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The Power of Love…Notes!

Did I get your attention? I certainly got my husband’s! 😉 If you are here simply because you saw the cover photo, you will probably be confused. Today, I want to shine a spotlight on one of the simplest, most romantic gestures you can make: writing a love note. (And not just your standard “I love yous”, either!)

It seems crazy to me that in my lifetime, the ancient practice of WRITING has become a dying art form. Birthday cards, hand-written notes, and grocery lists have been replaced by e-cards, Facebook posts, texts and phone apps. It makes sense. I mean, why would I go looking for a pen, pay for a stamp and wait the time for mail to be delivered when I could just text or e-mail the same message?

As more and more forms of written communication have been added to the endangered species list, I fear the extinction of one of my all-time favorite romantic gesture. I don’t want my future children proposing to their future spouses over a TEXT MESSAGE! So what do we do!?

I am proposing a…. LOVE NOTE REVOLUTION! And here is why:

  • It’s now considered next-level romance. With written communication dropping rapidly, almost entirely squelched by the technological revolution, love notes have become romantic as f***. I’m sorry to curse, but it’s THAT true. If you found a hand-written note from your sweetheart in lieu of a text wouldn’t you be smitten? Just think about the effort that your love put into finding a pen, paper and maybe an envelope (I am getting a little turned on just thinking about the stationary possibilities here…) to deliver the sweet nothing that otherwise could have been texted in one emoji: 😍

  • It’s costs less than flowers and probably means more. Everyone loves receiving proof that you love them, but it doesn’t always have to cost money. Especially in your twenties, when you tend to have less, this thoughtful gesture can substitute for gifts that you want to give to your partner but can’t afford.

  • Even anti-mushy stone-cold MEN love it. Just because your man isn’t vocal doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate a good, old-fashioned love note. Little love notes are a great way to keep your relationship young and fun, long after your twenties! I suggest getting into this habit now.

  • Surprises = Intimacy. Love notes are a great way to let your partner know you are thinking of them even when you’re not together. It puts the two of you in a great mood for when you see each other next. Your thoughtfulness can translate into warm feelings and hopefully, if it was a REALLY good note, sex!

  • You need some lightness in your relationship. The whole point of the note on my husband’s snack he took to work was to make him laugh. That’s it. Whether it’s an inside joke or something that will brighten their day, I think this is a great new activity to get you to focus on your partners happiness outside of meeting each others general needs. If you make it a priority to keep your partner laughing, I bet your relationship will last a lot longer AND BE MORE FULL OF LOVE!

  • Words of affirmation are a key part of every relationship. This is especially true if your love language is, in fact, words of affirmation. Either way, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a love note that hurt a relationship.

  • You can save them and create a love note jar. Time for some #RealTalk. Back when my husband and I were dating, and I had recently moved back from living in Peru, we hit a rough patch. We were arguing A LOT. One particularly nice day he said something so sweet that I said, “See! If I could just hear that, I don’t think I could stay mad at you in an argument.” So we sat down and privately professed our love on paper in the form of 10 specific things we love about each other. We put them into a jar with the letter “J” for Jessica to read and “D” for Dustin. If we began to argue, especially over something that was silly, one of us would make an effort to stop and walk over to the jar. It was like Romance Jessica and Romance Dustin could sub-in for a second and tell the truth, instead of the angry words we were making up on the spot.

Here are some beautiful examples to get your creative juices flowing:

The love note is not a novel concept, it’s a classic one. Take an extra 5 minutes in your day to write out something special for your love and put it in his/her car, on the mirror, in a wallet, on a bedside table, in the fridge, somewhere silly. Be creative. Creativity is the lifeblood of long-term relationships. By ignoring this vital component you are depriving yourself of your happiest relationship and happiest life.

Do you have a sweet or funny love note? Sharing is caring! Drop it in the comments section below.

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