back and that i can choose something different tomorrow or even an hour from then it gives me the opportunity to have more grace in my business and not feel like i'm always beating myself up when it comes to making a decision that might not always be in the positive 50 yeah you'd be so proud i was making a real write before this recording and i was actually making a real about started from the bottom and like show me the bottom right i and i was going back to my old videos for like my very first like 2015 like my youtube videos of like hi guys what's happening like it was mark was in the other room and he was like why does your voice sound like that i'm like don't worry about it oh jess and i was watching this and i was just thinking about my clients and how sometimes they come to me in such pain beating themselves up over being in the process of collecting a failure and branding and we talk about this a lot with your clients social media management specifically of your three services it's an experiment right it's a partnership and it's an experiment and one of the reasons why if you're a business owner and you're like you have a website and you're you ha you're laying out your design and you are investing in social media management which i recommend you do all these things i think that doing that without coaching coupled with it can end up setting you up for failure because what happens is you're gonna collect failures like you're going to go out there and put a reel and do everything right and everything by the books and you're gonna get like a hundred views and on a reel and you're gonna be like what the hell you're gonna wanna blame and you're gonna wanna get into victim mindset and you're not gonna wanna do it again or you're gonna wanna second guess or undermine your decision to to make an investment and what you've learned especially i think those of my clients who have worked with me for about a year right is like you're not looking at a six-month time frame of like okay i gotta get this this and this granted i love to couple it from both we set the goals for sure and you come and you decide what results you wanna get that's important too but then also understanding being attached to the how being attached to the end result coming almost like entitled to that end result is a problem and i think what you experienced or what you were telling me about that workshop too is people were coming and they were basically like how do we skip to the good part you know that song is really trendy right now people like oh just skip to the good part and i did a real once when i was in the pregnancy terrible part of like let's skip to the good part and then you put up your hand and like nothing happens you're like what i can't just skip to when the baby's here and i'm not throwing up and it's the same part with your business same thing and with branding and with with coaching you're gonna go through those days those weeks sometimes those launches those years that just don't end up going the way that you want it to go and can you quickly and efficiently have compa get into compassion for yourself and love yourself and then get curious i have a whole podcast episode on curious and that useful emotion and how if you want to get there you have to not indulge in the place where your victory or another podcast episode you can go back and listen to is about shocked we've talked about that in our sessions too it's like why are we shocked why are we shocked that this happened with our client or that this other thing happened yep so funny i really quick i want to jump into just the uh branding course that i taught and one of the biggest questions that i did here all the time well multiple times throughout that was like why or i don't sell a cute hair clip or i don't have a cute clothing store and i i can't produce the type of information that they're producing because nobody cares and the thought nobody cares has come up in my mind multiple times probably every single day i would say it is the biggest lie that i tell myself on a daily basis sure we all have one of those yeah and listening to them ask me that question i thought was hilarious because i said little do you know i have that same thought however it wasn't a branding question like that wasn't a social media management question it was a complete thought process question and all of these little things that we touched on today chatting is really how you get past that nobody cares and you might have a ton of followers from your past self that don't care but it's not your place to make them care it's your place to find the people that do care and continuing to do it because instead of saying nobody cares i say some people might not care but there are people that do care and i'm gonna show up for those people because those are my clients yes that is probably branding mindset work 101 for you right which is also if we put that into a model which we've done it with you as well in different contexts is like nobody cares is not a circumstance it's not a fact right it's just a thought and we know that you can prove that wrongly at least your mom cares or like someone someone cares right and your bestie cares and it's like i care right and and you'll be able to go and find the people that do care so you could just be like this person this person and this person care about what i'm saying even if it's just one person right now because as i was looking back on like the views of my early youtube videos no one was even watching them like i was spending this time and i was so freaked out in my head about how i was stumbling over my words and how like maybe i should get better lighting in this thing and i'm like 10 people were watching maybe at the time and most of them all