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220. Ask Better Questions for Your Financial Future: Roadmap to Your Money Mastery (Part 4)

In the last three episodes of this mini-series, we’ve explored the foundations of getting dialed in on your money. Financial mastery is a never-ending process, and to conclude this Money Mastery series, it’s time to reveal the advanced money questions you might be ready to answer for yourself.

I define money mastery through the lens of six ways you can engage with money: earning, spending, saving, investing, having, and giving. In this stage of money mastery, you want to be thinking deeper about how you want to ultimately use your money as a tool to feel more excited in your day-to-day life, feel connected to your purpose, and make an impact. To do that, you must ask better questions.

Join me on this episode to learn how you can reverse engineer your desired results by putting your brain to work, and the types of questions you might want to ask about your financial future. I’m sharing my insights on strategies for saving, how to diversify your earnings, five ways you can make your business sellable, and the importance of reassessing your values and lifestyle.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What you might experience in stage three of money mastery.

  • 6 ways you can engage with money. 

  • How to establish how much you need or want to save.

  • The 3 main funding options for buying a small business.

  • How to make your business sellable.

  • Why you must reassess your values and realign your lifestyle.

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