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209. Decisions That Pay Dividends

Sincerely, Future You | The Link Between Body Image and Making Money with Laura Conley

Are you currently spending precious time and energy ruminating over decisions in your life and business? What does it take to become an advanced decision-maker? And are you ready to make big, deliberate decisions that your future self will thank you for? 

Being an advanced decision-maker is a non-negotiable part of the equation when it comes to any type of success. This means making decisions in advance as well as being an advanced thinker about your decisions, and it’s the formula to living the big life you’re imagining for yourself right now. There is so much luxury in making a decision once and letting it pay you dividends, and I’m showing you how to start on this episode.

If you find yourself consumed by the energy suck that is decision fatigue, or have a multitude of decisions hanging over your head every day, listen in this week. You’ll learn how to become the advanced decision-maker you want to be, examples from my life of decisions that pay dividends, and what you can expect when you become a master at making decisions quickly.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why you’re experiencing decision fatigue.

  • The luxury of never having to ruminate over decisions.

  • What makes deliberate decisions easy to make.

  • 9 deliberate decisions I’ve made that pay dividends in my life and business.

  • A decision-making technique the President of the United States uses.

  • What to expect when you begin making decisions in advance.

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