of them i think we're just friends and so it's like can we allow ourselves the space to just decide what what's the impact i want to make what do i want to eventually create what can i do for this one person that's watching on a smaller level and it helps me to stay in my model and i don't know about you and then we get to go to the place where we go oh when i serve one person well eventually other people watch and they care they're like oh and that's how i built my business off of one testimonial at a time right you get to just look and see oh this person got a result huh interesting and throughout the points allow people to be wrong about you like allow people to have their opinions can't really do that when you're working on trying to like you said like trying to make them care or trying to set up your brand so that they might be the people that don't care will suddenly care it's like no who do we want to serve right stay focused on that and i think that you're as i've watched your mind really i don't know what the word is i i wanted to say like solidify but like you you've become more and more confident in what you want to do and who you want to serve as that's happened it's been easier for you to stay in your model because you're like oh even if i think oh maybe these old people don't care you could approach it from two angles you could be like you know what maybe it's a distraction for me to have all of my business running through my personal what was my old personal instagram i'm gonna create a new one that's one thing that you change circumstantially but then also mindset wise you're like and when i show up on my personal page and occasionally do post business stuff i am going to know that that's for the people that care who cares i post about my son sometimes not everybody cares about that some people are just here for the business i don't care i'm going to show you what i'm wearing because i care about fashion i care how about that yeah yeah and i that is i think for who's ever listening or whoever has come into my path or jess's path i don't know i i feel like what my thought is nice feel it's not a feeling my thought is that most people have that thought nobody cares and that is the stumbling thought that gets you from really seeing the growth in your business because once i change that thought i don't even have to really say no to people who are inquiring to work with me because i'm attracting the people that i want as my ideal client so once i changed the thought and started focusing on my ideal client i'm attracting those people and the people that i don't want as the ideal client the people that i said a year ago or two years ago that i would have taken just to have the money in my bank account i don't have to do that anymore yes yes your future self who is she working with and whenever i get stuck and just recently i have had two guys reach out to me being willing to pay me 10k cash wanting to work one-on-one with me and i'm like oh and they also happen to like apply during a time when i just was not feeling my best and also you know my expectations for my launch of happening sessions like it was slow grow in the very beginning and i was like maybe what if i only have a couple of people signed up for happening sessions and then i'm i'm broke for the next six months and then my baby comes and we're under the bridge right your brain goes to like all those worst case scenarios and then i wanted to make exceptions to my policies and take on a male client i'm like who would know they'd be a one-on-one client only i would know right you start negotiating with yourself and what i do in those moments and i think that this really applies to branding as well because you'll want to be tempted to do some sort of flashy thing that's trending in branding because you see other people doing it and you want to do that even though it's not really in line with your strategy or with your particular clients don't really care about this type of trend and the question i ask myself is what is my future self doing is she working with this person is she doing and it just became crystal clear i was like it didn't feel good and i was noticing myself sneakily wanting to do it out of scarcity and out of whatever but those were thoughts about my past or scarcity thoughts about the future but like my future self the one that i believe in the one that i practice having conversations with and then one that i access she's like refer this guy out like get him a a coach that is going to be a good match for him because it's not you and you have women to serve right and so notice that with your branding if that's coming up but any any last words of wisdom for our people i feel like we could just talk for hours and hours on the overlap between branding and mindset it's just branding really is the visual how i think of it is the visual explanation of how you understand your client it's your visual expression and communication without having to say anything of understanding your client's needs i agree and my last thing tip for anyone listening is that when it comes to branding when it comes to showing up whether it's websites social media email marketing youtube videos podcasts whatever it is that is a representation of your brand whatever you do think of that feeling think of the feeling that you want to feel and think of the feeling that you want your clients to feel and if you're caught up and you don't know what that feeling is or you have a negative feeling that continues to poke through when you do show up for your brand it's time to sit down and talk to someone that can help you change your thoughts because at the end of the day they really do determine your feelings and that will determine everything else in your business and your life so if you're sitting down and you're doing the work and you're saying to yourself why is this feeling continuing to pop up or why is my client that i'm serving feeling a negative emotion that is impacting the way that i continue to show up find that pain point and then talk to an expert like jess on how to get your thoughts in alignment with what you want to feel yeah i mean that was just a plug for your thoughts create your results you guys like at the end of the day we could have all the fancy stuff and i could get teach you all of the the funnels and all of the things that i know that have worked in terms of like actual the hard strategies and you know i love the mix of math and math and feelings but there is nothing more crucial to the success of your business and of your life than a managed mind and then having the thoughts and you said it a second ago as well when you just said that like oh as soon as you noticed and brought awareness to and kind of allowed it to be there but didn't focus on the thought nobody cares the clients just were there people were showing you that they cared it created the results as soon as you had the thought in place like actually the people that i do want to care care how do i know and you you're here able to find the evidence for it right there's actually a singer i don't know i'm not going to name drop unless you give me permission but that reached her people reached out to emily for to do her website i don't know if it ever oh yeah it was bishop bridgette yes i said right yeah bishop briggs yeah i love her so much and i love her music and when emily was like oh yeah bishop i was like nobody cares or bishop briggs people care about you and they found me through social media at a time that i was literally focusing on the thought nobody cares and then after that i ended up booking another huge client who's on a reality tv show so it's simple work but it's hard work and that's yes that's the part that everyone doesn't understand to me that where they're super confused it's when someone when jess might say to someone or i might say to something because someone our service pricing i think is very similar right so if jess might say to someone oh it's 10k to work with me and i say to someone it's 10k to work with me and they say but it's just a website or it's just a weekly coaching call they're confused on the fact that yes the formula behind it features is simple it's very simple and yes you could pick up a book and you could read and you could do it on your own but the actual work to get the results that you want is hard work and it's good to have an expert in your corner that's going to hold you accountable to doing that hard work because i'm sure everyone has said multiple times oh i'll just do it myself oh i'll just read myself so and now right it's so good and i think i think right that was you for a little while too you were like oh i'm just starting my business like i'm just do it myself i can just hire someone i'm hiring someone i have all these other expenses i could just do it myself and you know i've felt the same way about certain things for the podcast for example for a long time and for a little while it's good to have that struggle bus and have that experience yourself and learn and grow there but eventually the question i ask my future self is do i want this result what do i think the best most efficient and effective way to this result is and does the math make sense and for me when i think about an investment i'm not just thinking about money going out i'm thinking about what else is coming in and it's not just thoughts right it's everything it's the thoughts the feelings the actions the results i mean for me and my own business being able to invest every time i make a bigger and bigger investment you know i would just say it's like i am thinking about the results that are inevitable when i make this payment i'm not thinking about the payment and if you're so zoomed in about those things with the investments in your business and again when i say the math making sense i don't mean do i have the money in my bank account even i mean will i be able to make back do i believe that i can make back this investment and then some and if you're not really sure the answer ask your person like ask the expert that you are trying to hire what they think is realistic for you because there have been some people that have come to me that i've just said like the number of things that you want to work on in coaching to get all of these results in six months i don't think is realistic for you or this is why i don't recommend it that way or whatever so so don't just come from this place of i have to figure this all out and thinking of it as a transaction of like features of what it is because that's not what branding or coaching is yeah ah that was a bit of a ending on a soapbox but anyway thank you so much emily for coming and finally we did it happy birthday 25 quarter of a century and just already on top of the world i'm so proud of the work you do if you want to work with emily or to find her what's the best way for us to connect with you so you can dm me on instagram at emily fitzgibbon my nice long irish last name or you can head to my website emily

but stay tuned because in the next couple of days we will be relaunching as full bloom agency so stay tuned for that but you could head to either of those handle or url to find me and it will direct you to the right place excellent and we'll put those in the show notes as well all right you guys everybody have such a beautiful day on emily's birthday it's so gorgeous thanks for blessing us with this gorgeous weather and we'll see you next week

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